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Tuesday, December 1, 2020



                                   Santas's Minions


 Can you believe it is December? One more month for 2020 to be in our rear view! We are all hopeful that 2021 will be a new and shiny year! 

If someone had told me you will spend most of a year pretty much quarantined in your home I would have said they were crazy! But...that is pretty much what 2020 has been. I am just so thankful that my husbands health issues that pretty  much filled all of 2019 were over by February of this year. He had his last surgery on January 31st and it was about a month later when we were told to stick close to home! We have managed to get through it quite well. By sticking to the same schedule we have had for years, except for shopping etc. everything has been about the same. We haven't got to see grandkids and great grandkids like normal and that bothers me, but....

Thanksgiving was really good for us. We broke the law like most people did. I cooked my 62nd Thanksgiving dinner in a row. We only had our two sons and daughter in law so it was small. But dinner was good and we laughed ourselves silly playing Uno for hours. I kept all the ceiling fans on and opened the storm door screen so we did have some air flow. Our Thanksgiving day centerpiece was a bottle of Hand Sanitizer! Hopefully no one ends up sick! Our daughter went to visit her kids in Olympia. It did her good because this virus has had her really stressed out...way too busy at work doing three people's jobs, plus buying a lot of our groceries. I order as much as I can but she gets our fresh and frozen when she does her shopping.

Thankfully the election is over! Anyway it is over for most of us. The Prez doesn't think it is but he is wrong, like he usually is.

I do not like the new interface for the blogger. It is much harder to really make it like you want it. I guess you can't complain for free but I certainly don't like it. But at my age I don't like change of any kind.

Our son is back to work from his leg injury. He was so lucky and we are all so thankful for that.

I am walking 2 miles a day now, along with riding my exercise bike 25 minutes every morning. I look like the Michelin man when I walk I am so bundled up. But I am doing it!

Still working on updating my older themes and making new ones. Have to keep busy!

Looks and sounds like there will be a vaccine for the virus soon. In a way it is kind of scary they have been developed so quickly but we will probably get them when they are available for us. I feel so sorry for all the health care workers. They are working so hard and such long hours. Then have to go back and do the same the next day. I have heard some say that even when people are dying they are saying they don't have Covid! Unbelievable! It is amazing what people believe and are actually brainwashed. Anyway that is how it looks to me. 

Going to fix lunch. Have a great December and stay safe!

        Fall Colors at Dusk

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Accidents and Weather



                        Full Moon Haunting 


I am trying to figure out the new format for the Blogger so excuse what it looks like till I get it right. At almost 82 years old, it gets harder for me when things change. They don't try to make it any easier for the older folks!

A couple weeks ago we got a call from our daughter in law and our oldest son was hurt. He works on a commercial berry farm in the Maintenance Dept. He is like his Dad and can figure out how to make things work, fix them if they don't work, etc. He was working on a split tooth harrow (Google it to see what it is if you don't know) and something shifted and it fell on his leg and one of the spikes went into his leg. He grabbed the grinder and cut the spike off himself! Anyway our local hospital couldn't do anything so he was taken to Harborview Hospital in Seattle That is the main trauma center for the Pacific Northwest. The x-rays and CT scan found that no major damage, except it did poke a hole in his heel bone so he can't put any weight on it for 6 weeks and they think it will heal all right. I will post the picture of it so if you are squeamish you may not want to look at it.  


He got to bring the spike home! So he is healing at home. Farming is a very dangerous job. I remember one time my Dad got in late from the field and he didn't put the disc in the farm shed. Mom went out after dark to check on the chickens and fell on it. She came into the house with her dress (back then women wore dresses) all ripped up and she was cut up and bloody, her glasses were  broken. 

This Covid has got everything hard. Not being able to see someone at the hospital is tough. Besides just the normal. But I still don't think people are taking this whole thing as seriously as they should. Yes, some people hardly get sick and some not at all. But that is not saying they aren't going to have health problems in the future. I hate being sick! I even hate having a cold, so we are being super careful. And no matter who says the virus is going away. IT IS NOT! There were more cases reported yesterday than any time in our country. And it sounds like other countries are having the same problems. So I hope that all of you out there that happen to read this silly blog, BE CAREFUL! Put that mask on and stay as far away from others as you can.

We are having our first Northeaster today. I got a text from my brother in AZ and he said it was finally in the low 80's. Oh....that sounds so nice.

I am gonna sign off. I am sorry about text size. It is not easy to figure this new format out. I guess they thought it would be better! IT'S NOT! 

Have a super week end and Happy Halloween!

                       Jacks on the Fence



Wednesday, October 21, 2020

✏✏πŸ“¬πŸ“¬ VOTE✏✏πŸ“¬πŸ“¬


Halloween Village
  I don't have enough time to write much on my blog today but I want to beg all of you (USA) to either mail in your ballot or put on your mask, take a sack lunch and a bottle of water and get out there and vote as soon as you can. This is going to be the most important election in our history. Think about what you want for your family, your neighbors and your country. 
We The People



Monday, October 5, 2020

This is WHY I do it!

Sunset Tiger



" Even if i use my every brain cell right now, I still won't be able to create such beautiful themes as created by my favorite MaDonna.. You're actually one of a reason i am still sticking with FIREFOX"


"You are one of the top artists here. Thanks for years of brilliant designs that colour my day—seriously—I work from home and your designs brighten up my day and desk!"


" i go straight to Ma Donna when i want something.. I hope this person does some Jesus stuff too.. like an empty tomb with the sun shining in.. love this creator xoxoxo"

 "it is so cool , i like the theme and color. wow !!! it is awesome every one should definitely check this out !!!!!"

 "These are the best themes I've seen for FF since themes first became available. Quite a change since my days with Cobal and Fortran :)"

 "Another gorgeous theme by M(heart)Donna. It's also very gentle on the eyes and does not compromise tab labels, etc. I always look for your themes first. Thank you again!

"P.S. I wish you did themes for Chrome, too!"


Thought I would check in. I have been receiving such wonderful reviews I wanted to share a few of the latest. 

 Wow, what a week our country has had...the Pres in hospital but only for a few days and kind of making fun of the whole virus. I doubt if family members of those that have passed away think it is a simple little virus! I just hope they will be a bit more responsible with people's lives but it doesn't sound like it. If we go out, we wear a mask. And we go very rarely. So whatever you believe, think about it...and then grab that mask.

 The Blogger format has totally changed and at my old age, change is hard. I am just hoping I can continue to figure it out. 

 I don't have any more time to write right now so will sign off but did want to check in since it has been a month. October is actually here now.

 Take care... be safe...wear a mask!

Family Farm





Thursday, September 10, 2020

September Heat

Fall Red Roof

It is certainly feeling like fall and it is just around the corner. Right now the western states are burning up. Smoke fills the air. We are supposed to break a heat record for this day. I know we need rain but I sure hate to see it start. Even during this beautiful hot weather my fingers are starting to turn white. I just can't handle the cold! And our daughter can't take the heat!

Have you tried Firefox for Android? I have tried it several times and to be honest I don't especially like it. Maybe I just don't know how to use it correctly, but I keep trying.

We still aren't going out. My husband did go grouse hunting one day but he wasn't around anyone so he was safe. We did get our yearly check ups and flu shots. Our daughter does most of our grocery shopping for us...that and on line ordering from Costco, etc.

Some of our great grandkids are physically back at school and the others are remote schooling. It is sad that our oldest great grandson is a Freshman and can't get the experience of high school. But I worry about the ones that are actually back at school. I don't see how they can be perfectly safe...knowing children...

I have actually used Zoom and Teladoc this summer. I couldn't have done either if I hadn't gotten a new laptop since the camera on my old one had quit working for some reason. I had tried to figure out what was wrong with it by googling fixes, but was never successful. 

I am sad about the rioting in some cities. I believe that the protesters are actually hurting their cause right now. The average citizen is getting tired of the rioting and burning, even if they feel strongly about the cause. I will be glad when/if our election is over. I won't say who I will be voting for but I feel very strongly about who I want to be leading our country! So, if you are in the USA make sure you are registered to vote, check if you are registered and be sure you vote as soon as you get your ballot and get it either mailed or dropped in a ballot box. Make sure it is signed with the exact signature you registered with. If you used a middle initial or name. If you have to vote in person, wear a mask and take a bottle of water with you if you have to wait in line. This is one of our most important elections in the history of our country. 

Into the Mist

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

πŸ’₯ Falling for Fall πŸ’₯

Autumn Morning Light

I know, I start every posting with how fast the time goes! Sorry about that but it seems that way. 

Fall is a beautiful season with all the bright colors, BUT it has the downfall with the coming of winter. Winter I do not like at all. I don't like the cold. But I get to use the beautiful fall colors to make themes so that part is good.

We are still managing on the Covid watch. One grandson had to get tested because his room mate had a fever, but it wasn't Covid so we were blessed. I worry about our great grandkids and the school "thing". So far they are all going to be learning remotely because our governor is smart enough to recommend that. There is no way I would send a child to school during this epidemic. I would be a horrible home schooler but I would try anyway. I lack the patience for one thing.

I had to break down and buy a new laptop. My old one just refused to work and I got tired of the little hourglass going round and round. So I had a few things that were have-to's on my list. My grandson put a Solid State hard drive in my desktop, the one he built and has updated several times. And it was so much faster than the old one, so that was a necessity. And I kind of wanted a Lenova because I had heard such good things about them so that was what I decided on. So I helped the economy out some there. So far so good. I had put Classic Shell in my desktop because I didn't think I would like Windows 10 but kind of wondered if that was causing the problems in my old laptop. It wasn't. So after I got the Lenova I kind of tried out the Windows 10 and the things I hadn't liked when it first came out...I could control and now like it fine. Still using CS on my desktop, though. 

We are starting the "getting ready for winter" list. 

I have gotten such nice comments in reviews for some of my themes. I really appreciate each and every one of them. One comment actually made me make a wallpaper! He liked my Northern Lake theme so well and wanted the image I had used to make the theme. Well, I hadn't used an image...I made it in my Photoshop Elements brushes, so worked half the afternoon on it and got it posted.

Northern Lake

I would like to add one thing before I sign off for the day. Please wear a mask and try self distancing. This is the only way we are going to ever get back to normal until after we have an approved reliable vaccine. I feel for business owners but if they keep the bars and eating places open there won't be anyone left to eat and drink in their establishments. Even if you get the virus and don't really feel bad, you can have long lasting effects later. So, please use common sense and be careful and safe.

Have a great week.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Saying goodbye to July

Perfect F_Fox

I just checked to see when I last posted and it has been almost a month! Even if we are pretty well shut down the time is going fast. Almost too fast. We really haven't had much of a summer yet. A few hot days but we kept fleece sheets on our bed until after the 4th of July! Went for  my walk today and had to put on a hoodie and pull my hands up into the sleeves.The breeze off the bay was quite chilly. Had to cut my walks down from 2 1/2 miles to 1 1/2. Started that today so hope I don't hurt as much. That darn PMR that I was diagnosed with is not much fun.It seems to be hereditary. I remember my Mom had it and was on cortisone for 2 years. I hope my daughter doesn't get it! I tried to cut mine back to 6 months by lowering the mg. but I guess I went too fast. So had to start the lower dosage for a bit longer. Enough about me.

What to do you think of sending kids back to school? I am very afraid if they try to send them back normally...we will be losing a lot more people. I don't want my great grand kids  going back and I really don't think they will. I feel really bad for our oldest great grand son. He is 15 1/2 and he will be missing out on so much. He is a super lacrosse player and has played in several different states. He was chosen to be on a special team that would have been playing all over our country this summer. We were hoping this would be a way for him to get into college...but this darn virus has sure made a lot of things difficult. I feel for the caretakers that are getting so tired and frustrated. People need to stay away from each other and wear a mask. We have only been out a few times and only to get to a Dr. appt.I was at my eye Dr. this past Monday and I have to say I felt uncomfortable. But we are getting a chance to wear some of the masks I made earlier this summer.

I am still working on updates. I think that is a never ending process. 

Must start dinner so will sign off for now. Have a great week end and please stay safe. 

Amazing Lion

Monday, June 29, 2020

Happy Independence Day!

Painted by the Sun

Hi....everyone...summer is here...well not so much in the Pacific Northwest! But hopefully we will get a week of nice, warm weather sometime during the month of July.

I hope everyone is wearing a mask when they go out. It DOES help prevent the virus. I knew when they started opening things back up, especially bars and restaurants that things were going to start getting bad again. There is no way you can keep a mask on in one of those...I hope you all were smart enough to not go into one. Do your eating and drinking at home.

My husband has a cardiology appointment on Friday and I called to find out the protocol. I am hoping he will get a good report and be safe. I usually always go in with him but am not going to this time. I will stay in the car and read.  We haven't been anywhere since March and we are still alive and well. You can do it. Most the time it doesn't bother me...week ends a bit. We call week days...work days, get up at regular time and keep to our regular pattern...exercise and work! Meals on time, etc. I do miss shopping and seeing grand kids, and great grand kids hugs...but keep in contact.

I was remembering some of my old school days. Have you heard someone say, "I had to walk a mile to school every day?" Well, I can honestly say that. When we lived in Iowa and moved from a farm we were renting to a farm my folks bought, I was in the 8th grade. The school I had been going to from the age of 10 was a big building with grades 1 through 12. The school I went to after we moved was called Frog Pond #6! No kidding. And it was a 1 room school house with grades 1 through 8! Me and my brother had to walk to and from school and it was at least a mile. From spring, a cold Iowa winter and to summer....we walked. I don't remember our parents ever taking us since they were busy on the farm. But that teacher was the best teacher I ever had. We called her by her first name...Norma Jean. If we had to use the bathroom, we had to put our coats and boots on and go to the outhouse! Now, see how much fun all you younger people missed? I wouldn't give up those memories for anything. At Christmas time all of the farm families put on a big Christmas party for everyone...with tons of food and gifts. I only went there for about 6 months because I graduated from 8th grade! (The County put on a graduation ceremony for all of the 8th graders that went to the country schools!) So I got my first pair of high heels that we ordered from the Sears catalog! They were red and at least one size too big! But I felt so grown up!

Time to fix lunch! I hope you all have a great, safe 4th of July if you live in the USA. 

Northern Lake

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Beach Chairs

Time is going way too fast. We didn't get to enjoy summer at all last year with my husband's health problems so we were really looking forward to this summer. Our weather is our usual Pacific Northwest weather, Junuary! Plus we really don't get to do anything because we are still not going out or having much contact with anyone. Our daughter brings our groceries out every Sunday and so far we have been able to sit outside on the deck when she comes over in the afternoon. We seem to get a halo affect at our house. We can see clouds all around us but the sun is shining right in our area.

Wow...the news has been quite exciting lately. I am hoping some things can change so our grandchildren won't have to see the things we have seen. And go back to boring news!

Firefox had an update this morning so I hope you are all keeping your Firefox up to date. Some new features. One I like is the picture in picture where you can watch a video while you are open on another page. Pretty cool, especially if you are trying to change something on your computer with instructions from a video.

Have been able to do my 2 mile walk almost everyday. If it rains, I don't walk! I used to be a die hard runner and walker and weather didn't matter. I am too old and get too stiff to do that anymore.

Hope you all have a good week and are staying safe. The virus is NOT over no matter what some people are saying, 

Birds of Many Colors

Friday, May 22, 2020

Kinda getting to me!

Sakura Blossoms & Birds

Today is the first day I kind of got restless! I am busy but I actually got a bit restless this morning. Had the house all cleaned and worked on some updates, etc. I have been taking a 2 mile walk every afternoon but decided to take off this morning instead. Have to bundle up because we are having cold, windy weather so it's not a lot of fun BUT it is good for me...so I do it. Couldn't find my husband before I started down the road so when our daughter stopped by with some donuts they couldn't figure out where I was until they saw my shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor! He was in the barn when I left and I figured no one would even miss me. So next time I will hunt him down first.

The country seems to be opening up, a little too fast if you ask me. I don't understand why anyone would take their life (and their family's life) at stake to go to a bar or out to dinner. It isn't very smart! 

I have been keeping UPS and our mail delivery lady busy by placing orders for everything we need. I hate depending on other people, even our kids for stuff. So I am helping keep the USPS and UPS ion business.

I think our world is going to be like this for awhile so I have been making some masks. Hope we never have to use them but if my old lady intuition is any good...I think we will need them.

I feel so badly for the Navajo Nation. They have been harder hit with this virus than any state, even New York. They have been treated badly from the time the first white man landed on our shores and they are not getting  enough help from Washington DC. Which doesn't surprise me but all the same....

Memorial Day is around the corner, virtually around the corner. We used to be loading the truck up and heading off with dirt bikes or ORV's, camping stuff and lots of food and family. Oh, well...

I wish you all have a wonderful week end and get to relax a bit. But please stay safe. And have a wonderful Memorial Day and remember the ones we have lost to make our country free. Also remember the ones we have lost from this horrible virus and the ones that are taking care of the sick. They are hero's too.


Friday, May 8, 2020

Into May

Fox in Light by M♥Donna

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted anything here. Being busy makes time fly.

We are still under pretty much lockdown, but if we want to get rid of this virus that is what we must do. Last Sunday we did go out to Costco, though. There were just too many things we needed...mostly supplements, etc. that I can't order on line from them. I have to admit I was very nervous. I had my mask on, ball cap, hood up, surgical gloves on and stood in line for almost 20 minutes. I didn't think my husband should go in so he gassed up the truck and got gas in cans for lawn mowers, chain saws, etc. They only let so many in at a time and after I got in it wasn't bad. Less time standing in line to check out. So we made it there and back. First time out since March 7th! Luckily the kids keep us stocked with groceries. 

I have had to order a lot of stuff from Amazon, Costco and Wal Mart though. Have to wipe the boxes down and everything in the boxes so it is a lot of work. But you have to stay safe.

The weather this week has been good and is going to get lots better through Sunday. My husband has been getting a lot of outside work done. The wood from the trees that were blown down last year is finally getting dry enough to put into the woodshed.

I have gotten three sweatshirts made for my husband and a bunch of masks made for us if/when we get out. I really enjoyed sewing again. Got me away from the computer, etc. My neck is very sore from the PMR I was diagnosed with late last year. And being on the computer makes it worse....looking up and down, etc. I have had to cut back on the prednisone to get weaned off of it and I can really tell it. But the prednisone is not good for you, even if it helps the pain...so they have to wean you off of it slowly. I am down to 5 from 20 and next week will go down to 2 1/2 mg. this week.

I fear for the people in the states that are opening everything up. It doesn't take a genius to realize that more people are going to get sick and the hospitals will start filling up again.You have to appreciate the Doctors and nurses that go to work everyday...putting their lives and their families at stake.

I really miss being able to be with the kids, grandkids and great grandkids, though.No more hugs, etc. That is hard.  

I am going to miss our big Mothers Day celebrations we used to have. When my Mom was alive we had everyone, sister, brother and all of our kids, etc. to our house.The lilacs were always in bloom at that time and the food...what is better than family, flowers and food? Not much!
  I may be 81 years old but I still miss my Mom! There is always something coming up where I need to ask her a question about something. 

I have mentioned before about our big rhubarb crop! We used to sell it to a company in town that made mead for his bar, but he doesn't need it now since he can raise his own now. So I figured I better start doing something with it. I went through a bunch of recipes that my Mom had when she passed away and we gave them to our daughter in law because she is the "cook" in our family. And I found our old rhubarb jam recipe so have made 6 batches of that and keeping rhubarb sauce in the refrigerator. We have given a lot of it away, too. And I am going to make a rhubarb crisp for our daughter & surprise her with it when she brings our groceries out this week end.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day and if you can't be with your Mom, call her! Send her a virtual hug.

Stay home when you can and stay safe.

Spring Quince

Friday, April 10, 2020

🀦‍♀️ Social Distancing 🀦‍♂️


How is everyone doing with this social distancing? We haven't been anywhere for over a month! Our daughter is doing our grocery shopping for us. We normally keep everything pretty well stocked, but some things have to be bought fresh. Luckily our governor locked us all down early. Although I think he should have done it at least one week sooner. The weather has been great this week so it makes it much easier to be at home. I have started walking again. I didn't do any during the winter. I just can't take the cold so it is so good to be able to get out. We live on a dead end road with lots of space to walk and not be around anyone so it is really nice. 

My husband got my artisan table all finished. And he made it all from wood that we had around here. He split some old cedar fence posts to put on the front legs and I told him I wanted barbed wire on it because he has made picture frames with barbed wire in the wood. And I have several of those hanging plus some other decorations made from barbed wire on the walls. We did have to have a grandson bring a piece of wood from his barn so he could make the back legs. Anyway...we had quite a time trying to figure out the finish for the top without going to town for anything and I had some old furniture polish/scratch cover and he spread that on and wiped it off. We got our big old stereo and speakers out by ourselves and the table in. You can't ask for help when you aren't supposed to be around anyone so we prevailed! Good thing we are both pretty strong. So I will post that picture of it I promised.

 We made the birch/pine cone candle holder that is on the table, too. 

We had a little scare this week with  our youngest great grandson. He has asthma and was pretty sick so they took him in and the virus test came back negative but he got worse and his oxygen levels were down so they had to take him in for chest x ray. It showed it was in the upper lungs so it was bronchitis and he is doing better today. His oxygen levels were up so we can relax a little.

It is kind of scary when you think you or someone you love might need to go to the emergency room because who wants to get even close to one right now? I am feeling blessed that the troubles my husband went through last year are over and he is healthy again. But you can't help but worry a bit. I am 81 and he is 84 so getting up there!

Our 63rd wedding anniversary was Sunday and it was a cold, windy day but we were all settled down in the afternoon to just read and take it easy. Then...our daughter showed up with our groceries and told us to go to the sliding glass door! So we did...and here all of the kids were out there with a huge anniversary card that was 3 feet long and 2 feet wide,  a bouquet of daffodils, a cake and cookies and a trailer load of fire wood! It was so special. We ended up and went outside in the cold and social distanced and visited for a bit...but it was a really cold northeast wind so we didn't stay out long. I broke down crying because it was so unexpected and so sweet.

All 3 of our kids are considered essential workers so haven't been laid off. But you worry because they are working. 

Our governor wants us to wear masks when we are out among people so I found a great pattern on line and have made 3. I am going to make another one for my husband next week but we don't plan on going anywhere and we are shut in until May 4th anyway. So there is no hurry. I did get him a couple sweatshirts made last week while he was making my table. 

I can't believe how busy we can be. Neither one of us get bored. It seems there is always something that needs to be done or something we want to do.

I have been trying to place a Costco grocery 2 day delivery order and they are out of everything. I can't understand why people are going crazy with the food buying. If they would just buy normal then everyone could get what they want. It really makes me angry. I have been trying to get things we normally use for 4 days now and if one thing is in stock then another is out...just enough so I can't get the $75 free shipping! Will keep trying.

I hope everyone is staying home, and if you can't at least taking great care when you are out. If you are "stuck" at home try wearing bright colors. I think that will make you feel as bit better. Just something to try anyway. 

Going to sign off now and start dinner. Have a great week end and a nice Easter. I hope you stay home, rather than go to church because it is just not worth the chance of getting sick. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Just Checking in!

Little Bird

Just thought I would check in and see how every one is getting along. This is a very trying time for everyone. If you are an essential worker, you worry about catching this horrible virus and bringing it home to your family. And if you aren't working...well that is another whole worry. How to pay your bills and feed your family...and for people that aren't used to being home together so much and getting along! Plus everyone is worried about family and friends getting sick and what to do. We certainly can't seem to depend on our governments keeping us safe. Our Federal officials have not given us a lot of hope since they ignored all of the reports and information that was given them. They just screwed up royally! Luckily some states are shutting things down. Our governor shut our state down but I think he should have done it a bit earlier since we were the first ones in the US to be hit with this virus. It us up to each and everyone one of us to do what is recommended and follow through. Which is what we all must do. Look out for yourself and yours. If it is possible to help out a neighbor safely, do so. 

I saw in our local paper that one neighborhood in town decided to have a "HAPPY HOUR".  The sun was shining yesterday so they took lawn chairs out in front of their houses and had a drink! They were far apart physically but could still visit and drink! Clever. The weather reports for our area is rain for the next week or more so that probably won't happen again for awhile. Rain doesn't always make you feel "up" so that isn't great. 

Keeping busy is very important. I am trying hard to do so. I gave my husband a project! I have been wanting to get rid of our old, huge 3 piece stereo system and I wanted a tall wide table to put on that wall. So I did a Google search to get an idea of what I wanted and I found one! Only $1400.00! Well that is wayyyy above our budget. He made all of our end tables and coffee table so I knew he could do it. And I like a rustic look for our house. He went into our wood shed and barn and found some wood and is working on it. I guess he is pretty well stopped because he has to actually buy a couple boards and that looks like it will be awhile before he can get somewhere to get any. When he gets it finished, which will be awhile I will post a photo of it.

I think it is also important to keep yourself up and not just sit around in your jammies. Get up at normal times on weekdays and get yourself dressed and shaved or make up on like usual. You will feel a lot better about everything if you look in the mirror and see neat and clean instead of looking like a hippy or whatever! I mean it. It doesn't hurt to let yourself sleep in and sit around once in a while but sticking to a half way normal schedule will make you feel much better about everything.

I haven't done a lot of sewing for years but my husband needs some new sweatshirts and he doesn't like boughten ones. He thinks they are too stiff! So I am going to make him a couple new ones. I actually sold all of my fabric at a garage sale a couple years ago but luckily my daughter hasn't so she is going through hers to find some dark fabric and drop it off at our door. So I am looking forward to that.

I have been trying to go for a walk as much as our weather permits. It is hard because of the rain and wind we get. It doesn't sound like I will be able to do so for several days, though. I am still riding my exercise bike every morning and feel much better afterwards. It seems to give me more energy. I don't do it on week ends and I certainly don't have the energy I feel as I do on week days.  

Don't forget to keep you phone clean. Wipe it off several times a day and keep it clean and safe. That is something you don't think about doing because we use it so much and only clean the screen off when it gets looking pretty sad. But wipe it down...

Will sign off for now. Have a great day and stay safe and healthy. 

 Mount Rainier Sunset

Blue Mountain Beauty

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Staying Busy and Safe!

Sakura Pink Bird Blue

Thought I would write on my blog a bit more today. My way of keeping in contact, I guess. 

My husband and I are staying in place as I mentioned before. And we are doing it just fine.Keeping busy. That is very important and actually keeping to a routine. I have always had a routine or schedule and I actually get nervous or upset if I can't keep it. So some of you may have to start a whole new routine if you aren't going out or to work, etc. It helps and makes you feel like there is a bit of structure to your life. We have always been "huggers" but I think we are hugging even more than usual. My hubby is able to get back to working on our yard and buildings since the Dr. gave him the go ahead so that is helping him a lot. Although he is tired at night and muscles that haven't been used awhile are getting a bit sore. I am trying to get some cleaning done that I let go over the winter. Outside windows have needed cleaning for months but since the sun was out today I got most of them done. I have to do so many at a time because of the Fibromyalgia and PMR. But I will get them done! Over time.

Good news on the bathroom leak problem we had after Bath Fitters did our tub, etc. They have been very good about getting everything back to normal. They had to take up 2 layers of flooring and even the sub-flooring was wet. So we had to have heat lamps and heater running in that bathroom for 3 days to dry out. Thank heaven we have 2 bathrooms. But they came yesterday and finished up by going under the house into the crawl space and replacing the insulation that had gotten wet. But now we have a bathroom with a beautiful new floor even...which was a plus we hadn't expected. But the flooring was ruined so it had to be replaced.

I have been listening to a lot of radio/television keeping up with our upcoming election. I try not to insert any politics into my blog but I am quite political and concerned about the future of our wonderful country. And hope it continues to be wonderful. 

I am going to go out and finish up the windows since the sun has moved enough so I can clean the last one. 

Have a good day/night. Keep in contact with loved ones. If you have an older person that is pretty much self quarantined, give them a call and see if they need anything. You can always just drop it off at their front door. 

Stay safe and keep washing your hands!

Old English Summer House

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Checking in!

Grandpa's Spring Farm

Is everyone hunkered down and keeping away from people? We are trying to. It is really hard for a lot of people to not be around others. Luckily we aren't like that. And are pretty well self contained. Hopefully.

We had planned on going in Saturday morning to Winco to get our regular groceries and our grand daughter found out about it and called us. She said we could not go...we just couldn't. She had talked to a friend that is a nurse and said that "Grandpa is high risk" and that I could pick it up if I went and bring it back to Grandpa...I swear she could read my mind because when she said it, I was thinking, "well grandpa can sit in the car and I will go in!. So she talked me out of going in and I sent the grocery list to our daughter since she was going in early Sat. morning. She got to our local WinCo at 6:30 and sent me a picture of the line up to check out:

 It took her 3 hours to get our shopping done and checked out. She brought our groceries out...minus some of the stuff they were out of stock already. And we were only getting the normal stuff we usually got! It is so sad that people are over buying and probably won't use half of what they get. Hopefully they will share with others that can't get to the store. So right now we are depending on what we have, which we normally have a full freezer and cupboards so are OK. But I will sure miss my yogurt granola lunch when I run out. Since we are in the high risk group because of our age, etc. we will be hunkering down at home.

My husband had his final appointment with the urologist regarding his kidney surgery last Thursday and got a clean bill of health. He can do what he wants now...so I am not pushing the wheelbarrow full of fire wood in anymore! His last words to us when we left was: Stay home!

We were hoping winter was over but we had a really cold northeast wind again last week and over the week end. I am hoping that is the last of it. I tried to go for a walk yesterday but the northeast wind was less but still too cold and only went a half mile! Managed farther today but will be glad when I can get back to normal walk.

Normal? Will we ever get to go back to normal? Or is this the new normal? I am hoping that the smart people that figure out what will kill this virus are working hard and manage to do so quickly. I remember when polio was rampant. I was about 11 and they didn't know what caused it. At one point I remember they thought it might be something that was brought in on bananas! So no one would buy them. But it was real scary. Seeing photos of people in iron lungs, etc. 

I am still working on updates and making more themes. I wonder if I will ever get them all updated!

Stay safe!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Daylight Savings Time and Virus!

 Kinkade Red Barn

Sunday we turn our clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time! Last year in WA state we voted to stay on DST all year round but the big shots in DC have to "let" us do it! And not much is happening there right now...but I am hoping this is the last time we have to change time on our clocks. I still haven't gotten my sleep habits normalized from the last change so I am hoping this will help.

As you have all heard WA state is the pretty much the center of the Coronavirus here in the US. It is quite scary. I feel so sorry for the family members that have elderly patients in the Life Care Center in Kirkland where the virus seems to be percolating through all the residents. I can't imagine how they must be feeling about their elderly family members. We went to Costco on Sunday and it was packed and people were certainly purchasing staples, toilet paper, etc. We keep our home pretty well stocked with food so aren't worrying about that. But certain fresh foods and dairy...not so much. I have to have my yogurt for lunch so am trying to stock up on that since it lasts much longer than the use by date says. But we aren't going out much and when we do...we are using the antibacterial wipes a lot! I just read that VP Pence is coming to WA state....that is sure to help a lot....

We are having a beautiful spring day today so I am planning on going for a nice walk this afternoon. 

Have been working on updates as usual. And making some new themes, too. Have to keep working...

If you have certain themes that you like...holidays, etc. I have put most holidays into a collection of their own..like Easter, Valentines Day, etc. so they are easier for you to find.

In January I wrote in my blog about the mess in our bathroom from the leak after Bath Fitters did our tub, etc. Well, they are taking care of everything and fixing it so far. They had to tear out the bathroom floor clear down to the sub floor. And it was so wet under the flooring that they couldn't finish up until the wood dries. I have had a heater and heat lamps going 24/7 since Monday. So our power bill is going to be quite high and we always try to keep it down! They are coming in tomorrow to put all new subflooring, new floor, etc. in. So I am hoping it will be dry enough. When they were here Monday I was going through the hall from the office to the kitchen. They had a bunch of wood, etc. in the hall and I was trying to get through the mess and my foot caught on a piece of wood and fell flat! Luckily I have good bones so didn't hurt anything badly. My arm muscles are really sore from catching myself and one finger got injured but...my husband keeps telling me I move too fast so I should have taken more care... It has been an inconvenience though...We just can't use that bathroom until they get things back to "normal." But I have to say, they have been very good about fixing the problem.

Had my 81st birthday last week. Don't feel any older but I guess I am! 

Our election is getting very exciting. I am not going to say how I feel about anyone but I was happy with the results from last night!

I don't remember if I mentioned the pathology results from my husband kidney surgery! Three different Doctor's. told us it was cancer...But it wasn't. They can't biopsy a growth in a kidney without removing it so we just figured it was cancer. We are thrilled that all the Doctors were wrong so he doesn't have to have any further treatment. He is healing very well and slowly getting back to a normal life. 

I think I am gonna quit the computer and go for a nice long walk. 

Enjoy spring, wash your hands a lot and take care of yourselves.

Natures Abstraction

Monday, February 17, 2020

Meet MaDonna You Tube Video

In the summer of 2017 Firefox sent a crew up to video me and let people get to know me. I don't think I have posted about this video or the link in a long time so thought I would do so now.  There is a face behind the themes!

Still working on updates and making new themes. Having fun doing what I do.

Spirit of the Savanna

Have a great week. I plan to!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Raising kids in the 50's

Owl on a Stump

I was just thinking about raising kids now and the difference in raising kids in the 1950's and early 1960's.

I didn't worry about  anyone abducting one of my children when they were playing in the front yard or driveway. Halloween was a great holiday where you baked goodies and made candy for trick or treaters. You didn't have to go through their goodies to look for razor blades or worry about drugs.  When the kids came home from school, they changed their clothes and went outside to play. They didn't have tons of homework. I  didn't have to run them to dance class, music lessons, baseball, basketball, etc. They played with each other in the woods or yard. On Sundays we usually went to one of the Grandma's house for dinner. We didn't have birthday parties at restaurants or play houses. We had a small party at our house with only the best friends, not the entire class. I took the kids with me when I went shopping. The kids could wear dresses and shirts I had made to school and not be made fun of. You didn't have to wear the most popular, expensive brand out there.

I wouldn't want to raise kids now. Too much to worry about. What are they doing online? Who are they interacting with? Who are they texting on their phones? Are they popular? Since the cost of living is so high I would probably be working instead of being home when they got home from school. 

It is really too bad. Parents are run ragged and the budget usually can't keep up with "wants" rather than the "needs". 

If you  could talk to any of our 3 children now they would tell you they had a great childhood and wouldn't trade it for anything. They grew up to be "good" people, caring for others, hard workers and responsible. I am proud to say they are "our kids".

Just some thoughts while I got tired of updating themes. 

Have a good Saturday and think about it. 

Follow the Path

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

My New 🦊 Profile

Have been working on a new avatar/photo/ID/profile whatever you want to call it for my themes, wallpapers and blog. 

This is what I have come up with as of today.

Tomorrow may be something different.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Good News

Valentine Underwear

First off..I have wonderful news. My husband's surgery was a success. They didn't remove the entire kidney, just the part that had the tumor in. He came through with surprising results. No one could believe how well he did after all he has been through since last June. Three different Doctors told it it was cancer before the surgery...BUT I have read the pathology report on line and it does NOT say it was carcinoma. But we haven't heard from the Dr. yet...so I am not completely relieved. I brought him home the day after the surgery and he is actually out in his shop this morning...10 days after a 5 hour surgery! He is 84 going on 50.

The night of his surgery we had a terrible rain wind storm. I have to admit I was a bit uncomfortable being home alone. The wind caused the rain to hit the side of the house so hard I could hardly sleep. People lost power and many roads were closed, even a big slide on the freeway. Sumas is still flooded. We are kind of on a top of a "small" hill so were fine. But when I went to the hospital early the next morning the main road had water across it and cars were going through it without slowing down...I slowed way down because I didn't want to flood out my car. They call it the Super Bowl Flood!

I am still working on updating themes and making some new ones. I doubt if I will ever finish the updating. About the time I get them updated, Mozilla will change something and change them all again! Plus I have been getting some reviews that I don't understand. Several have mentioned to me that after a few hours the theme turns transparent. I have no idea what the person is talking about so if anyone else has had that happen, please email me or post on the forum. I am going to see if I can find out exactly what they are talking about. It doesn't happen for me so I am stumped. 

Going to sign off for now and get back to work. Have a wonderful Valentines Day. 

Falling Hearts

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

🦊🦊 Just an update 🦊🦊

Fractal Flower Lights

Wow, it has been a busy time. Our snow drifts are finally gone. We were snowed in for a week...but we had stocked up on everything so we were fine. And we don't get bored easily since we are always busy.

We had Bath Fitters come in and re-do our master bath last fall and it looked wonderful and we were very pleased....BUT I thought it might be leaking because I noticed the flooring looked kind of funny a month or so ago. Anyway during our snowed in time...my foot got wet on the carpet right outside the bath door! I thought I might have spilled a bit of water when I filled a water bottle so didn't worry about it. But I got up at 3:30 AM and my foot got really wet! I put down microfiber towels to soak it up and tried to go back to bed...but there was no way that was going to happen. So I called them at 6:00 and left a message. They called back at 9:00 but since the roads were so bad she said there was no way they could get up here so we were kind of on our own. It would be at least 8 days before they could get up. We couldn't shut the water off for that long so I just got busy soaking it up and we did that for a week. Hubby used the wet-dry vac a couple times a day...and we managed to keep the carpet from getting any wetter. It got so I could actually hear the dripping! So that has been a lot of fun! But they came up this morning, found the leak, fixed it and we have to let everything dry out before they can close it up, etc. If the flooring doesn't go back to normal, he said they would replace the flooring. More to follow on this...since there is a lot of drying out to go.

I had the cyst on my knee (that popped up after my knee replacement) removed yesterday and Dr. doesn't think it will grow back...so that is done. My husband's kidney surgery is next Fri., the 31st so we have that to look forward to. I hope and pray it goes as well as his last surgery. 

Has everyone updated their Windows 7 to Windows 10? I know there are a lot of people that don't want to, but you really need to do so. I personally did not like the way Win 10 works so I found a wonderful free program that makes it work and look just like 7. It is called Classic Shell and it is great. You can find it at several places....https://www.filehorse.com/download-classic-shell/
so just find a site you feel comfortable downloading it from and then set it up. I watched several different videos to figure it out....but it is fairly easy and I think you will like it. Our grandson that works on all the computers at Western Washington College has one lady that didn't want to have him update her computer to Win 10 so I think he was going to set Classic Shell up for her. I hope she will like it as much as I do!

Little Cabin on the Hill

I know...I added another cabin theme...but I like cabins.

Hope you all have a good week and managing to get through all the updates and winter weather.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

❄❄❄❄Cold Northwest❄❄❄❄

Cats Nap

Winter finally decided to stick around awhile. It has been so cold and northeast wind blowing. The storm we had last February blew a bunch of our huge spruce trees down so the northeast wind really hits us harder. Big snowdrifts in front of our garage so we are pretty much snowed in. Since it wasn't snowing last Saturday we decided to take a run for groceries so we are pretty well stocked up. I am hoping this clears up some but they are calling for more snow so don't know if we can get out this weekend or not. One of our sons stopped in Sat. after we got back from town and chopped and brought in enough wood to last for the week. I am hoping this weather clears up though. I have an eye appointment and have to have a cyst removed from my knee next week. For some reason a cyst formed under the incision from my knee replacement last March. It is right where I hit it constantly and it is like someone poking an ice pick into my knee when it happens. I am just hoping it is healed up enough by the time my husband has his kidney removal surgery the 31st.

Well, Firefox had another update and screwed around with the themes. In case you didn't notice....the search bar would turn black so the theme didn't show through. I had quite a few complaints and questions regarding it. I have spent hours and hours updating all my themes so the search bar would be transparent and let the theme show through. All that time wasted! I am a bit upset about it and I see no reason for it but apparently someone in power thought it a good idea. There is no way I am going to go back and update all 20,000 plus themes so if you have one that you especially want changed, please make a review with a comment, or email me and I will update it.

Then one day last week I was locked out of my Firefox account. I worked all day trying to get that figured out and finally the wonderful woman that was helping me called me and walked me through getting signed in again. I have the 2 step authentication and I think I screwed up my Google app on my phone. Thank you, dear Caitlin! She went above and beyond what she needed to do. 

I have tried to submit themes for Thunderbird and am unable to. You have to be able to do something that is above and beyond my 81 year old mind. I tried and tried to figure out how to do it and finally gave up. Maybe someday when I have no stress I will try again...but for now if you want my themes on Thunderbird there are quite a few available. 

With all the stress from the last year, it finally caught up with me. I did really well getting through 2019 but around Oct. my neck and shoulders started hurting so badly in the mornings, where I couldn't open our bedroom shade even. New Years Eve day I could hardly walk I was so stiff. Couldn't raise my arms and my back and knees hurt so I broke down and went do the Dr. He diagnosed it pretty quickly. Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Apparently it is kind of genetic and my Mother had it. I guess it only lasts around 3 years! I am not pleased about having to take steroids and will start cutting them back as soon as I can. Just have to get through my husband's next surgery and get him back healthy. Plus I am not a winter person. I hate it...I hate the cold...I hate having to wear so many clothes.

I am going to sign off for the day and clean out my Tupperware drawer! It is a total mess...I know where everything is but have to sort some of it out and get rid of it. As soon as I do, though I will need it from something...

Have a good week! 

Full Moon Forest