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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Accidents and Weather



                        Full Moon Haunting 


I am trying to figure out the new format for the Blogger so excuse what it looks like till I get it right. At almost 82 years old, it gets harder for me when things change. They don't try to make it any easier for the older folks!

A couple weeks ago we got a call from our daughter in law and our oldest son was hurt. He works on a commercial berry farm in the Maintenance Dept. He is like his Dad and can figure out how to make things work, fix them if they don't work, etc. He was working on a split tooth harrow (Google it to see what it is if you don't know) and something shifted and it fell on his leg and one of the spikes went into his leg. He grabbed the grinder and cut the spike off himself! Anyway our local hospital couldn't do anything so he was taken to Harborview Hospital in Seattle That is the main trauma center for the Pacific Northwest. The x-rays and CT scan found that no major damage, except it did poke a hole in his heel bone so he can't put any weight on it for 6 weeks and they think it will heal all right. I will post the picture of it so if you are squeamish you may not want to look at it.  


He got to bring the spike home! So he is healing at home. Farming is a very dangerous job. I remember one time my Dad got in late from the field and he didn't put the disc in the farm shed. Mom went out after dark to check on the chickens and fell on it. She came into the house with her dress (back then women wore dresses) all ripped up and she was cut up and bloody, her glasses were  broken. 

This Covid has got everything hard. Not being able to see someone at the hospital is tough. Besides just the normal. But I still don't think people are taking this whole thing as seriously as they should. Yes, some people hardly get sick and some not at all. But that is not saying they aren't going to have health problems in the future. I hate being sick! I even hate having a cold, so we are being super careful. And no matter who says the virus is going away. IT IS NOT! There were more cases reported yesterday than any time in our country. And it sounds like other countries are having the same problems. So I hope that all of you out there that happen to read this silly blog, BE CAREFUL! Put that mask on and stay as far away from others as you can.

We are having our first Northeaster today. I got a text from my brother in AZ and he said it was finally in the low 80's. Oh....that sounds so nice.

I am gonna sign off. I am sorry about text size. It is not easy to figure this new format out. I guess they thought it would be better! IT'S NOT! 

Have a super week end and Happy Halloween!

                       Jacks on the Fence




  1. MaDonna, I hope your son is healing well at home, and am glad to see it wasn't anything more serious. I will say, "OUCHIE!!!" That looks so painful. Your son is brave and a trooper for doing what he needed to do to get that spike down to a more removable size!
    I hope you're doing well, nice to read that you and your family are doing what you can to stay well. You are so right, this virus is not a joke, and until there is a vaccine or cure, we need to do what it takes to stay safe. We're doing quite well up here in Canada, except for a few major hot spots, like Montreal and Toronto, pretty much the major cities are having more issues.
    I wanted you to know, that I am using your Lion theme this month. I know I should use him in August, me being a Leo and the lion being its sign, but he's so majestic-looking, I just had to use him. You did a really beautiful job on that theme, thank you.
    Take care, now!

  2. Thanks, AntBee...I am pleased you liked my lion. Today is a very important day down here in the US. Election day! I have been a nervous wreck for weeks...up and down. I am just hoping that the voters know enough to do what is best for the country. We are still keeping safe, hopefully.

    Keep safe and have a great November....

  3. Good grief, I am sorry to hear about your son! I hope he is well on his way to complete recovery. Thank goodness it went where it did and not higher up. You are right, farming is dangerous.

    Hope you are well. I am ready for 2020 to be over though it won't be the end of everything that's going on. Praying that 2021 will be a better year for our country.

  4. Thanks, mylittlecountry. My son was back at work yesterday! So he is doing very well.

    I, too will be so glad when this covid mess is over. I hate depending on our kids for everything. We have always been self reliant and did everything ourselves. But we are doing great, both physically and mentally so doing fine.

    Thankful I can keep quite busy updating and making themes. You can only eat so much baked goods!

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  8. MaDonna: how are you doing? It's been a while since you updated. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving :)

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