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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Staying Busy and Safe!

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Thought I would write on my blog a bit more today. My way of keeping in contact, I guess. 

My husband and I are staying in place as I mentioned before. And we are doing it just fine.Keeping busy. That is very important and actually keeping to a routine. I have always had a routine or schedule and I actually get nervous or upset if I can't keep it. So some of you may have to start a whole new routine if you aren't going out or to work, etc. It helps and makes you feel like there is a bit of structure to your life. We have always been "huggers" but I think we are hugging even more than usual. My hubby is able to get back to working on our yard and buildings since the Dr. gave him the go ahead so that is helping him a lot. Although he is tired at night and muscles that haven't been used awhile are getting a bit sore. I am trying to get some cleaning done that I let go over the winter. Outside windows have needed cleaning for months but since the sun was out today I got most of them done. I have to do so many at a time because of the Fibromyalgia and PMR. But I will get them done! Over time.

Good news on the bathroom leak problem we had after Bath Fitters did our tub, etc. They have been very good about getting everything back to normal. They had to take up 2 layers of flooring and even the sub-flooring was wet. So we had to have heat lamps and heater running in that bathroom for 3 days to dry out. Thank heaven we have 2 bathrooms. But they came yesterday and finished up by going under the house into the crawl space and replacing the insulation that had gotten wet. But now we have a bathroom with a beautiful new floor even...which was a plus we hadn't expected. But the flooring was ruined so it had to be replaced.

I have been listening to a lot of radio/television keeping up with our upcoming election. I try not to insert any politics into my blog but I am quite political and concerned about the future of our wonderful country. And hope it continues to be wonderful. 

I am going to go out and finish up the windows since the sun has moved enough so I can clean the last one. 

Have a good day/night. Keep in contact with loved ones. If you have an older person that is pretty much self quarantined, give them a call and see if they need anything. You can always just drop it off at their front door. 

Stay safe and keep washing your hands!

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