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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Raising kids in the 50's

Owl on a Stump

I was just thinking about raising kids now and the difference in raising kids in the 1950's and early 1960's.

I didn't worry about  anyone abducting one of my children when they were playing in the front yard or driveway. Halloween was a great holiday where you baked goodies and made candy for trick or treaters. You didn't have to go through their goodies to look for razor blades or worry about drugs.  When the kids came home from school, they changed their clothes and went outside to play. They didn't have tons of homework. I  didn't have to run them to dance class, music lessons, baseball, basketball, etc. They played with each other in the woods or yard. On Sundays we usually went to one of the Grandma's house for dinner. We didn't have birthday parties at restaurants or play houses. We had a small party at our house with only the best friends, not the entire class. I took the kids with me when I went shopping. The kids could wear dresses and shirts I had made to school and not be made fun of. You didn't have to wear the most popular, expensive brand out there.

I wouldn't want to raise kids now. Too much to worry about. What are they doing online? Who are they interacting with? Who are they texting on their phones? Are they popular? Since the cost of living is so high I would probably be working instead of being home when they got home from school. 

It is really too bad. Parents are run ragged and the budget usually can't keep up with "wants" rather than the "needs". 

If you  could talk to any of our 3 children now they would tell you they had a great childhood and wouldn't trade it for anything. They grew up to be "good" people, caring for others, hard workers and responsible. I am proud to say they are "our kids".

Just some thoughts while I got tired of updating themes. 

Have a good Saturday and think about it. 

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1 comment:

  1. It definitely is a challenging time to raise kids. We decided to homeschool ours for various reasons and so while there is no perfect way to parent, we truly enjoy the time we get to spend with them. Only recently have we begun to go on more extracurricular trips, but it's things like piano and art, then both kids go to a sewing class (and I participate in it, too!), and then they are loving a teen night hosted at our local library. I got really burned out on commitments I had made a few years back and just said no to everything! Kinda like a reboot, you know? I love not being in the "norm". Most of my friends are so frazzled...gosh, it just hurts my heart to know what they are putting themselves through. Anyhow, just know that there are still folks trying to raise kids who don't get in the fast lane! :D

    I was so happy to hear that your husband's surgery was a success! I hadn't checked in on you in longer than I care to admit and I had to go back a few months to see how it all went. I hope you are both better now and he's in the shop and you are still working on themes. :)

    By the way, I love all of your farm and cabin themes! I know you mentioned maybe you make too many, but I will disagree. You do such a pretty job with them and now I'm off to find another.

    Have a great week!!!