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Monday, February 17, 2020

Meet MaDonna You Tube Video

In the summer of 2017 Firefox sent a crew up to video me and let people get to know me. I don't think I have posted about this video or the link in a long time so thought I would do so now.  There is a face behind the themes!

Still working on updates and making new themes. Having fun doing what I do.

Spirit of the Savanna

Have a great week. I plan to!

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  1. I admire you and your work. I am 51 and am just starting to create themes for Firefox and have done themes for CM Launcher. Like you I enjoy taking pictures of my grandkids and use my nature photos for some of my themes. It seems like every theme I choose to download for Firefox was created by you because all of yours are beautiful and attract my attention. I hope to have as many themes in my portfolio as you do when I'm your age and I hope they can be as beautiful as yours. You are an inspiration. You are invited to visit my blog Lifespot at www.angieslogspot.blogspot.com