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Friday, September 28, 2018

Last Friday of September

Ravens at Stonehenge

Can you believe how quickly September went by? We have been having a pretty nice week of weather. Supposed to be in the high 70's today.

I got the results of the tests on my knee and it isn't very good. Osteoarthritis Score 4 with bone spurs, etc. so the recommendation is a knee replacement. But I am not going that way yet. I am going to try to manage the pain, etc. If it gets much worse that may be the way I have to go, but I do not look forward to that. I got out my Grandmother's cane! I hate using it as I am not used to moving slowly and carefully. And I keep losing it. Which makes me walk more looking for it. 

I think I am getting the hang of the new Firefox Theme submission and editing of it after it is on line. It is hard to know which color codes to use, etc.
But I know they are working on it to make it easier for us.

I have been addicted to the TV for the last few days. Everyone has a different opinion of who is telling the truth. I certainly made up my mind. So many keep wondering why the woman didn't tell her parents or report the attack. Well, I certainly wouldn't have told my parents if something like that happened when I was 14 or 15. I might have said something to a girlfriend but not my folks. Of course back then there wasn't parties, etc. like that around for us farm girls. I never went anywhere that beer or any other alcohol was present. I guess I had a bunch of good friends!

Got to watch our oldest great grandson play football yesterday. The weather was beautiful and fun to watch him. 

I have been working on themes every day and having so much fun doing so. You would think I would get tired of it but I don't. 

I hope you all have a good week end and enjoy the last few days of September.

 Sunrise on the Farm

Monday, September 24, 2018

Everything Changing

Flying South 

Good morning....or is it? As you may have notice a lot of changes are happening in Firefox Themes. So far I am still able to submit themes I have made but I don't know how long this will be. I really haven't figured out exactly right. I did install this one for myself and love it but I may have to go back and change a few settings. It takes me a lot longer to submit because there are so many settings to figure out. I am going on 80 in a few months and change is not good for me!

So please have patience with my themes and as I get better aquatinted with the format I will be able to improve them 

Also I am aware that Personas Plus will no longer be available around the end of November! So I am going to have to figure out a new way to test my designing.

If you find a theme you like save it to your collections so you can find it again. You should be able to find it in Your Add-on Manager, too. 

Be back soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September Rememberance!

Autumnn's Blue Eyed Kitten

Do you remember what you were doing on 9/11?
I think that is something that everyone in the US will remember forever. My husband and I were talking about it at lunch today and it seems like yesterday.
We were at a cabin that we used to stay at in Winthrop, WA on our motorcycle trips. We got up with the plan of heading farther east. We had our quick breakfast and headed out to check our bikes. Some Canadian riders were gathered together talking and said to us something about what a horrible morning it was. We didn't understand because the weather was just beautiful. But we hadn't turned on the TV in our cabin! So we rushed back in and saw the towers falling. No one knew what was happening and what else would happen. All we wanted to do was go home. You always feel safe at home. The Canadians were heading back to Canada! They didn't want to be in our country at all! The whole way home we didn't know what was going on or what more had happened. We just wanted to get there. A sad day in our country and knowing what we know now, it probably could have been prevented. 

The weather here has changed and summer was here one day and fall the next! I am not kidding, that is how it happens in the Pacific Northwest. I thought I would freeze to death the first day. I kept piling on clothes but am slowly getting used to it. Sounds like the southeast is looking for some really bad weather. I hope all can keep safe.

I finally broke down and went to the Dr. about my knee. I got a cortisone shot and it helped for about 6 days! I did too much walking yesterday and had go put the knee brace back on. Guess I will have to break down and get the ex-ray. The last one showed arthritis in it, but at almost 80 that is to be expected. Insurance companies make you go through the hoops before you can get a thorough exam. I am very active and don't move slowly so it kills me to try to walk slowly.

Going to get back to work so hope you all have a super week and September if I don't get back soon. 

 Leaves on Ground