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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Sunshining!

Freedom Ridge

I am feeling very patriotic this morning so I will preview my Freedom Ridge theme this morning. I hope all of you out there in Theme Land that live free in the good old United States are feeling patriotic also. I made this theme using the art of Carol Cavalaris again. I have to do a lot of editing in Photoshop to make something this small but I managed to do it justice, I hope.

100 days of Hell. That is what I call the last 101 days. I know I have PTSD. Pro Trump Stress Disorder. I am totally amazed that the people that believed his rhetoric and promises are still behind him. I guess they believe in letting corporations have the say so in how we live and breathe. The "poor little rich boy" guy has to have these silly revival meetings or whatever you want to call them to pat himself on the back and believe that the people he is supposed to represent (all of us) don't want clean air, clean water, national monuments, net neutrality and most important of all health care for our families. And most of all, no fear of war. I have 6 grandsons that would have to go fight his war and I don't want that. They would have to put the draft back in because the majority of young men out there have enough sense to not want to fight a war that no one wants.

Enough! I wasn't going to make this a political post but I saw that regal eagle and my blood started to boil. 

Although I think what started my blood boiling early on this beautiful Sunday morning was the telephone ringing. I would think that the majority of people would realize that not everyone gets up at 6:00 on Sunday morning. But there are people out there that don't. We try to sleep in on Sunday morning if possible. We are busy all week and at our age we should be able to without feeling guilty. But....this morning the phone rang. I wear ear plugs to bed so I can let it ring (if) I hear it at all. But my dear husband can't so right now he is out there putting brakes on a woman's car that couldn't wait until tomorrow. So that is why I am writing  on my blog on a Sunday morning. I don't turn the desktop on on week ends because if I do, I will work. I have Photoshop on the desktop and not the laptop. Mainly so I won't work on Sunday.

Enough! Taking a deep breath! 

Our daughter is helping her kids move into their first house this week end. I am so happy for them. They have been renting for years and saving their money and finally found a place that meets all their demands. Our granddaughter has an Early Learning Preschool in her home. It is very popular and she has a waiting list of families that want their children enrolled so the home had to be big enough to have a place for her preschool. I think she is planning on having everything ready for Tuesday's class. Wish we could have helped them but....

Our rhubarb is waist high already. I made some rhubarb sauce last week and will probably make a pie tomorrow. I use my Grandmother's rhubarb chiffon recipe and it is so good. Doesn't have a top crust so that cuts back on some of the work! 

Mozilla is doing something different with their themes. The Featured has gotten totally different and they are using a different way of the Up and Coming. It used to be the designs that were getting the most downloads and I haven't figured out how the system works now and I don't think anyone actually knows. It doesn't make sense really. But if they know how it works that is all that counts I guess. 

It is funny about the themes, though. I will work really hard on a design and be totally thrilled with how it turns out. Most of those are the cabins or animal themes.

Bear Hunt

This is one that I am talking. I was so happy with how the Bear Hunt turned out and have been using it. But the ones I like never get very popular. Apparently I have a totally different idea of what I want on my Firefox.  It is probably because of my 78 year old brain. It hasn't figured out what the young people like. I will continue to make my nature theme, anyway. 

Had my yearly check up this week and guess I am as healthy as a horse. Which is very good. I have to have a bone density scan in the next couple weeks. And will have a cataract removed in June. Will see how that goes before I decide to have the other eye done. Not looking forward to it, though.

Well, I am going to sign this off and call my "mechanic" in for coffee. I am hoping the sun stays out so we can sit out and enjoy the blooming lilacs this afternoon but I see clouds coming in so...probably not.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and the beginning of May.



Monday, April 17, 2017

Busy Easter

Raccoon in Garden

It has been a busy week and a tiring one. 

Our daughter in law was visiting friends in Mexico so could not attend our 60th Anniversary dinner. We missed her but it was a really nice dinner and it is always good when our kids can all be together. We had invited them for dinner but they wouldn't let us pay for it. My husband and I don't go out for dinners much. We do have quick lunches at time in town but that has even gotten fewer.

I do believe spring is actually here. The grass is green again and the lilacs have purple color to the buds now. The cherry trees are white with blooms. I love it. We got to sit out on the deck in the sunshine Sat. afternoon and that was great. 

But Saturday night was a bummer! About 8:30 my husband had an AFib attack. The medicines we have at home wouldn't get his heart back in rhythm so at midnight we left for the ER. The IV meds they gave him didn't work either so they had to do the electrical cardioversion, which resets the heartbeat with shock. And it took two of those this time. This is a very scary thing to go through and the more times they do it, the more times you are apt to go into AFib again. So now we have to get back to the Cardiologist and it is hard to get into their offices because they are so busy. The ER Dr. said to get him in this week but they couldn't get him in to see the Dr. this week so we will see the Nurse Practitioner. She is supposed to be very good so I am hoping....they have to change his meds. He gets very depressed after these things and they take a lot out of him. We got home from the ER at 5:00 AM, fell into bed and slept till 10:00. We had family Easter dinner at a grandson's home at noon. We were both exhausted so weren't a lot of fun! Watched the great grandkids hunt for Easter eggs in the lawn since it was a very beautiful spring day.

We are both still tired but he is out working on a car and a pick up he has in. I am going to insist he stop earlier today, though. I will use the "bitchy wife" voice!

Scary times we are having. All over the world, it sounds like. No one felt like the world was about to explode during the whole 8 years of President Obama. Some called him No Drama Obama. Wouldn't it be nice to have no drama again? When I turn the news on at 8:00 every morning I worry about what has been Twittered. I do not think political policy should be done on Twitter or Facebook or whatever! 

We just finished watching the best series on Netflix. It is called 13 Reasons. Every kid over 10 should be forced to watch it. It is about bullying. Like I said, it was a very well done series and made you feel so badly for some of the kids. I know it is a big topic anymore but it happens far too often. The main character in the series was a new girl in school. I know how that feels. I was the new girl at school quite often with our family moves. Kids don't realize how mean they are and how much it can affect the person they are mean to. Now with cell phones, internet, etc. it is much worse and once it is out there, everyone can see it. So if you have Netflix, I would suggest you watch it. 

I am going to see if I can get my dear husband in now, but I doubt if I have much luck. At lunch he said something about having to mow the lawn!

Have a good week, everyone.

Leopards Sunset

Friday, April 7, 2017

♥ 60 Years ♥

Desert Rainbows

We just had our 60th wedding anniversary this week. Sounds like a long time, huh? Well, it has gone very fast and was a wonderful 60 years. The times have changed so much in that time. We were so young and healthy. With energy and full of life. Now we have gray hair and the energy is not so much anymore. And I worry every night about my very dear husband. His heart doesn't keep up with his body like he wishes. He still works too hard and can't seem to tell someone no when they bring an old dilapidated car in that won't run right. He works too hard and too long of hours. As the daylight gets longer each day, he want to be out working longer. That was the only good thing about winter was that he would come in sooner. Every night after we get in bed, I lean over and tell him I love him. I have done that for many, many years and will continue to do so.

I am still working on themes but not quite as hard as I was. I have enough Easter themes made for several more years. There will probably be files of themes and wallpapers left on my computer after I am long gone. I have to keep busy. You can only do so much cleaning in your house!

Every day the news gets worse it seems like. It would probably be best if we didn't listen to it but I have become such a newsy that I have it on all day and several hours during the evening. The man they call our president launched missiles into Syria last night. Good? Bad? Who knows? I feel for the Syrian people but I sure don't want to get into another war. 

I am afraid this latest news is going to take away from the investigation into our election. Everyone knows there was interference but I guess they have to figure out who knew what when. 

Our granddaughter leaves Gambia for home tomorrow. Will be glad when she is home safe and sound. I guess she has had a wonderful experience and I am anxious to hear all about it. 

It is hard to believe that Easter is next week. My Mom used to always have the big Easter dinner. I remember the last one she had was the year she passed away. She had cooked so many different dishes and had a houseful of people. But you could tell she was tired and said she thought it would be the last year she had the family Easter dinner. And sadly it was. It has been 15 years since she died and I still miss her.

I am going to sign off for this week. We are taking our kids out for dinner this week end and I am looking forward to that.  

I hope you all have a good week end. 

Reflection of Beauty