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Monday, October 5, 2020

This is WHY I do it!

Sunset Tiger



" Even if i use my every brain cell right now, I still won't be able to create such beautiful themes as created by my favorite MaDonna.. You're actually one of a reason i am still sticking with FIREFOX"


"You are one of the top artists here. Thanks for years of brilliant designs that colour my day—seriously—I work from home and your designs brighten up my day and desk!"


" i go straight to Ma Donna when i want something.. I hope this person does some Jesus stuff too.. like an empty tomb with the sun shining in.. love this creator xoxoxo"

 "it is so cool , i like the theme and color. wow !!! it is awesome every one should definitely check this out !!!!!"

 "These are the best themes I've seen for FF since themes first became available. Quite a change since my days with Cobal and Fortran :)"

 "Another gorgeous theme by M(heart)Donna. It's also very gentle on the eyes and does not compromise tab labels, etc. I always look for your themes first. Thank you again!

"P.S. I wish you did themes for Chrome, too!"


Thought I would check in. I have been receiving such wonderful reviews I wanted to share a few of the latest. 

 Wow, what a week our country has had...the Pres in hospital but only for a few days and kind of making fun of the whole virus. I doubt if family members of those that have passed away think it is a simple little virus! I just hope they will be a bit more responsible with people's lives but it doesn't sound like it. If we go out, we wear a mask. And we go very rarely. So whatever you believe, think about it...and then grab that mask.

 The Blogger format has totally changed and at my old age, change is hard. I am just hoping I can continue to figure it out. 

 I don't have any more time to write right now so will sign off but did want to check in since it has been a month. October is actually here now.

 Take care... be safe...wear a mask!

Family Farm






  1. Happy October! Now I will be off to go get one of your fall themes.

    Glad y'all are doing well. Re: Virus: We are seeing an uptick in cases in our area again. I knew that, come fall, we'd see a resurgence. Sigh. Praying for all those affected...I have a cousin in nursing home administration and it is a nightmare. Many have just up and quit and it sure makes it next to impossible for those who stay.

    Pretty sure I had COVID last month and it was no walk in the park. I didn't feel like myself for 2 weeks. I can see how things could quickly go south. I got a pulse oximeter (they are about $20 online) and monitored that and my BP thru the whole ordeal. I hope things will settle down very soon.

    Have a wonderful rest of your October!

  2. HI, mylittlecountry! So sorry you had Covid but happy it didn't get really bad like some. We are keeping safe at home but hate that our kids, grand kids and great grand kids have to be out some. Our daughter has to work and she keeps us in groceries, except what I can order and be delivered. I worry about all of them. And several have had to have tests because of colds, etc. but so far so good!

    I don't think things will settle down for quite awhile. So we have to settle down for the long haul! Take care of yourself and those you love.