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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Month of Halloween

Black Cats Halloween

October didn't start out very well for me! My husband and I both ended up with some kind of flu or virus that lasted 3 weeks. I haven't felt that bad in years, and it is taking forever to get over. I had walking pneumonia last winter but it was nothing compared to this. I am usually a high energy person and I didn't have any! Energy, that is. I still have to push myself, but then I have to go sit and rest awhile. I lost 5 1/2# and I didn't have any extra to lose so am really trying to eat but don't have an appetite. Our very busy daughter made us 2 kinds of home made soups that kept us going. She made tons so got to freeze it, too. She holds down 2 jobs and don't know how she finds time to help out, but she does. Thank you, Dearest Daughter! Although I know she never reads this cause she doesn't have time!

I have been having a good time working on Halloween designs, though. I got some new graphics and managed to work them into some pretty good designs. Anyway, I hope they are.

Our weather went from 80° one day to 60° the next so no wonder people get sick! It is definitely fall out. Foggy mornings and cold evenings. Today's morning fog is still here and it is afternoon so don't know what that tells us!

Autumn Transparency

The above is my favorite fall theme. I actually have it on twice. The first time I put it on line I didn't have Photoshop and couldn't clean it up as well as this one. I have been trying to edit the first/old one but Mozilla has a bug and I can't edit it. I think perhaps because it is an older one, I really don't know. So I re-did it and put it on again so at least I can use it.

Well, I am starting to wear down and the clock tells me it is lunch time, so better find something to eat.