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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Daylight Savings Time and Virus!

 Kinkade Red Barn

Sunday we turn our clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time! Last year in WA state we voted to stay on DST all year round but the big shots in DC have to "let" us do it! And not much is happening there right now...but I am hoping this is the last time we have to change time on our clocks. I still haven't gotten my sleep habits normalized from the last change so I am hoping this will help.

As you have all heard WA state is the pretty much the center of the Coronavirus here in the US. It is quite scary. I feel so sorry for the family members that have elderly patients in the Life Care Center in Kirkland where the virus seems to be percolating through all the residents. I can't imagine how they must be feeling about their elderly family members. We went to Costco on Sunday and it was packed and people were certainly purchasing staples, toilet paper, etc. We keep our home pretty well stocked with food so aren't worrying about that. But certain fresh foods and dairy...not so much. I have to have my yogurt for lunch so am trying to stock up on that since it lasts much longer than the use by date says. But we aren't going out much and when we do...we are using the antibacterial wipes a lot! I just read that VP Pence is coming to WA state....that is sure to help a lot....

We are having a beautiful spring day today so I am planning on going for a nice walk this afternoon. 

Have been working on updates as usual. And making some new themes, too. Have to keep working...

If you have certain themes that you like...holidays, etc. I have put most holidays into a collection of their own..like Easter, Valentines Day, etc. so they are easier for you to find.

In January I wrote in my blog about the mess in our bathroom from the leak after Bath Fitters did our tub, etc. Well, they are taking care of everything and fixing it so far. They had to tear out the bathroom floor clear down to the sub floor. And it was so wet under the flooring that they couldn't finish up until the wood dries. I have had a heater and heat lamps going 24/7 since Monday. So our power bill is going to be quite high and we always try to keep it down! They are coming in tomorrow to put all new subflooring, new floor, etc. in. So I am hoping it will be dry enough. When they were here Monday I was going through the hall from the office to the kitchen. They had a bunch of wood, etc. in the hall and I was trying to get through the mess and my foot caught on a piece of wood and fell flat! Luckily I have good bones so didn't hurt anything badly. My arm muscles are really sore from catching myself and one finger got injured but...my husband keeps telling me I move too fast so I should have taken more care... It has been an inconvenience though...We just can't use that bathroom until they get things back to "normal." But I have to say, they have been very good about fixing the problem.

Had my 81st birthday last week. Don't feel any older but I guess I am! 

Our election is getting very exciting. I am not going to say how I feel about anyone but I was happy with the results from last night!

I don't remember if I mentioned the pathology results from my husband kidney surgery! Three different Doctor's. told us it was cancer...But it wasn't. They can't biopsy a growth in a kidney without removing it so we just figured it was cancer. We are thrilled that all the Doctors were wrong so he doesn't have to have any further treatment. He is healing very well and slowly getting back to a normal life. 

I think I am gonna quit the computer and go for a nice long walk. 

Enjoy spring, wash your hands a lot and take care of yourselves.

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  1. I think that the change of time is complete nonsense and that sooner than later it will be eliminated. Congratulations good for all the things that are being solved and for your birthday ... and no, you do not look like anything old for what you tell us. Virus is a shared concern. Hopefully, the best

    1. Thanks, Carnacki...Stay well and thanks for being a follower. I am worried about one of my grandsons that works at a tech company in Seattle. This virus is quite scary...especially here in WA state.

  2. Stay safe out there! Hopefully the virus won't get too bad here. Also, glad to hear your husband doesn't have cancer, that's a relief!

  3. Thanks, Aeron. Appreciate your comments and you and yours stay safe.

  4. Oh, how I WISH they would stop with all of the time change stuff! So very annoying, esp. with the spring change. Ugh.

    Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great day.

    Re: bathroom repair: Glad they are fixing it but I know what an inconvenience it all is. When we remodeled our kitchen, I was out in the front yard, washing dishes for about 2 weeks. I can't tell you how exciting it was to get a sink installed! Lol. Hopefully, it will all come together soon and be done.

    I also hope this virus will peak and go away ASAP. Very sad for those who have lost loved ones :(

  5. Thanks, mylittlecountry...Got my bathroom back and very happy about that. It is finished inside but they do have to replace the insulation under the house where the leak ruined that. They have been very good about fixing everything back to normal.

    The virus is very scary, especially at our ages. We are just kind of holing up for now. We don't normally go out a lot anyway so it isn't an inconvenience for us.

    Keep well and thanks for being a fan and reading my blog....

  6. Oh good! Leaks will drive you crazy...our bath upstairs leaked through the floor and it dripped in our kitchen. Fun times, lol!

    Yes, hoping that with the warmer weather and people taking precautions, the virus will be a thing of the past...and quickly!!! I know what you mean; we are kind of hermits anyway and honestly I love being at home, so staying here is fine by me. ;)

    Same to you, and I will! I always look forward to your new posts! You should write a book. I would buy the first copy! :D