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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wallpaper Link is fixed1

Wolf Spirit of the Moon

 The wallpaper link is fixed now.

I have been watching the protests against the person that was elected President of the US. I keep wondering where these people were at during election time. I am quite sure half of them didn't even get out and vote.  I am glad and proud they are making themselves heard now. A little late but they are making their voices heard and seen. I saw those cute hot pink knitted hats and I want one. I used to know how to knit and follow a pattern but I doubt if I could anymore. I found some on line but my goodness, they were like $30.

Have you noticed the uptick in theme submissions? One person has learned how to make the easy designs from Photoshop Patterns and is really submitting a lot of themes. This type of design is so easy and quick to make. You just one click and the design is made. I have submitted a few from the Patterns but I kind of feel like I am cheating if I do. But it must be keeping the reviewers busy!

I am still working on themes using the art work of Carol Cavalaris. Her artwork is so beautiful and I love working with it and manipulating it into a theme. It takes a lot of time and work to do this but it is fascinating to me to do so. And of course it always included wild animals and foliage.

Most of my designs really aren't what the majority of young people will like because it is nature oriented. And they seem to like totally different types of themes. Which I can see because it is several generations in difference. 

Speaking of generations! I was talking to someone the other day and mentioned "party lines" Not political party lines but telephone party lines. They didn't know there was such a thing. When I was 10 we moved into our first farmhouse that had a telephone. It was on the wall and you had to use a handle to turn it to get the person you wanted. Two shorts and 1 long, or 1 long and 1 short, etc.! And every farm house on the line could hear the rings. If it was your ring you answered the phone. But I remember a lot of the time a neighbor would listen in to your phone call so all the neighbors knew everything. Now, that was 68 years ago. When my husband and I moved here, 50 years ago, we had  a party line and there was like 10 people on the same line. You could never get the phone because you would pick it up and hear someone talking. If there were teenagers in the household, forget ever getting to use your phone. You had to pay extra to have a "private" line and we didn't have the money so we stuck with the party line until technology caught up and everyone had their own line.

I am gonna get back to work. Gotta figure something out for dinner.

Have a good week!

First Spring Bloom

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Link to my wallpapers is broken!

This is just a quick note to let you all know that the link to my wallpapers is broken right now and should be fixed within 72 hours. If you happen to click on the wallpaper link from the theme page, you will get this big red warning! 
Don't worry there isn't anything scary. And the problem will be fixed. But I have to admit when the link came up, it is worrisome. 

I also got a notice from the people that make my blog designs are going to be gone in a few months so I will have to do some research and find another site. It took me a long time to find plumrose lane so  it may be awhile. 

Be back soon!

Lion King

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Womens March

This is a short thank you to all the people that are marching today in protest of Mr. T,  his beliefs & how he has treated women over the years. I am so proud that women are standing up for all women everywhere. I was astonished when I heard that there was marches all over the world. 

We went in to do our shopping this morning and there were people on the side walks and every street corner with signs on their way to the march in our small city. I honestly feel guilty that I wasn't one of them. My heart was.

He and his minions are setting our country back to the 1950's. We should be going forward not backward. Perhaps he wants us to sit in the background and keep our mouths shut. No way. Something is happening today and I just hope the spirit of the marchers stays strong. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hard weekend

Sisterhood of Lions

Our weather is starting to warm up so it is going to rain! 

This past week end was a bit hard. Friday morning my husband came in from the shop and said his heart was acting up again. He was having an AFib attack. This is the fifth attack he has had in the past 4 years. I gave him his aspirin. He knew he had gotten out one of the pills he is supposed to take when he goes into these attacks but he couldn't remember if he took it or not. He couldn't find it so I was afraid to give him one in case he had taken the first one. When he started having pains in his chest I grabbed my "Go bag", handbag and keys and off we went to the ER. They gave him 3 IV doses of the medicine that hopefully puts his heart back in rhythm. After the 3rd dose it worked but his heart rate stayed very high and they called it something like A Flutter, (which I never heard of). But they couldn't let him leave with that heart rate so they decided to do a cardioversion (shock). That worked but it is a very scary thing to go through. They always want me to leave the room because it is pretty dramatic. They put him to sleep to do it and I always worry that he isn't coming out of it fast enough. But he did and we got to come home. It makes him depressed when he has these. He has always been such a strong, healthy man and he doesn't like being not so healthy. He is back at work today and I don't fight with him about that. He needs to work. I did get him to take it half way easy over the week end. Thank you, football playoff games! 

I mentioned my Go Bag. Well, when we go to the ER I never know how long we will be there so I take a bag with bars, lotion, toothbrush, paste, etc. A couple times we have been there for hours and hours waiting for blood tests, etc. So this bag is my security blanket.

My poor Hawks didn't make it any farther though, so they are done for the year. If it wasn't for all the injuries we would have made it to the Super Bowl. Hopefully next year!

I had to buy a new computer monitor for my PC in October. Last week I noticed the new one flickering a couple times every day and then Fri. night when I went to shut it down for the week end the screen was blank and I couldn't get it to come back on. So I restarted the computer and it wasn't blank when it came back on but I am sure something is wrong or it wouldn't have done that. I reconnected all the cords, etc. I ordered another one (different brand) to keep on hand because I know if it did it once, it is going to do it again. Costco is so good about returning something so I can always return the new one if this one doesn't misbehave again. I won't open the new one if I don't need it. 

Seems like we have had to spend a lot of money lately. Had to get the new TV and my husband had to get a new chair. And we are getting the new mattress. Part of it is here but the mechanical part is delayed in OR because of weather. 

Gonna get back to work. Have a good week. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Really bad night

Oh, my what a horrible night I had. Anyone that has had Fibromyalgia as long as I have has probably not checked out the symptoms for a long time, either. I had been having more and more problems with sleep, which makes you more tired and makes you hurt more. And then the burning sensations started in. Last night I got absolutely no sleep and it wasn't because my Hawks won their play off game!  I tried sleeping on everything we had you could sleep on and nothing worked. So I look like death warmed over this morning. So this morning I looked at all the symptoms again and....well, that was everything I had, aches, burning, headache, fatigue, sleep deprivation. In the middle of the night I had made up my mind I was going to go to the Dr. but then remembered what I read in the paper about all the flu so I decided I didn't want to go to the Dr. and get sick! I know what the problem is again and will deal with it. I will have to go back on the medication I had been on for many, many years. I didn't want to because it makes your balance, etc. off but since I only took it at night I can handle it. 

We broke down and ordered a new mattress this morning. I couldn't sleep on the harder mattress and my hubby couldn't sleep on the softer one so we had to go with the Sleep Number or twin beds and I am not going to twin beds! We will have our 60th wedding anniversary in April and have always slept together and that ain't changing!

I am so pleased the Seahawks won last night. They have had so many injuries this year it has been tough on the team, the coach and the fans. 

Well, I am gonna go see if I can take a little nap.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cold Dreary Saturday

Another cold dreary day. Could snow this evening but we shall see. Did our shopping this morning. We are looking for a new mattress. Oh, but I hate shopping for a mattress! How on earth can you tell if you like it and can sleep on a mattress by laying on it a few minutes? We tried the Sleep Number and think we like it but not sure. We haven't bought a new mattress in years, just keep buying 3" foam toppers from Costco every couple years for $100. But with age, etc. our backs are hurting all the time so we don't think the foam topper is the way to go anymore. We shall see. The sale ends on the 16th so we have to decide pretty quickly.

I found a new artist's work and have been using some of her work to make themes. The Moon Spirit theme above is one.  

I have been so depressed since the election I don't know what to do. I voted but that didn't seem to do any good. I am so afraid of what can happen in the next 4 years.  I don't want this to be a political blog so won't go into my thoughts any more. But I must say I am worried. I believe any person better be. Their Social Security and Medicare is all at risk. They have paid into it their whole life and their Medicare could end up and be vouchers that may or may not pay the bills. Probably not, if you have looked at any medical costs lately. Especially prescription drug costs. I remember the days when you could advertise liquor and cigarettes on TV but not pharmaceuticals! I actually think liquor and cigarettes would be better advertisements than pills, etc. Have you ever listened to what those pills can do to you? Most of them actually say you could die! Well, it takes a few years of using liquor and cigarettes to kill you. And then there is the possibility of war looming over every country. Twitter is no way to rule a country! That is what seems to be going to happen. If some country angers you, just Twitter and it will go away! Oh, my.....scary world we live in these days. I remember when my kids had to practice getting under their desks at school in case of a bomb! As if that would do any good!

I had the time to write a bit so just thought I better update this although I really don't have anything to say, except I am tired of winter and politics and the high cost of meds!

Have a good week end!