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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Frustrated February!

A Winter Sunset


February is half over. Seems to me things are getting worse as far as this virus is going. Now we are fighting 3 different variations, probably will be 4 by the time I get this posted. I have been trying to get an appointment for my husband to get his vaccine. I was trying for both of us and finally gave up on 2 since that seemed impossible so now just trying for at least 1 shot for him. So far...not so good. For some reason our little corner of the United States is pretty much forgotten as far as shipments of vaccine go. The big cities like Seattle are getting shipments. Our council questioned the state regarding this and we got a shipment early this week but so far not so good. We were supposed to get more today but I was on line before they even opened it up for appointments and still couldn't get on. Distressing! We have been shut in for over a year, except for a few Dr. appointments and getting a bit tired of it. Ordering from Amazon, Walmart & Costco and daughter gets fresh stuff. We keep a pretty well stocked house. Freezer is always full. If you lived in the mountains like we did for years you always kept your freezer stocked. You might not get to get out to shop for weeks some times. Anyway back when we lived in the mountains. Don't know how it is now.

The weather isn't helping my mood, either. Super cold and northeast wind. Snow predicted so I can't go for my daily walk. Haven't got to hug any of our grand kids or great grand kids for over a year. Will they even remember us?

I am still working on updates! So it looks like I am putting on a lot of themes, but most of them are re-runs! I am still making new ones though. That is the one of the best time of my day. 

I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my husband. We keep each other  "up" as much as we can. He was down last week since the Dr. was trying him on a new medication for his AFib and he didn't like the reaction he was having. And I quit taking a medication to help me sleep. I had been on it for over 15 years for Fibromyalgia.I had tried getting off of it many times but always gave up after so many nights of no sleep. But I am doing it this time. Tried Melatonin again and after a few nights the dreams weren't as bad so so far it is working. Not as well as I would like but at least I am off of them!

Watching (or listening with one ear) the Impeachment Proceedings. I don't see how he can not be convicted but....who am I but an old lady?

Sorry this is such a downer but this is how I feel right now.

Hope you all have a great Valentines Day and make it a safe one...

 Waiting Wolves by M♥Donna