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Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Time and the Living is Easy!

Lone Wolf Theme

Waiting for UPS to pick up a package so thought I would write some on the blog. My life is not that interesting anymore that I have a lot to write about...but...that is OK. 

Cool out today but we have actually had some lovely warm weather. Some considered it hot but to me it was lovely warm! Forest fires have already started in the west and I think we will probably have more every year. Our summers are much warmer and dryer than in the past. May was the driest May we have had in many, many years. 

I think I wrote in my last post that my laptop had problems but I got it up and running fine. Well, last week my desktop decided it wouldn't work. And I could not figure out how to get it to restart. So I had to call my IT expert, my grandson! He stopped and picked it up on his way home from work. He thought it may be time for a new one. He built it years ago, but has replaced different parts over the years. The last thing was the electronic hard drive, anyway I think that is what it was. It made my computer work so much faster. But he found nothing wrong with it except I had too many programs trying to sync. So, he did some work on what programs to start, etc. And replace a fan that was getting a bit worn. So I really lucked out. I was dreading having to totally get Windows 10 and everything set up on a new computer. I have everything so personalized like using Classic Shell to make Win 10 look and work like Windows 7, etc. 

I hope everyone had a nice Fathers Day and got to reach out to your Dad.. I certainly thought about mine. We spent the day before with all the kids and some of the grand kids and great grand kids. When your family gets extended like ours is into a 4th generation, it gets hard to fix it so everyone can get in touch or spend time with their Dad's. Luckily all of ours are close by so it isn't quite as difficult. Our oldest son barbecued and the weather was beautiful so we got to spend it all outside. 

It doesn't feel like I am going on 80! I honestly don't feel that old. And I normally have tons of energy and get everything done I need to. I am lucky that my husband loves to be outside so he does all of the outside work, mowing the lawns and even mows the field so I am very spoiled. Being old isn't bad if you don't feel old, I guess. So I try to stay as healthy as I can. I wanted to start walking again this summer but with my one knee I now realize that isn't going to work out. I hurt it racing in a motocross years ago and had to have surgery on it twice. The first  surgeon didn't  do a very good job, so a few years later they did the microscopic surgery and it got better but from years of misuse it is not the same. The microscopic was so  much easier on me than the "cut you open" type. But I have a lovely scar!

June only has one more week and then it will be July. The days start getting shorter today by 4 seconds! 

I hope you all are well and having an enjoyable summer. Till later!

Freedom Reigns

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Poppies Rain Shower

June is here and I finally decided I am addicted! To making themes. I honestly wish I could step back and go at least a week and not make one! It ain't gonna happen. I am also addicted to listening to politics! I wish I could step back and not turn anything on for a week. I am sure the United States would not fall apart but then again.....it might...and I would miss it!

God Bless the USA

That is why I made the above theme. We need his blessings.

Have you ever had a computer not start? Was fine when you shut it off or restarted it? But just won't start up. A blue circle just kept going round and round and round.  Well, my laptop did just that last week and I thought I was gonna have to call my IT grandson, but thought I would try to figure it out myself so got on the desktop and got googling! I printed out several different pages with ideas and started working on it. It is a Dell so I started out with that info. The first five or six things didn't work but I finally got a screen up and tried all 3 different things and still nothing so had to do the last one and it was pretty drastic but it worked! I didn't know if I would end up with Windows 7 because that is what was in it when I purchased it, but Windows 10 came up and I installed all the programs I had in it, plus the Classic Shell and got everything working and looking like Windows 7. So far so good. It seems to be working just fine. So I was pretty pleased with myself.

My cell phone was running out of space so I decided it was time to update and get a new one. I really dislike setting up a new phone but got most of it done. I was able to find a case like the one for my old one. I liked it so well and got so many compliments on it I was happy with Amazon! Again! But I have ordered 2 different screen protectors and had to return both of them. The tempered glass one was super easy to install but it made it much harder to tap the screen. And the film one was impossible. I had used that brand before but it had really changed and was returned. I have 2 more coming and will see how that goes. These install with a wet application so should be easier to get on but we shall see. I really hate putting any screen protector on but...you pay so much for tablets and cells you have to protect them.

Our May was the driest warmest one in history but June has been chilly so far. I heard that the lower 48 states had all had the warmest May so global warming or weather change is a fact! But I am ready for some real summer weather. 

I hope everyone has a great June and will try to write some more later.

Sun Over Mountain Top