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Tuesday, December 1, 2020



                                   Santas's Minions


 Can you believe it is December? One more month for 2020 to be in our rear view! We are all hopeful that 2021 will be a new and shiny year! 

If someone had told me you will spend most of a year pretty much quarantined in your home I would have said they were crazy! But...that is pretty much what 2020 has been. I am just so thankful that my husbands health issues that pretty  much filled all of 2019 were over by February of this year. He had his last surgery on January 31st and it was about a month later when we were told to stick close to home! We have managed to get through it quite well. By sticking to the same schedule we have had for years, except for shopping etc. everything has been about the same. We haven't got to see grandkids and great grandkids like normal and that bothers me, but....

Thanksgiving was really good for us. We broke the law like most people did. I cooked my 62nd Thanksgiving dinner in a row. We only had our two sons and daughter in law so it was small. But dinner was good and we laughed ourselves silly playing Uno for hours. I kept all the ceiling fans on and opened the storm door screen so we did have some air flow. Our Thanksgiving day centerpiece was a bottle of Hand Sanitizer! Hopefully no one ends up sick! Our daughter went to visit her kids in Olympia. It did her good because this virus has had her really stressed out...way too busy at work doing three people's jobs, plus buying a lot of our groceries. I order as much as I can but she gets our fresh and frozen when she does her shopping.

Thankfully the election is over! Anyway it is over for most of us. The Prez doesn't think it is but he is wrong, like he usually is.

I do not like the new interface for the blogger. It is much harder to really make it like you want it. I guess you can't complain for free but I certainly don't like it. But at my age I don't like change of any kind.

Our son is back to work from his leg injury. He was so lucky and we are all so thankful for that.

I am walking 2 miles a day now, along with riding my exercise bike 25 minutes every morning. I look like the Michelin man when I walk I am so bundled up. But I am doing it!

Still working on updating my older themes and making new ones. Have to keep busy!

Looks and sounds like there will be a vaccine for the virus soon. In a way it is kind of scary they have been developed so quickly but we will probably get them when they are available for us. I feel so sorry for all the health care workers. They are working so hard and such long hours. Then have to go back and do the same the next day. I have heard some say that even when people are dying they are saying they don't have Covid! Unbelievable! It is amazing what people believe and are actually brainwashed. Anyway that is how it looks to me. 

Going to fix lunch. Have a great December and stay safe!

        Fall Colors at Dusk


  1. Great to hear that you were able to have a nice Thanksgiving in spite of the pandemic! I'm a big fan of your themes!

  2. Thanks, Unknown! I am very pleased you like my themes. I think working on themes keeps me going. I love working on them and enjoy hearing from people. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  3. I just found out there is a way to contact a developer. I use a few of your themes. Just read your bio that you're in your eighties! Coolest great grandma ever. Just an idea, rename city lights to cyberpunk city. Anyway, thanks for the themes!

    1. I was going to change the name but I have several city lights theme. You are going to have to let me know the exact city lights theme you mean! You can email me or post here.

  4. I love your idea! I will do that. Hopefully that won't confuse others! Thanks for reading my silly blog! Have a great day!

  5. Hello From Oregon,

    Wanted to take a minute to wish you and your entire family a Merry Christmas. Due to Covid restrictions I will be spending it with only my fur baby Reesees for company. Like so many areas of the country, community spread is raging here.

    As I've told you before, your themes are almost the only ones I use. I have quite a collection and continue to add more every time I checked the newest ones you uploaded. Thanks for your creations and the work that goes into them.

    Happiest of Holidays to You and Yours,


  6. Lorene...thank you so much for the Christmas wishes. I hope you and baby Reesees have a wonderful, safe, warm holiday also. Glad you are still using my themes. I find myself busy making more, even more now because of this horrible virus. Keep safe...