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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

✏✏πŸ“¬πŸ“¬ VOTE✏✏πŸ“¬πŸ“¬


Halloween Village
  I don't have enough time to write much on my blog today but I want to beg all of you (USA) to either mail in your ballot or put on your mask, take a sack lunch and a bottle of water and get out there and vote as soon as you can. This is going to be the most important election in our history. Think about what you want for your family, your neighbors and your country. 
We The People



Monday, October 5, 2020

This is WHY I do it!

Sunset Tiger



" Even if i use my every brain cell right now, I still won't be able to create such beautiful themes as created by my favorite MaDonna.. You're actually one of a reason i am still sticking with FIREFOX"


"You are one of the top artists here. Thanks for years of brilliant designs that colour my day—seriously—I work from home and your designs brighten up my day and desk!"


" i go straight to Ma Donna when i want something.. I hope this person does some Jesus stuff too.. like an empty tomb with the sun shining in.. love this creator xoxoxo"

 "it is so cool , i like the theme and color. wow !!! it is awesome every one should definitely check this out !!!!!"

 "These are the best themes I've seen for FF since themes first became available. Quite a change since my days with Cobal and Fortran :)"

 "Another gorgeous theme by M(heart)Donna. It's also very gentle on the eyes and does not compromise tab labels, etc. I always look for your themes first. Thank you again!

"P.S. I wish you did themes for Chrome, too!"


Thought I would check in. I have been receiving such wonderful reviews I wanted to share a few of the latest. 

 Wow, what a week our country has had...the Pres in hospital but only for a few days and kind of making fun of the whole virus. I doubt if family members of those that have passed away think it is a simple little virus! I just hope they will be a bit more responsible with people's lives but it doesn't sound like it. If we go out, we wear a mask. And we go very rarely. So whatever you believe, think about it...and then grab that mask.

 The Blogger format has totally changed and at my old age, change is hard. I am just hoping I can continue to figure it out. 

 I don't have any more time to write right now so will sign off but did want to check in since it has been a month. October is actually here now.

 Take care... be safe...wear a mask!

Family Farm





Thursday, September 10, 2020

September Heat

Fall Red Roof

It is certainly feeling like fall and it is just around the corner. Right now the western states are burning up. Smoke fills the air. We are supposed to break a heat record for this day. I know we need rain but I sure hate to see it start. Even during this beautiful hot weather my fingers are starting to turn white. I just can't handle the cold! And our daughter can't take the heat!

Have you tried Firefox for Android? I have tried it several times and to be honest I don't especially like it. Maybe I just don't know how to use it correctly, but I keep trying.

We still aren't going out. My husband did go grouse hunting one day but he wasn't around anyone so he was safe. We did get our yearly check ups and flu shots. Our daughter does most of our grocery shopping for us...that and on line ordering from Costco, etc.

Some of our great grandkids are physically back at school and the others are remote schooling. It is sad that our oldest great grandson is a Freshman and can't get the experience of high school. But I worry about the ones that are actually back at school. I don't see how they can be perfectly safe...knowing children...

I have actually used Zoom and Teladoc this summer. I couldn't have done either if I hadn't gotten a new laptop since the camera on my old one had quit working for some reason. I had tried to figure out what was wrong with it by googling fixes, but was never successful. 

I am sad about the rioting in some cities. I believe that the protesters are actually hurting their cause right now. The average citizen is getting tired of the rioting and burning, even if they feel strongly about the cause. I will be glad when/if our election is over. I won't say who I will be voting for but I feel very strongly about who I want to be leading our country! So, if you are in the USA make sure you are registered to vote, check if you are registered and be sure you vote as soon as you get your ballot and get it either mailed or dropped in a ballot box. Make sure it is signed with the exact signature you registered with. If you used a middle initial or name. If you have to vote in person, wear a mask and take a bottle of water with you if you have to wait in line. This is one of our most important elections in the history of our country. 

Into the Mist

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

πŸ’₯ Falling for Fall πŸ’₯

Autumn Morning Light

I know, I start every posting with how fast the time goes! Sorry about that but it seems that way. 

Fall is a beautiful season with all the bright colors, BUT it has the downfall with the coming of winter. Winter I do not like at all. I don't like the cold. But I get to use the beautiful fall colors to make themes so that part is good.

We are still managing on the Covid watch. One grandson had to get tested because his room mate had a fever, but it wasn't Covid so we were blessed. I worry about our great grandkids and the school "thing". So far they are all going to be learning remotely because our governor is smart enough to recommend that. There is no way I would send a child to school during this epidemic. I would be a horrible home schooler but I would try anyway. I lack the patience for one thing.

I had to break down and buy a new laptop. My old one just refused to work and I got tired of the little hourglass going round and round. So I had a few things that were have-to's on my list. My grandson put a Solid State hard drive in my desktop, the one he built and has updated several times. And it was so much faster than the old one, so that was a necessity. And I kind of wanted a Lenova because I had heard such good things about them so that was what I decided on. So I helped the economy out some there. So far so good. I had put Classic Shell in my desktop because I didn't think I would like Windows 10 but kind of wondered if that was causing the problems in my old laptop. It wasn't. So after I got the Lenova I kind of tried out the Windows 10 and the things I hadn't liked when it first came out...I could control and now like it fine. Still using CS on my desktop, though. 

We are starting the "getting ready for winter" list. 

I have gotten such nice comments in reviews for some of my themes. I really appreciate each and every one of them. One comment actually made me make a wallpaper! He liked my Northern Lake theme so well and wanted the image I had used to make the theme. Well, I hadn't used an image...I made it in my Photoshop Elements brushes, so worked half the afternoon on it and got it posted.

Northern Lake

I would like to add one thing before I sign off for the day. Please wear a mask and try self distancing. This is the only way we are going to ever get back to normal until after we have an approved reliable vaccine. I feel for business owners but if they keep the bars and eating places open there won't be anyone left to eat and drink in their establishments. Even if you get the virus and don't really feel bad, you can have long lasting effects later. So, please use common sense and be careful and safe.

Have a great week.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Saying goodbye to July

Perfect F_Fox

I just checked to see when I last posted and it has been almost a month! Even if we are pretty well shut down the time is going fast. Almost too fast. We really haven't had much of a summer yet. A few hot days but we kept fleece sheets on our bed until after the 4th of July! Went for  my walk today and had to put on a hoodie and pull my hands up into the sleeves.The breeze off the bay was quite chilly. Had to cut my walks down from 2 1/2 miles to 1 1/2. Started that today so hope I don't hurt as much. That darn PMR that I was diagnosed with is not much fun.It seems to be hereditary. I remember my Mom had it and was on cortisone for 2 years. I hope my daughter doesn't get it! I tried to cut mine back to 6 months by lowering the mg. but I guess I went too fast. So had to start the lower dosage for a bit longer. Enough about me.

What to do you think of sending kids back to school? I am very afraid if they try to send them back normally...we will be losing a lot more people. I don't want my great grand kids  going back and I really don't think they will. I feel really bad for our oldest great grand son. He is 15 1/2 and he will be missing out on so much. He is a super lacrosse player and has played in several different states. He was chosen to be on a special team that would have been playing all over our country this summer. We were hoping this would be a way for him to get into college...but this darn virus has sure made a lot of things difficult. I feel for the caretakers that are getting so tired and frustrated. People need to stay away from each other and wear a mask. We have only been out a few times and only to get to a Dr. appt.I was at my eye Dr. this past Monday and I have to say I felt uncomfortable. But we are getting a chance to wear some of the masks I made earlier this summer.

I am still working on updates. I think that is a never ending process. 

Must start dinner so will sign off for now. Have a great week end and please stay safe. 

Amazing Lion

Monday, June 29, 2020

Happy Independence Day!

Painted by the Sun

Hi....everyone...summer is here...well not so much in the Pacific Northwest! But hopefully we will get a week of nice, warm weather sometime during the month of July.

I hope everyone is wearing a mask when they go out. It DOES help prevent the virus. I knew when they started opening things back up, especially bars and restaurants that things were going to start getting bad again. There is no way you can keep a mask on in one of those...I hope you all were smart enough to not go into one. Do your eating and drinking at home.

My husband has a cardiology appointment on Friday and I called to find out the protocol. I am hoping he will get a good report and be safe. I usually always go in with him but am not going to this time. I will stay in the car and read.  We haven't been anywhere since March and we are still alive and well. You can do it. Most the time it doesn't bother me...week ends a bit. We call week days...work days, get up at regular time and keep to our regular pattern...exercise and work! Meals on time, etc. I do miss shopping and seeing grand kids, and great grand kids hugs...but keep in contact.

I was remembering some of my old school days. Have you heard someone say, "I had to walk a mile to school every day?" Well, I can honestly say that. When we lived in Iowa and moved from a farm we were renting to a farm my folks bought, I was in the 8th grade. The school I had been going to from the age of 10 was a big building with grades 1 through 12. The school I went to after we moved was called Frog Pond #6! No kidding. And it was a 1 room school house with grades 1 through 8! Me and my brother had to walk to and from school and it was at least a mile. From spring, a cold Iowa winter and to summer....we walked. I don't remember our parents ever taking us since they were busy on the farm. But that teacher was the best teacher I ever had. We called her by her first name...Norma Jean. If we had to use the bathroom, we had to put our coats and boots on and go to the outhouse! Now, see how much fun all you younger people missed? I wouldn't give up those memories for anything. At Christmas time all of the farm families put on a big Christmas party for everyone...with tons of food and gifts. I only went there for about 6 months because I graduated from 8th grade! (The County put on a graduation ceremony for all of the 8th graders that went to the country schools!) So I got my first pair of high heels that we ordered from the Sears catalog! They were red and at least one size too big! But I felt so grown up!

Time to fix lunch! I hope you all have a great, safe 4th of July if you live in the USA. 

Northern Lake

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Beach Chairs

Time is going way too fast. We didn't get to enjoy summer at all last year with my husband's health problems so we were really looking forward to this summer. Our weather is our usual Pacific Northwest weather, Junuary! Plus we really don't get to do anything because we are still not going out or having much contact with anyone. Our daughter brings our groceries out every Sunday and so far we have been able to sit outside on the deck when she comes over in the afternoon. We seem to get a halo affect at our house. We can see clouds all around us but the sun is shining right in our area.

Wow...the news has been quite exciting lately. I am hoping some things can change so our grandchildren won't have to see the things we have seen. And go back to boring news!

Firefox had an update this morning so I hope you are all keeping your Firefox up to date. Some new features. One I like is the picture in picture where you can watch a video while you are open on another page. Pretty cool, especially if you are trying to change something on your computer with instructions from a video.

Have been able to do my 2 mile walk almost everyday. If it rains, I don't walk! I used to be a die hard runner and walker and weather didn't matter. I am too old and get too stiff to do that anymore.

Hope you all have a good week and are staying safe. The virus is NOT over no matter what some people are saying, 

Birds of Many Colors