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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme on Brand Thunder

Taylor Swift Chrome Theme

I forgot to post that I have a Taylor Swift Chrome theme on Brand Thunder also.

Beyonce Theme on Brand Thunder

My Beyonce Chrome Theme

Another beautiful day today. One of the Beyonce themes I made for Brand Thunder is on line now, so if you use Chrome and are a Beyonce fan the link is above.

Have a wonderful day. I plan to.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sunshiny Wednesday!

Kittens and Bunnies

Thought I would pop in and write a bit on my blog. Just finished an Angry Birds theme for Brand Thunder and sent it in, so am waiting to see if it was all right. It was pretty simple so didn't take me long. I see the Kanye West theme they asked me to make is on line now, so if you use Chrome and are interested in that, here it is. 

I don't use Chrome so I have no idea what they look like once they are used.

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. Ours was pretty quiet since the weather didn't let us do what we had planned. Our family had planned on going up into the mountains for a wiener roast, but the weather was too wet and chilly. Seems like most Memorial Days are like that here. When we used to camp out every holiday on this side of the mountains with dirt bikes and ATV's, it seemed like we spent half our time under a blue tarp around a campfire. But oh, what fun it was. So, we spent the morning at home getting a few things done that needed to be, and went to visit our youngest son in the afternoon. I had made a crazy cake to take on our wiener roast so he got the cake. It is his favorite so I am sure there isn't much left.

Our strawberries are going crazy! We are having fresh strawberries every night. Fresh picked berries are so much better than the ones you get in the stores.

I have laundry on the line and since the sun is shining bright it is dry so better get it in.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Be back soon.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Memorial Day

Memorial Day by MaDonna

Just wanted to pop in this morning and update my blog for Memorial Day. 
 I am featuring my Memorial Day theme design today. Someone asked me if the eagle was sleeping! So I edited the description to explain. The eagle is hanging his head in sorrow for those we have lost in our many wars. Too many wars! And too many men and women that will live the rest of thier lives with body and minds impaired. I just wish we could go back to the old days when families were together and we were at peace. It is so sad that our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have to live with the hammer of war, ISIS. getting shot while they are at school, etc. etc. hanging over their heads.
I don't have a lot of time to write today so this won't be a long post. 
But I wanted to get my blog up to date and let everyone know that Desktop Nexus is up and running again as of yesterday. I think I got all the wallpapers posted that I had themes to match. Hopefully.
Have a super day and will get back soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Shower For Ladybug

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. My daughter had us over for munchies. One of our son's had a bad cold and couldn't make it but our oldest son and his wife came and we all sat out in the sun and ate! And talked! And talked!  Had so many good things to munch on that I probably shouldn't eat for a week, but I am. I am more of a muncher than a big meal type. I would rather just snack all day and not have to eat a big meal. My son and his wife gave me the cutest little bear figurine to put outside. I actually put it on our picnic table so I can see it when I look out my kitchen window. It makes me smile.

Last night I was thinking about how I used to feel when I was looking forward to something, like going across the mountains on our motorcyles. I would get this fluttery feeling in my stomach and get excited about getting everything around to take and the joy of just riding!  At 76, I don't have those kind of things to look forward to anymore. Now I get that same feeling when I anticipate my husband coming in at 3:30 for our wine, some chips, sitting at the kitchen table reading the days paper before dinner. So, I still look forward to things but they are just different.
I have been having problems with my coffee maker. We splurged 6 years ago and bought a Keurig coffee maker for our anniversary. It has worked really well up until about six weeks ago. I descaled it and it started working. Then Sunday morning it wouldn't make my morning coffee.  So I ran the vinegar through it, etc. and it still wouldn't work so I put it in the garage. I did a lot of research on purchasing another one and I couldn't believe it but the reviews for most of the K cup coffee makers (not just Keurig) were really bad. So I brought it back in on Monday. I decided to call Keurig and they walked me through another cleaning. Still wouldn't work so they said they would give me a discount on a new one. $145.00! I thanked them and ended the call! So I did another vinegar descale, then ran the water through and so far it is working again. I guess you just don't give up! Keep trying. BUT I am going to buy a jar of Trader Joe's instant coffee to keep on hand. I know it is going to happen again and one of these days it isn't going to work. I just hope Keurig get's their act together and design a pot that will work and people will like again. I can't complain about the one I have but they keep changing things to better them. The one Costco carries is the one I was going to get but after doing some research you can't use any other brand of K Cup because the coffee maker actually "reads" the top of the K Cup and if it isn't Keurig it won't work! But you can change the wallpaper on the menu screen! Well, that is just really nice but I just want a good cup of coffee!

Desktop Nexus is still not accepting submissions. Their alert border has said 24 to 48 hours for almost 48 days!
Yesterday I picked our first strawberries of the season. They are ever bearing and we get fresh strawberries all summer. They are so much better than any you buy in the stores.

This is getting rather wordy so I will sign off for now and do some work. 

You all have a great week end. I will be back soon!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Morning

The doves are cooing and the sun is shining. A perfect Sunday morning! We have two nesting doves and they coo all day long. It is rather soothing to hear them.

Next Sunday will be Mother's Day. I always miss Mom more around this time of the year it seems. I have so many questions I wish I had asked and things I would love to tell her. I would love for her to have met our great grandkids. 

Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer about this time in 2002. There was really nothing they could do by the time it was found. My brother and sister-in-law, my sister and her son, my husband and I decided we could share taking care of Mom so she could be at home during her last days. We would each be at Mom's for 3 days and nights,  another sibling would take over for 3 days and nights. We couldn't have done this without the help of Hospice. They were such a big help to us and Mom.  I remember one of the first things I did for Mom was paint her toenails a bright pink. I don't think she had ever had them painted before. And since it was summer her feet were out most of the time and I know she was proud of her pink toenails.

Mom was a keeper of things! She had a big sack of letters she had recieved over many, many years. Letters my Dad had written to her when we lived in IA and the farm didn't do very good that year so he came to WA to help with the wheat harvest. Mom, my brother and I took care of the farm while he was gone. My sister was a toddler then so I took care of her a lot while Mom and my brother were outside. Anyway, I sat down beside Mom's bed and read most all of the letters to her. There were many letters from her Mother and I remember Mom telling me she hadn't realized how bad her Mom had felt at the end of her life. There was letters from my brother when he was in the Army, stationed in Germany and then when he came stateside he met this cute little redhead who became my sister in law and a big part of our family. I learned things I didn't know and Mom realized how much Dad had loved her. 

Mom was a hard worker, all her life. Dad and us kids were her entire life. She loved sewing and doing craft work. Even while she was bedridden she had a few craft jobs she wanted finished so I helped her finish them. I remember sending either my brother or husband to the store to find lace paper doilies so we could finish up some angels we were working on.

I remember Mom saying that dying was taking too long. She told me I could do something about it and I said, "No, Mom, I can't." And she never said another word about that. My father had been gone for 3 years by then and she finally understood and forgave him for taking his own life. Mom passed away in early September. We knew it was happening but it was still hard to take. I know she is with Dad now, as she always was during her life. 

I had Mother's Day dinners for our family for many, many years and I miss those. I remember one Mother's Day when my Grandparents were still alive. Us women were always in the kitchen. We were sitting at our kitchen table talking a mile a minute and I got some wine out. We never had wine or anything at our dinners back then. I honestly don't know if my Grandmother had ever had a drink of alcohol in her life! But she wanted a taste of the wine, so I put some in a small glass for her. Well, she drank it in one swallow, I swear! About 5 mintues later she started fanning herself and saying how hot the kitchen was getting. We  started roaring with laughter. Good time past! If only we could go back in time and re-live some of those moments.

Mom, I miss you so much. I love you.