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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Joyful Purple Poppies

February is almost over and I am just posting for February! Oh, well, you know I don't  keep this up like I should if I was a good blogger.

I have had the laser surgery on both eyes now and I guess it was successful. The Dr. said the pressure was down and it should help preventing the common type of glaucoma. I didn't know before this that there was more than one kind.

I have had to cut back on computer work, though. I am trying a 20/10 plan but I am not always successful. 20 min on the computer and 10 off. The 10  off is easy because I am going through drawers and closets getting rid of stuff I haven't used for years. The 20 on is harder because I will be in the middle of a design and the darn timer rings. Sometimes I forget to hit the start button, too so have no idea how many minutes I was working. I seem to lose time when I am working. But my eyes are better and my back is definitely better so I just have to make myself do it. I am not submitting as many designs a day, though because of this.

Right now I am working on a banner and avatar for a company that makes soaps, lotions, etc. and it is fun. I am working with the colors and things I like to work with, angels, doves, clouds, etc. I sent them a sample of what I am doing so can't work on it anymore until I hear back.

Our oldest great grandson was 8 years old yesterday. We went to his birthday party Sunday and he is getting so grown up.

Well, I just heard from the company and I have to start over! I will use it as a theme! It is too pretty to waste.

I hope you all had a nice Valentines Day. I baked brownies for my husband and he gave me a valentine he made and some candy. It was nice and I just feel lucky that I can spend Valentines with him after all these years.

Back to work and hope all is well with you. Be back soon