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Saturday, October 26, 2019



Just wanted to post quickly that my husbands surgery went very well. Took 4 1/2 hours and he is very sore and in quite a bit of pain. Got to bring him home yesterday and he had a really bad night so probably should have stayed one more night. The Doctors and nurses have been so helpful and kind. But they were working with a very wonderful  man. Thanks for all your hopes and prayers. 


Be back soon....Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

๐ŸฆŠ Themes on Android ๐ŸฆŠ

October Road

October 22nd was supposed to be the update so Firefox themes would work on Android. So many were having a problem with some themes on their Android. I just tried a couple this morning on my cell phone and they do seem to be working. So if you gave up applying a specific theme to your Android, try it again. 

While I am posting, I want to promote a specific product. As you all know I have had Fibromyalgia for almost 40 years. I suffered with it for 14 years before they diagnosed it! Anyway what with Fibromyalgia and going on 81 the fall weather has really made me achy and stiff. My granddaughter-in-law gave me a sample of a product her Aunt sells. So I thought I would try it and WOW! This is the first product that I have ever tried (and I have tried so many) that you can tell within a few minutes that it works. It is CBD MAG Muscle Mist. I can barely raise my arms above my head in the morning and I spray this on and it just takes a few minutes for it to dry and you can actually feel it start to work. 

I rarely do this but if you are suffering from aches and pains, etc. give this a try. 

I will sign off for now and get back to work. 

Sunset Over Mountains

Friday, October 18, 2019


1 Country Autumn Painting

I am totally amazed that it has been over a month since I have posted here. I am really sorry but it seems like there is so much to do and we have been having so many appointments, so time is flying.

We went from summer one day and cold, chilly fall the next. I am not kidding. It was super warm one day and the next day it was very chilly. And we haven't had any summer days since then. We had a very early frost, so my hanging baskets all got frozen. We had planned on trying to keep one through the winter and get it cut back and in the shop but that didn't happen.

I am still working on trying to get my themes updated. I have been working on that for 7 months. I am beginning to see the end though. I have removed some all together and probably should go through them again and delete more. 

Do you like the way your themes are displayed and using them from your Add-Ons? I like that they are arranged alphabetically BUT I wish they would change it so the last one you used would be on top and you could be able to be enable it again. Right now your only choice is Disable, Remove or Report. I posted about this on the forum but I doubt if anyone thinks it is that big of a deal!

Well, the day we have been waiting for, Oct 24th is coming up...We had one scare last week. We spent all day Sat. in the ER. So then we had to go to our family Dr. and he got my husband into the Cardiology within 2 days. Which is a miracle around here! And the Cardiologist gave him the go ahead and said he was at very low risk! We have just been having a hard time keeping his blood pressure down. Most every pill makes him feel bad...so I have been doing a lot of research online. I am putting apple cider vinegar into his water, etc. since they say it will work! We shall see. He doesn't mind drinking it, but I tried doing it and just could not do it. So his 5 hour surgery will hopefully finally take place this Thursday. I know he is dreading it and doesn't like the idea of being out/under for that long but that is how long they think it will take. I know he is strong and can make it. He has to...because I can't think of the alternative.

Well, I am going to sign off now and get back to work. Hope you all have a great fall week end. Our daughter is having our family all over tomorrow before surgery day. So that will be fun. And good for all of us.

Sunset Flight