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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Checking in!

Grandpa's Spring Farm

Is everyone hunkered down and keeping away from people? We are trying to. It is really hard for a lot of people to not be around others. Luckily we aren't like that. And are pretty well self contained. Hopefully.

We had planned on going in Saturday morning to Winco to get our regular groceries and our grand daughter found out about it and called us. She said we could not go...we just couldn't. She had talked to a friend that is a nurse and said that "Grandpa is high risk" and that I could pick it up if I went and bring it back to Grandpa...I swear she could read my mind because when she said it, I was thinking, "well grandpa can sit in the car and I will go in!. So she talked me out of going in and I sent the grocery list to our daughter since she was going in early Sat. morning. She got to our local WinCo at 6:30 and sent me a picture of the line up to check out:

 It took her 3 hours to get our shopping done and checked out. She brought our groceries out...minus some of the stuff they were out of stock already. And we were only getting the normal stuff we usually got! It is so sad that people are over buying and probably won't use half of what they get. Hopefully they will share with others that can't get to the store. So right now we are depending on what we have, which we normally have a full freezer and cupboards so are OK. But I will sure miss my yogurt granola lunch when I run out. Since we are in the high risk group because of our age, etc. we will be hunkering down at home.

My husband had his final appointment with the urologist regarding his kidney surgery last Thursday and got a clean bill of health. He can do what he wants now...so I am not pushing the wheelbarrow full of fire wood in anymore! His last words to us when we left was: Stay home!

We were hoping winter was over but we had a really cold northeast wind again last week and over the week end. I am hoping that is the last of it. I tried to go for a walk yesterday but the northeast wind was less but still too cold and only went a half mile! Managed farther today but will be glad when I can get back to normal walk.

Normal? Will we ever get to go back to normal? Or is this the new normal? I am hoping that the smart people that figure out what will kill this virus are working hard and manage to do so quickly. I remember when polio was rampant. I was about 11 and they didn't know what caused it. At one point I remember they thought it might be something that was brought in on bananas! So no one would buy them. But it was real scary. Seeing photos of people in iron lungs, etc. 

I am still working on updates and making more themes. I wonder if I will ever get them all updated!

Stay safe!

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