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Friday, September 9, 2011


Top of Mount Baker

I am so bad about posting here, aren't I? I get so busy working on designs I forget to post and then I notice it is a month almost and I haven't checked in. Well, I am still here. We went on a photo shoot Wed, and I took a lot of pictures but as anyone who takes scenery pictures, most of the time they don't turn out like you hope. The one above turned out really well. The sun was working with me this time! But we didn't get to go up near as far as we wanted because our vehicle overheated! You have all read my complaints about no summer weather, well we are having it now and it is in the 80's which is something for this area and it is supposed to get hotter over the week end.

For once I guessed right on a Persona that I thought might be a popular one and it was the one I showcased last month, Purple Prize.  It got popular very quickly for some reason. Well, it is nice but a lot of them are nice and just don't go anywhere so I figure it was just luck!

I really don't have any news since I work all the time! So I know my blog is not very exciting, so sorry about that.

One recent thing is the Japanese corporation that bought the huge farm across and down the road from us is trying to get more development AGAIN! We have been opposing this for 20 years and so far have been successful but I am in doubt this time since the new majority of our County Council is backed by realtor's and developers. And of course any development helps out their pocket books. I must say I don't have a lot of respect for them anymore when they believe the dribble they spew. Farm land should be farmed, not golfed on. I wonder who they think is going to feed our nation if they develop every acre of farm land. We went to a Planning Commission hearing last night and I got up and spoke and told the truth about the farm and the crops it has raised since we moved here 45 years ago.  ENOUGH! I can feel my blood pressure starting to raise!

So back to work I go. I have made a lot of autumn designs, both wallpapers and Personas and wanted to post the one I am using. I called it Autumn Love. 

Autumn Love

You all have a great September. Till next time.