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Monday, October 30, 2017

Great Week End

Fall Painting

We had a wonderful week end. The weather was fantastic for October and  got our shopping done first thing Sat. morning. Had my cell phone on all day so our grandson could text us and keep us up on the Lacross Nationals that our great grandson played in in Florida. They won two games Saturday and lost one. Our son and daughter-in-law stopped in and we celebrated the 2 wins. then our daughter and her son and a grandson stopped in with two Papa Murphy pizzas. A bit later our youngest son and his oldest son came over, too. So it was a super great fun day. And I ate too much...

Sunday morning I got up at 5:30 and got my cell phone turned on and let our son and grandson know I was actually up! (We sleep in on Sunday so this was very different for us) The first game was at 6:00 AM our time and they won that one, so got to play for the National Championship at 8:00 our time. They were live streaming that so we got to watch that one, but..not a win. But the boys got silver medals and that is pretty darn good and we are all so proud of him and his team. 

Sunday afternoon our daughter came over and brought a bunch of food so we could watch the Seahawks game. That was a very nerve wrecking game. But the Hawks can usually always pull out of it at the very end of a game and get a win. I was pretty exhausted last night, though and ate too much food over the week end! But it was fun. 

Our weather has been so nice but now they are saying a cold spell coming down from Canada later in the week and we could get snow on Friday. Not ready for that.

Got stuff ready for Trick or Treaters tomorrow night. Since we live on a dead end road we usually only get great grandkids. And I have no idea what they are going to be dressed up as this year. I usually get a hint from one but not this year. I wouldn't be surprised that the 4 year old is something from Star Wars, though! Will be fun to see. 

My X Marks extension updated this morning so it will work when the FF 57 update is installed on Nov. 14th. That is a great add on if you have more than 1 computer because you can sync them so all your bookmarks, etc.  show up on each computer, tablet or whatever.

Well, guess I will get back to work on themes. I make about 8 or 9 more a day than I submit so my supply is increasing every day. Fall is such a pretty season to work with, though.

Have a safe great Halloween. Will update my blog on Wed. 

Beach Sunset

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Firefox Quantum

A beautiful fall day here in the Pacific Northwest. 

I am so excited for our oldest great grandson. He is 12 1/2 going on 16! He and his Dad, our grandson are flying out of Seattle later today on their way to Florida for the IMG Fall Lacrosse Nationals. What an experience for him. The whole team, Time Bandits were able to go. They managed to get enough money to pay for the trip. And every boy on the team is able to go. I can imagine how thrilled and excited they are today...lots of butterflies, I imagine. I have butterflies and am not going anywhere!

I am still looking for extensions I can use for Firefox 57. So far I have quite a few yet to find. The new and improved FF is supposed to be two times faster and uses 30 % less memory so other programs you might be using won't slow down. Use Firefox Private Browsing to block ads with trackers for extra peace of mind… and pages that load up to 44 % faster. So it sounds wonderful and I have faith enough in Mozilla that what they say is true. I am not using the beta version because I didn't want to foul up my theme submissions, so I will be trying in on November 14th like most people. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the submission pages will not be effected. And there won't be any bugs!

Are you ready for the Halloween trick or treaters? It is so different than it was when our kids were young, in the late 50's. They would dress up in home made costumes that we would put together. Since we lived in the mountains we had to drive them around to neighbors, since our closest neighbor was over a half mile from our home. But the neighbors would all work on making home made cupcakes, cookies, candy, etc. Can you imagine that happening now? Your child can't even open a wrapped candy if it has a hole in it, etc. Our kids could stand out by the road to catch the school bus and I wouldn't worry or have to watch them till they got on the bus. It is sad that parents can't feel safe for their kids and have to watch out for all the dangers out there. It was a simpler time and I personally think it was a better time. 

Last night my hubby gave me a hug and said "We are growing old together." (we were both feeling a little stiff and achy) And we are, growing old together.  I am so happy that I found someone that I can grow old with, love and be loved by and feel safe. We got engaged 61 years ago this Christmas! Sounds like a long time but in my mind it dosen't seem that way. Seems like yesterday. I was thinking about my life and if I had it to do over, would I change anything. Maybe a few small things but nothing big. I am glad we had our kids when we were young so we could do things with them that we wouldn't have been able to if we were older. And we enjoyed doing things with the grandkids that we weren't able to with our grandparents. And now we are having fun with the great grandkids and being a part of their lives. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful, close family that we get to see often. 

I have been working on a book cover for an author and he seems to like the last layout I sent. I am hoping it will work out for him. If everything works out, I will post when his book is published. 

Time to work on lunch. Have a great week end and take care of yourselves. I will be close to my cell phone because our grandson is going to send out group texts when the lacrosse games are on. If they should go to the last two teams we can watch it on ESPN!

Have a Happy Halloween and don't eat the goodies!

Halloween Halloween

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Rainy Fall Drive

Can you believe how fast October is going? The weather changed so quickly here in the Pacific Northwest. One day it was nice and hot and the next it was cold and rainy. Cold and rainy is here to stay...I put the clothes pins up today because I don't think I will be hanging laundry out anymore this year.

My 60th class reunion was last Saturday night and it was so great. One of my best friends from high school was there and I hadn't seen her for 30 years. Like I have said before there were only 5 girls in my graduation class and 2 of those have passed away. But I recognized everyone...which is pretty amazing how much we have all changed. 

I am anxious to get Firefox 57 update in...but yet am dreading it. I know things will change and I don't like change! It sounds like a lot of my extensions won't be updated so will have to do work arounds. There are new extensions coming on line everyday, though that will work with 57 so things will work out in the end. Hopefully. It is supposed to be much faster and safer. It sounds like there won't be a footer in the themes anymore, though. Which is fine, I guess. Less work for sure.

I thought I had lost another very sentimental item last week. I told you about the Pocket Angel. I have told you how we took care of my Mother after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Well, my husband made a lot of silver rings during that time. He made one for me out of a silver dollar his Mom had given us and I wear it as a wedding ring and have for years. I think you can actually see it in the Firefox video. He made rings for our daughter and several others out of old silver quarters. It takes hours for him to make them and don't ask me how because I don't really know...it takes a lot of hammering and turning, etc. Anyway, my Mom said she wanted one so he made her one which she wore the last months of her life. After she passed we took the ring off of her little finger and I put it on mine. And I had never taken it off. I know you can see that ring in the video. Anyway...to make this long story shorter...as I was getting ready for the class reunion I noticed the ring wasn't on my little finger..and I panicked. We looked all over the house and the car for it, tore the bed apart but not anywhere.  So I thought and thought about where and what I had done that day. I had noticed the ring was getting a bit loose but didn't think it would fall off. Anyway...I FOUND IT! It was in the rubber glove I use for washing dishes. I am going to have to have it squeezed a bit to make it smaller, though, or I will lose it again.

I went to town to do the shopping this morning by myself. First time in ages that we haven't gone together. But Hubby is hunting with a grandson and great grandson today so it was up to me....I am so spoiled because he has been doing the driving, pushing the cart, loading bags into the car, taking the cart back, and unloading the car when we get home. I am so spoiled.

Well, I am going to get back to work. Have to mop the floors. Have a good week.

Steam Engine

Friday, October 6, 2017

Cold Rainy Friday

Chilly Fall Morning

I was so pleased with how the above theme turned out. It is from a Thomas Kinkaid painting. It takes a lot of time to move and rearrange a painting or photo so it will all work together smooth and flowing on a theme. As you all know I love the cabin and farm paintings I can re-work into a theme.

Our weather totally changed way too quickly. We had super warm days early in the week. Even yesterday was pretty nice but today is a very cold, windy, rainy day. I don't like it! Put the heated mattress pad and flannel sheets on the bed today. Have to keep warm!

My 60th class reunion is tomorrow night and I have to admit I am a bit stressed out. I still haven't decided what to wear and wonder why is it so important that you look really nice for a class reunion! I had ordered an alumni hoodie that I was going to wear. That way I would be comfortable and warm. Well, it hasn't even shipped yet....so that idea is out the window. I may end up and run into Target in the morning to find something. 

I am still trying to find extension replacements for Firefox 57. You might want to check out: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/quantum/
 This will give you an idea of what is to come. It is supposed to be faster and safer. I have noticed that ever so often I get a pop up from Windows 10 telling me that edge is faster. NOT!  

Misty Fall Morning
Well, I am going to sign off now and look through closets again. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Grief for Las Vegas vicitms and families!

I just want to post my grief for the families and loved ones of the horrific shooting in Las Vegas. Country music is my very favorite genre so everyone at the concert must have been country music fans. I hope this horrible action will not make our country even more divided than it is right now. But I am sure it will. So much sadness and grief.

My thoughts and prayers!