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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Rainbow Easter

It is a beautiful sunny day here on the west coast, but yesterday we had snow. My Mom used to say "If you don't like the weather today, wait until tomorrow." She also taught me to never leave home without a coat because you will probably need it. The way it has been lately, I would change that to never leave home without a raincoat!

 I have been really busy lately, busier than I would like. I was asked to make a design for a new soap/lotion company that is starting up and I worked a lot on it, but then they changed the name so I had to re-do and it turned out really beautiful. I hope they use it, but we shall see. If they don't I can use it as a Persona Theme anyway. After I re-do it again. I was also asked if East Coast Dye Sub could use some of my wallpaper designs for the items they make such as mouse pads, etc. and I gave my permission for one so far. I am also working on two book covers. Besides the fun work of designing to please myself!

My dear friend just got word her husband has cancer so if we could all send good thoughts and  prayers to them we can hope things turn out well. They are such good people and do such good works for their community. So all the best to you and your family K. 

I have been not turning the computer on during week ends but I decided I wanted to update the blog and wish everyone a Happy Easter. 

So Happy Easter.



Thursday, March 7, 2013


Daisies Surprise
 Brand Thunder 

Thought I would change my blog a bit. Spice it up some. My timer is going to ring soon, since I have to set the timer when I am on the computer so I don't stay too long. If I sit too long, my back starts hurting and it doesn't help my eyes any, either. So I set the timer for only 20 minutes to work and 10 to 20 minutes off. It really limits me, and I hate it, but...

Had my 74th birthday so I am really getting up there. I can remember when I was 30, I thought 70 was "really, really old"! Now, I think 90 is old! 73 was not good to me so I am hoping 74 will be better.

I have only made a few Saint Patrick's Day designs and a few Easter ones. Have a few more ideas for Easter but am finished with Saint Patrick's Day.

I think my favorite ones to make are spring. We are all tired of dreary old winter and the spring designs are bright and cheerful. So that is what I enjoy making the most.

Timer just rang, so I am off to do some dusting or whatever needs to be done.