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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Brand Thunder themes!

I just checked and BT has added a bunch more of the themes I worked on last week. I will post them now. 
Mortal Kombat X Tribute

Super Mario Tribute 

Donald Trump Tribute 2016

Fallout 4 Tribute

These are a few of the ones I worked on. I was hoping they would use the other Donald Trump design because it was so funny, but I may put it on as a wallpaper on Desktop Nexus if BT doesn't use it.

Will be back later to write more.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Update for August!

Decided to update my blog for August and I see that Brand Thunder has added my Capatain America theme. So here it is if you are a Super Hero fan!

Captain America Tribute

Will be back later today. Have a ton of work this morning.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Miranda Lambert Chrome Theme

Just thought I would let you know the Miranda Lambert theme I made for Brand Thunder is available now. 

Miranda Lambert Chrome Theme

I was so sad to hear that Blake Shelton and Miranda were splitting. I thought they were a great country music couple. But it must be really hard to keep a marriage strong when you have seperate careers and are never together. 

Been working really hard on the latest list of themes to make for BT. Some are very difficult because I know nothing about the video games my grandsons play. Luckily I can contact one very easily and he is very helpful. I even had to make a couple of Donald Trump 2016. That was fun! If they publish the one I made I just hope I don't get sued!

Till next time. Back to work!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

World of Warcraft Chrome Theme

World of Warcraft Tribute by MaDonna

Brand Thunder just added one of the game themes they asked me to make for Chrome. 

Brand Thunder has been so good to me. I received another thankyou email with gift card this morning from them. At this time in our lives those kind of things come in very useful. I spent almost two hours on the phone yesterday about our TV/Internet bill. I won't give the name of the company but I was so frustrated with them. I had to talk to four different people. We have been customers of theirs for many, many years. They should take that into account when you are trying to get a half way decent price. They need to realize that seniors on limited income have a hard time when they keep raising their prices. Our retirement income certainly doesn't go up. They have all these fancy boxes you have to have to add to get reception! Our television is early 2000 and has a cable card in it, which we paid a one time price for $14.95 and don't have to pay a monthly fee for. Well, now you have to pay monthly for some kind of fancy box we wouldn't use. We had thought about buying a new television because ours has a blue cloud on the middle bottom of the screen which is kind of distracting if you are watching a night scene. Well, we will hold on to this set until it totally quits because I don't want to pay for their fancy box! Who knows, it is a Sony and it may outlive both of us!

It looks like our weather might be changing. It is cloudy today and there is rain the forecast, which I know we need BUT my old body likes the warmer weather.

We had a nice week end. Did our shopping Sat. morning and when we got home I made a peach kutchen because my brother and sister-in-law were coming to visit. The first time I made this it turned out beautiful and was really good But when I took the crust part out, it didn't look like it was done so I put it back in the oven for 5 mintues. Mistake! When I went to serve it that afternoon, I could hardly get it out of the pan! But it was still good and softened up in a few hours. You know how you want to impress someone and have them ask for a recipe? Well, they didn't! We had a great visit, though and was so good to see them.

Sunday was really hot so we were outside all day, trying to keep in the shade. Our son and daughter-in-law came to visit in the afternoon and that is always a good time.They had actually been out hiking that morning in the heat. Oh, to be young again!

This morning I sent letters, maps, etc. to the City Council today about adding our neighborhood into the City. I hope and pray we have some kind of influence and can keep our properties out. None of our neighbors or us  want to be included just because the Japanese developer wants to build thousands of houses on the farm he bought.

I have been working on a few themes but I have so many made I am sure I will never get them all submitted. As you know, if you have read some of my posts, I love wolves. I have one on line now I really like. It is from a painting by Larry Fanning. I love all of is work.  

End of Summer Wolves
Hope you like this design. It is very "fallish". 
I will sign off for now and have my afternoon coffee. I hope you all have a great week and I will be back soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Assassin's Creed Unity theme on Brand Thunder

For all you gamers or have kids that game, Brand Thunder has my Assassins' Creed Chrome theme on line now. 

Assassin's Creed Unitry Tribute by MaDonna

Hope you like it. It was a lot of fun to make.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Minions Tirbute Chrome Theme on Brand Thunder

Well, the cute little guys theme Brand Thunder asked me to make is now on line. At least one of them.

Minions Tribute by MaDonna

Check it out and see if you like it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Batman Theme

I hope everyone had a super week end. We certainly did.

Friday night we got to see two of our great grandsons at our son's home. Shared pizza and blueberry buckle our daughter-in-law had made. And of course she sent us home with a plate full of cake. Was so good and we pigged out on it! Was good to see the boys. They don't live as close to us as I wish they did, so we don't get to see them as often as we would like. Saturday we did our shopping. We hadn't gone shopping the week end before because of the 4th so we were out of a lot of fresh things. Sunday was cooler so I got a lot of work done I had let go. Then our daughter came out in the afternoon with a plate of yummy sandwiches she had made. It had warmed up by then so got to sit out on the deck.

I see Brand Thunder has one of my Batman themes on line now.

Batman Tribute by MaDonna
If you use Chrome, hope you like it and you can use it for the other browsers also. I had fun making some of the designs I have made for Brand Thunder because they take me out of my comfort zone. 
Right now I am making some Minion Firefox Themes and they are so much fun because they are so darn cute. I have never watched one of the movies and probably never will because I am not into animations but I love working with the cute little guys. 

 Minions in a Row

Dancing Minions
Well, I need to get back to work and hope you all have a good week. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Minecraft Theme on Brand Thunder

Brand Thunder also asked me to make a Minecraft Theme. I am not a game player because I just don't play any games but I know a lot of people enjoy them. So here it is!

Minecraft Tribute by MaDonna

Hope you like it.

One Direction Chrome Theme

I must admit I know nothing about One Direction except that one of the band left! But Brand Thunder asked me to make a Chrome theme for them so I did and it is now on Brand Thunder. You can also use this for IE, Firefox and Safari. So here it is!

Have a super day. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Smoky Monday

Sunset at the Cabin by MaDonna
The theme I am featuring today is one of my favorites. It is my dream home. Serene, warm and cozy and in the woods!

I hope everyone had a great Indpendence Day week end. Our was very, very nice. Hot and happy!

Two of our kids and 3 grandkids were here for a picnic type day on the 4th of July. It was really warm so we kept moving to find shade but by the time to eat we moved the picnic table under a big pine tree that has shade and we got the cooler breeze from the bay so was very comfortable. Of course we had been eating the whole time before we started the bbq! I have often wondered what holidays would be without food!
It got real smoky Sunday morning, though and was so bad last night we had to shut windows. There are fires in BC and several right around here. I just heard them say on the local news that the air was unhealthy. I can't remember when it has been this dry here. 

Yesterday was really hot. It was 96°. The wind in the morning was from the northeast and was acutally a hot wind which we never have here, but it changed to the west in the afternoon so we were back under the pine tree! Neither one of us have had a day where we didn't do anything until yesterday! We sat and read most all day. Part of the reason we didn't do anything was because my husband had had a heart episode the night before. Luckily the meds got it under control after a bit so we didn't end up at the hosptial. But they are so scary. And then yesterday when we were getting a snack from food left over from the holiday, he hugged me and said, "I don't want to leave you behind." I get tears in my eyes even remembering him saying it. I know he worries about his heart but he never ever says anything about it. The thought of having a life without him is not acceptable. I have never been on my own. I went from just turning 18, leaving my parents to be with my husband. So I have always had someone to turn to for anything. And always felt protected. We have always done most everything together. I don't want a life without him. Enough said for now.

Wow, this is getting morbid so I am going to shut up for now and get back to work and get my mind on something else. 

Have a good week and enjoy summer.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July USA!

Elk Misty Morning

Wow, the weather we are having! It is hardly ever really hot in WA but we are having a very hot week and doesn't look like it will cool down any for awhile. I love sleeping on these evenings, though because it does cool down in the evening and you don't have to be bundled up in tons of blankets. And the laundry is so much less because the clothes are smaller! 

We had a very hectic hot day yesterday, though. We had planned on going to Costco to pick up some things, but when my huband went to get his car out, the garage door opener broke. Stripped a gear or something. So, we had to go buy a new one and then got to Costco late. I forgot besides being a 4th of July week end coming up, it was also a Canadian holiday and they come down to shop and buy gas. I guess dairy products and gas are a lot cheaper in the states, so they fill their carts with milk and cheese and then pack in 5 gallon gas cans before they go home. Anyway the check out lines were very, very long! So we got home and had to install the new garage door opener. So my 79 year old husband was standing on a ladder in the 90 degree garage. I had to get up on a stool and help hold it, so it was a lot of fun! But it is up and everything is working except the wall switch. Have no idea why it isn't working but I am sure he will figure it out.

This hot weather really bothers my dry eyes so I am not going to be doing much design work today.

On the day before the 4th of July years ago we would be leaving to go to the Cle Elum Coal Piles to ride. Load up the kids and the bikes and tons of food, the tent, etc. and have a super holiday. Those days are gone and I doubt they even let dirt bikers ride over there anymore, on the trails anyway. Hundreds of people from all over the state would go there and camp and ride. So much fun. Our 4th this year will be pretty quiet. Some of the kids will probably come over and we will try to find a cool place outside. Hopefully there will be a breeze. We usually always have a breeze here and we have lots of trees so can find a place in the shade with a breeze. It is so dry here we won't be able to roast hotdogs, though unless we do them on the BBQ. And they aren't near as good as roasted over the fire pit! But it is better than a rainy 4th which is what we usually have.

June was the hottest June with less rain ever here. Broke lots of temperature records. And yet some people don't believe in climate change. Even the penquins and the poor polar bears are having a tough time. And the last I heard Alaska had over 300 fires burning. The fire danger here is so bad right now, it is almost scary. The Japanese company that bought the 500 acre ranch next to us won't farm it because they want to say the ground isn't any good for farming (so they can put in thousands of houses) haven't cut the hay. The big field right across from us is so dry it would go up in a flash. Apparently the County executive doesn't have the power to ban fireworks this year so we can just hope nothing happens. The County Council banned them for next year (except for a few days before the 4th).  But that doesn't help much this year.

Better get back to cleaning house. Friday is my big cleaning day.

If you are an American, Happy 4th of July and be safe. And to everyone else, have a great week end.