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Friday, July 22, 2011


Butterfly Blues II

I was so excited about my latest accomplishment I had to write about it on my blog! I am learning how to make movies. Right now I don't have a video camera but the digital camera I have actually makes short videos. I had tried to use it once before, unsuccessfully I may add. But we had one of our great grandsons for several hours last week and it was lunch time. We have our 54 year old Cosco stainless steel high chair that my grandmother had sent money for when our first son was born. We re-did the upholstery when our grandkids were born so they could use it and now our great grandkids are using it! So it has gotten lots of use. Anyway, we had him in the high chair and we were feeding him. He had a spoon in each hand and decided he wanted to try feeding himself. So I got my camera and thought I would try the video again. And it worked! It is not the highest quality but it is so cute and he was proud of himself.  Great Grandpa would help put the spoon into the yogurt, etc. and he would get it into his mouth. We all thought it was pretty cool, so when I found out I actually had video of it, I downloaded Windows Movie Maker and went to work. I had so much fun learning something new and have made about six different versions of it. 

So now since I have a new hobby...I went to my favorite "store", Amazon and ordered an inexpensive camcorder and can't wait till it gets here. We have an old cumbersome one that must weight 10# and cost three times what the new one did, but it is just too hard to use.

I wish that we had had such technology when our kids were little. We had to use a square camera with black and white film, take it to someplace and wait a week for it to be developed! Actually I think they had color film back then but it cost more to be developed and we didn't have much extra money. But I do treasure those photos.

I have been quite busy working on wallpapers and Personas, though and the one I have  posted above was on the up and coming list in first place this morning. I have noticed people seem to like the color blue in designs, because I have made several with blue and they get quite popular. I did go through some of the ones that no one was using and hadn't gotten much use and deleted them.

We are actually supposed to have some sunshine this week end and we get to see another great grandson so it will be a good week end. I just wish I had my new video camera....

Till next time...have a good week end and keep using Personas and writing to me. I love hearing from you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Peony Pride
How is everyone doing? Enjoying the summer? It sounds like the eastern US is have a really hot spell. After thinking about it, I think I like our cooler summer better. The heat can just sap the strength out of you and as you get older you notice it more. The problem  the Pacific Northwest has is that it can be 60° one day and 85° the next and that is kind of hard to take. My Mom used to tell us kids to always take a coat because you never knew what the weather was going to do.

I have been working away as usual and enjoying it so much. I like making the wallpapers almost better than the Personas, though. You have so much more space to work with. I usually make a wallpaper first and then "try" to get most of that into this little tiny space at the upper right corner of the header and sometimes it is nearly impossible and sometimes it is impossible. Then I feel kind of like a failure...

For some reason I have been making a lot of Oriental designs lately. I think it is fascinating how I become fixated on one type of design and then go off onto something else. 

The design above, Peony Pride has become quite popular and I love making the floral/butterfly designs. But then, what compares to the beauty of flowers and butterflies? 

The one problem I seem to be having now is naming the design. Mozilla doesn't accept a title if another one with the same name is already on line, which in a way is rather dumb. What would it hurt to have two or three designs with the same name? Desktop Nexus doesn't bother with the names. 

I recently made a Persona to honor a local football player that was wisely chosen by the Tennessee Titans to play this year. He is a very talented athlete that could have played pro baseball or football but he chose football. I don't think we missed watching any of the college games he played in that was televised. The local newspaper even had an article in our daily paper about the Persona so I have made the big time! But it did please me.

A few weeks ago I wrote about  how playing music helped me out of a depression...and I am still doing it. If I find a song I like, I can play it over and over all day long. The latest tune I enjoy was sung on the television show THE VOICE. Blake Shelton and Dia Frampton sang "I Won't Back Down" and did it even better than Tom Petty. Listen to it sometime and let me know what you think. I have to say the title pretty much says how I have lived my life. I don't back down. My Dad told me over and over that you have to watch out for yourself, because you can't depend on anyone else to do so. Maybe next time I will tell you how my husband and I started a group that fought a development on a 500 acre farm across the road from us. But that is for another time....

Have a good week everyone and tell your loved ones you love them as you never know what is going to happen. I tell my husband I love him every night before we go to sleep.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summers Here

It is the day after the 4th of July and summer is finally here! For the first time in awhile we had really nice weather for the 4th.

But now I will start getting sad, because this is the first year in many, many that I won't be able to ride my bike. I guess I should be happy and proud that I got to ride it last year when I was 71, but I told myself on every ride last year that it was the last year and for my own sake  it is for the best. I bought this bike new and have had the best of times on it. I had been riding motorcycles for many years, dirt biking for fun and then competition. I did really well, too and have the trophy's to show for it. At that time they didn't make motocross gear for women so I had to buy boys or mens. I rode in a marathon one time in January and it was 5 ° and so cold the kerchief I had over my nose and mouth kept freezing. But I loved it!

Then we got road bikes. I wasn't about to ride behind my husband so bought my own. The last one I bought was the one I have now. I saw a picture of it in a bike magazine and knew it was just what I wanted and it wasn't even in the shops yet, but I waited for 3 months and when they got them in, I traded my old one in and got this one. And have loved it since day 1. My husband even liked it so well, (after I finally let him take it for a short spin) that he traded his in and got one the next summer. 

The best part of summers was when we would load up our gear and take a road trip. We had a favorite cabin we would stay in on the east side of the mountains where it is much warmer and less traffic. When you are riding you smell the smells and feel the air. Those were the best of days and I will treasure them forever. 

So, it is kind of sad for me that I know those days of bike rides are over for me and I get jealous when I see people riding on the nice summer days.  But I guess I should treasure the memories and look at all the photos we took. So that is why I am sharing a picture my husband took of me last year on our last road trip.

This post has nothing to do with Personas except some of the photos I have used were taken on some of those bike rides. 

I just wanted to do a little sharing while I took a break from designing. More on that later. Not to get back to work!

Have a great week.