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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

💥 Falling for Fall 💥

Autumn Morning Light

I know, I start every posting with how fast the time goes! Sorry about that but it seems that way. 

Fall is a beautiful season with all the bright colors, BUT it has the downfall with the coming of winter. Winter I do not like at all. I don't like the cold. But I get to use the beautiful fall colors to make themes so that part is good.

We are still managing on the Covid watch. One grandson had to get tested because his room mate had a fever, but it wasn't Covid so we were blessed. I worry about our great grandkids and the school "thing". So far they are all going to be learning remotely because our governor is smart enough to recommend that. There is no way I would send a child to school during this epidemic. I would be a horrible home schooler but I would try anyway. I lack the patience for one thing.

I had to break down and buy a new laptop. My old one just refused to work and I got tired of the little hourglass going round and round. So I had a few things that were have-to's on my list. My grandson put a Solid State hard drive in my desktop, the one he built and has updated several times. And it was so much faster than the old one, so that was a necessity. And I kind of wanted a Lenova because I had heard such good things about them so that was what I decided on. So I helped the economy out some there. So far so good. I had put Classic Shell in my desktop because I didn't think I would like Windows 10 but kind of wondered if that was causing the problems in my old laptop. It wasn't. So after I got the Lenova I kind of tried out the Windows 10 and the things I hadn't liked when it first came out...I could control and now like it fine. Still using CS on my desktop, though. 

We are starting the "getting ready for winter" list. 

I have gotten such nice comments in reviews for some of my themes. I really appreciate each and every one of them. One comment actually made me make a wallpaper! He liked my Northern Lake theme so well and wanted the image I had used to make the theme. Well, I hadn't used an image...I made it in my Photoshop Elements brushes, so worked half the afternoon on it and got it posted.

Northern Lake

I would like to add one thing before I sign off for the day. Please wear a mask and try self distancing. This is the only way we are going to ever get back to normal until after we have an approved reliable vaccine. I feel for business owners but if they keep the bars and eating places open there won't be anyone left to eat and drink in their establishments. Even if you get the virus and don't really feel bad, you can have long lasting effects later. So, please use common sense and be careful and safe.

Have a great week.