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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Father's Day

Poppy Light

We had a record breaker heat yesterday but I loved it. Cooler today and they say it could sprinkle tomorrow. 

I just wanted to do a quick update here. Everything going well with knee, I walked 2.43 miles one day last week. I wasn't going for that far, but I forgot how many laps I had done! So now I take a piece of chalk with me and make a mark on the gate! Old age is great, isn't it? Yesterday I did 2 miles and it was over 80° so that wasn't bad but I was a bit shaky when I got back. I had taken a frozen bottle of water with me and thought it would thaw enough so I could get a drink after each lap but it didn't work that way!

My husband has been working so hard on getting the trees down and cut up that blew over during our northeaster. Our son has helped when he can..but my husband is 83 and is working too hard. I have been going out and making him shut it down in the afternoon, though. He also worked 3 days on a woman's car that has over 300,000 miles on it. I know darn well she can afford to buy a better car but it is much cheaper to have my hubby work his butt off for 3 days in the heat to fix it. I wish I could get him to tell people he is done working on cars but...he is just too darn good hearted.

Tomorrow is the luncheon for the group physical therapy class I went to. They all had knee or hip replacements, so that will be fun to see how everyone is doing. And Saturday our granddaughter graduates from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Early Care & Education in Teaching & Learning with High Honors! So that will be something special. Hope it isn't too hot or wet as it is outside. (Proud grandma bragging!!) 

Now to Father's Day. I hope everyone let's their Father know they love him and are happy is he is still around. The pictures on the top of my blog are pictures of my Dad. Pretty good looking guy. He was hard working and wish he could have stayed around longer but he was a smoker all his life and it caught up with him. He got depressed because he couldn't get around very good and with his health it was one thing after another. He decided he didn't want to be around any longer, leaving my Mom heart broken. I understood how he felt, though and forgave him. I will be thinking about him this Sunday.

Have a good week end and enjoy your Dad!

Bright Fern