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Friday, December 27, 2019


Glorious Sunset

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate during this season.

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Grandkids and great grandkids showed up with food and gifts Christmas Eve day. We got rocking chairs for our deck. Can't wait till summer when we can use them. I like to move so I love rockers. We have a rocker in every room "almost". Rocking is comforting to me and sometimes when my Fibromyalgia keeps me up at night I will sit in a rocker and rock as fast as I can...and that helps me get over it. They were all wrapped up in brown paper and we couldn't tell what they were so I asked them if they got us both walkers? 

Christmas day we got got up early and got the Christmas chicken wings in the oven. They take 3 hours to cook and you have to turn them every hour. It is an old family recipe and everyone loves them. Actually I posted the recipe on this blog years ago. The problem this year was I didn't make enough so have to make more next year. It is just our kids and spouses (if they have one) on Christmas day so it is a smaller group. Everyone brings snacks since we decided we didn't want to have a big meal. Snacks are easier and more fun, cause you can eat all day. I did make a pineapple upside down cake for dessert, though. Sent the leftover cake home with our youngest son. We have so many desserts that people had given us we couldn't eat it all. I had to freeze two apple pies, some muffins and several bunches of cookies. I think we are set up for awhile. Then we played UNO for about 5 hours. We laughed and had so much fun...plus lots of hugs and love. It was wonderful and I am even more blessed to have my husband with me this year. There were many days during this past summer when I didn't think that would be. So it was an extra special Christmas for me. 

 I have been trying to learn how to submit themes for Thunderbird. At almost 81 years old, I am having a hard time. They are much more difficult to submit that Firefox themes. So far I haven't been able to submit any and I won't be able to get back to it till after the holiday since a lot of Firefox/Mozilla people are off for the holidays. But I will figure it out....hopefully before I am 82. So everyone that has requested them...I am trying....please have patience. 

Going to sign off for now. Happy New Year to you and yours.  

Old Pick Up Truck

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

⛄ Using Themes on Newest Thunderbird ⛄

Holiday Greetings for You

I have been asked numerous times about adding a theme to the latest version of Thunderbird. To be honest, I hadn't updated my Thunderbird so didn't realize themes didn't want to work! So I posted on the theme forum and got an answer today. It is not the easiest answer to follow but I managed to figure it out...so I am sure the rest of you can if I did.

"The easiest way to install themes in Thunderbird is to open the Add-ons Manager and then use the search bar or the other navigation options to go through the themes available on https://addons.thunderbird.net/. It should still work.
It’s easier to install them through Thunderbird than to try to download them using a browser and then installing them manually."

Install the latest version of Thunderbird/Add on Manager/Themes/ Featured Extensions/Themes/Top Rated/ Choose the theme you want and click Add to Thunderbird/ and then you can choose newest/top rated/etc. If you want my themes you can put in a search as "by MaDonna". It only shows 93 themes and I don't know why. Or if you want a specific theme, try putting the name of the theme in the search but not all will work on Thunderbird for some reason.

Let me know if this works for you or if I need to get better information for you. Like I say, it worked for me!

Monday, December 9, 2019

❄ Oh My, It's December! ❄

Winter Glowing Green

I am highlighting one of my older themes but it is time tested and still a pretty good winter/Christmas theme.

I am happy to see I have some new followers. Thanks for becoming a follower and checking in on it once in awhile. You will probably see I am very sporadic at posting. Here it is 9 days into December and I just realized I still had Thanksgiving on my blog...Let us hope your Thanksgiving leftovers didn't last this long!

I am still working on updating themes and I did not realize I had so many Christmas themes and very few had been updated...so I am working on it.

My husband is doing very well....slow and steady. The Doctors have scheduled his kidney cancer surgery for late January. I am just hoping by then the soreness from all of his abdominal incisions from the October surgery are better. They are going to do this next surgery robotically also and there will be around 6 or 7 incisions but on his side. They also said this surgery will be 4 to 5 hours long and is riskier than the first one because there are so many blood vessels in the kidney. At this time they don't know if they will be removing just the growth, part of the kidney or the entire kidney.

Our Thanksgiving was very pleasant. No one brought up politics so everyone was speaking to one another and we all had a good time. Got to see a couple grandsons we don't get to see as often as we would like. Dinner was good and we did have some left overs! Which I do like...

Time to get the fire started for the evening so I will sign out for now.

Don't spend to much money on Christmas! But have fun shopping!

Christmas Tree Shine