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Monday, March 25, 2019

Quick Note about Updated Themes

We are finding that some users do not like the new updated theme format at all. I have had some very rude comments about this, If you like to have your bars with some shading you can go back and use the version that had it. The ones we are updating, usually don't so it allows you to see more of the theme. 

So if your theme changed and you don't like the change, just go find the theme and scroll down the left side till you see "See all Versions" and go back to the version you liked. There is a big scary yellow warning bar...but it is perfectly safe to use the version you like!

I am very busy trying to get my knee healed and with all the exercises, PT and icing, resting..I am not getting much other done.

Have a good week.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ready for my new knee!

Blue Grass Rain Shower Petite

Well, tomorrow is the big day! I get my new knee. It is scary but will be fantastic when the pain of surgery, etc. is over and I can walk with no pain. Anyway...that is how I hope it turns out. My knee is bone against bone so is pretty painful. 

I have been so busy and overwhelmed with getting everything ready for that and then having to update 20,000+ themes. I have barely made a dent in that. And I have been working so hard.

Spring Rain Drops

If you have any of my themes saved in your Themes, you might want to go to your Themes and check for updates. I haven't been submitting as many new ones because of working on the old ones, getting them updated so more theme shows.

My 80th birthday was great. All (most) of the grandkids and great grandkids were here for so much food, cake and ice cream. I didn't have to do anything but make sure the house was clean...which it usually is....but had to do a bit more than usual. Our windows had gotten so dirty on the outside from all the snow and wind we had. My dear husband cleaned the outside and I got the inside clean.

Our February was one of the coldest we have ever had. So much wind damage, too. 

Well, I am going to finish mopping the kitchen and get my stuff packed to go to the hospital tomorrow morning early. 

I am sorry I didn't get back on to thank people for their well wishes and birthday wishes, but like I said it has been a hectic month. With all the physical therapy, etc. the next month isn't going to get any better. But I will try to get a few themes submitted and keep working on updates.

Happy Spring everyone!

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