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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Saying goodbye to July

Perfect F_Fox

I just checked to see when I last posted and it has been almost a month! Even if we are pretty well shut down the time is going fast. Almost too fast. We really haven't had much of a summer yet. A few hot days but we kept fleece sheets on our bed until after the 4th of July! Went for  my walk today and had to put on a hoodie and pull my hands up into the sleeves.The breeze off the bay was quite chilly. Had to cut my walks down from 2 1/2 miles to 1 1/2. Started that today so hope I don't hurt as much. That darn PMR that I was diagnosed with is not much fun.It seems to be hereditary. I remember my Mom had it and was on cortisone for 2 years. I hope my daughter doesn't get it! I tried to cut mine back to 6 months by lowering the mg. but I guess I went too fast. So had to start the lower dosage for a bit longer. Enough about me.

What to do you think of sending kids back to school? I am very afraid if they try to send them back normally...we will be losing a lot more people. I don't want my great grand kids  going back and I really don't think they will. I feel really bad for our oldest great grand son. He is 15 1/2 and he will be missing out on so much. He is a super lacrosse player and has played in several different states. He was chosen to be on a special team that would have been playing all over our country this summer. We were hoping this would be a way for him to get into college...but this darn virus has sure made a lot of things difficult. I feel for the caretakers that are getting so tired and frustrated. People need to stay away from each other and wear a mask. We have only been out a few times and only to get to a Dr. appt.I was at my eye Dr. this past Monday and I have to say I felt uncomfortable. But we are getting a chance to wear some of the masks I made earlier this summer.

I am still working on updates. I think that is a never ending process. 

Must start dinner so will sign off for now. Have a great week end and please stay safe. 

Amazing Lion


  1. Hello Lady M,

    That's how I think of you. Hope you don't mind. Enjoy receiving your updates on how hubby and you are weathering this mess we are in. So happy he has been doing so well. Sounds like you have been having a bit of a problem, but with your positive attitude feel you will figure it out.

    Just turned 78 this month. My fur baby Reesees and I are pretty much staying home. When do need to go wear a mask and gloves and wash hands thoroughly when get home.

    Have been working on making some new themes for my Windows PC. Still using Windows 7 and intend to stay with it till absolutely have to go to Windows 10. Tried it and really did not like it. My Windows 7 themes are for my own personal use and don't share them with others. Some of your wallpapers are included in a couple of them.

    Love your themes for Firefox and rarely use any by any other author. Have so many of your added can change as frequently and still have more I can use. Love it!

    Stay safe and continue your creative work. I check for new themes from you from time to time and always excited to find a new one or two.

    Physically distanced hugs to you and your hubby :-)


  2. FYI, have included some of your wallpaper creations in the following Windows 7 Themes I've created:
    Merry Christmas
    Color Waves
    Fractal Designs

    As I said, I create these themes for my own personal use and never share with others so didn't think you would mind. I either download the various pieces (cursors, icons, wallpapers, sounds) that make up a particular theme or create them myself then package them together in the Windows 7 .themepack file type. I also edit many of the wave files to use for various system events. I've been making my own themes since they were introduced by Microsoft with Windows 95. I fell in love with the concept of having elements that could be installed and work together. Used to have a website where I made them available for others to download or uploaded them to various desktop theme sites for sharing. No longer have my website and don't think any of the other theme sites I used to upload to exist anymore due to the changes that came with the introduction of Windows 7. The elements that make up a Windows 7 theme are usually stored in several different folders on a hard drive versus all being in one place like earlier themes. A bit more complicated to create, but it keeps my aging mind active, which is a good thing.


  3. Hi, Lorene. Thanks so much for the wishes. I am happy you are taking care of yourself, using masks, etc. It seems so many just don't care about others. I am glad you are making some themes for your own use.

    I didn't want to go to Windows 10 either, but had to, so I found Classic Shell and it can make Windows 10 work just like 7! Just make sure you download the latest version. It works great. I am using it on my desktop. I had to get a new laptop and I am using the 10 on it and learning so at some point I can use it. But I figured it out.

    Take care and thanks for reading my silly blog!

  4. I've been using your themes and wallpapers for about 10 years. I didn't know until today that you had a blog. I really appreciate your design aesthetic, most especially your artists' eye. Your seasonal and nature-based themes have often brought a smile to my soul in the midst of some of the darkest times I've been in. Thank you very much for that.