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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Habits or Schedules?

It is Saturday and we have our shopping done for the week. Thought I would check in since I am not working on designs today. I take the week end off, mainly because I don't have Photoshop installed on my laptop so I won't work on week ends. I have been shutting the PC down on Friday night and it doesn't come back on until Monday.

That got me to the title for todays blog. I have always been a person that is a list maker, has a schedule or habits. I have done this my entire life and it is too late to get out of the habit! I have been an exersizer all my life, from the time when I was 13 or so and thought I was fat because I didn't have a body like Elizabeth Taylor, who was my idol back in the dark ages! I used to run every day, rain, snow or sunshine until my knees got too bad from motorcycle wrecks and surgeries to repair them from the falls. So I walked every day and rode an exercise bike. One winter day when I got back and had to dry out my rain coat, pants and shoes I decided I would just ride the bike that goes no where. And I still do, every morning right after breakfast. 

I have a schedule for doing laundry, vacuuming, everything. It is kind of funny but my daughter used to think it was silly to have a schedule and stick to it BUT she has changed her mind and she has a schedule now. That is one way of making sure something gets done. I used to get up at 6:30 every Wed. morning and do my grocery shopping because I don't like crowds and one cold rainy Wed. morning about 3 years ago I started to get out of bed and could hear the pouring rain and thought "This is ridiculous!" So now we just go in every Sat. morning and do all of our shopping. Saves gas and stress.

Last week our weather broke 2 records, one day for the most rain and the next day for the warmest day. Everything is about a month early in the Pacific Northwest. The skiers and snowboarders don't like it much because they haven't got to play much this winter and it has been hard on the people that have business around the ski lodges, so I feel bad for them, especially the small business people.

I was looking through my theme and wallpaper files and I have so many made that I could subit 2 or 3 everyday for the next 10 years and still not have them all submitted. I really need to quit, but I can't seem to. So maybe I am in the habit of making them! Perhaps I need re-hab!

If you have read my blog before you already know that Sons of Anarchy is my favorite TV series, ever! The final season came out on DVD in Feb. so we will start watching that tonight. I usually start with season 1 and watch them all before we watch the latest season out, but this time we started with season 5 and 6 and will watch the last episode of season 6 tonight and start 7. I dread watching the last season of  6, though. One of my favorite characters gets killed and I did not want that to happen!

Well I better get to work. Dishwasher needs unloading. 
Happy Easter to all of you. Easter is also our 58th wedding anniversary! That is the first one that has been on Easter before.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

First Love!

Night of the Golden Moon

I hope everyone is having a great Saint Patrick's Day. I have to admit I don't have any green on today....

I have been using Plumrose Lane for the blog "theme" and aparently they had some problems with their site and that is why my blog went blank. I had messed around with the codes so much trying to get it back I didn't think I would ever get it back. Thanks to Magda who told me PL was having the problem and thanks to Plumrose Lane I now have all my "pretty blog stuff" back. If you have a blog and want to have a nicer looking theme than the choices from google blogger try going to Plumrose Lane. Their site is at: http://plumroselane-bckgrnds.blogspot.com/2010/09/backgrounds.html.

We had the rainiest day on Sunday that we have had in a long time and broke some records, I guess.

I read something on line that reminded me of when I was 15. I wasn't allowed to date until I was 15 which was pretty normal back then and should probably be what parents do now! Anyway, I was head over heels in love with this really cute guy in my class, dark curly hair and brown eyes. Went to my first prom with Jim, etc. We were going "steady" and it was great. He gave me a bracelet I wore all the time and I gave him a gold locket my grandmother had given me. This is during the 7 years my family lived in Iowa on farms. Anyway, Jim's parents decided to move to WA and it broke my heart. We exchanged letters for several months and then one day during the summer I walked the 1/2 mile to our mail box and was so excited about receiving another letter from him. I tore the letter open with great aniticipation.... and he had decided we lived so far away from each other that we should break up. Well, I sat down along the road and cried my heart out. I thought the world would end right then and there. But it didn't and I found another boyfriend that was a cutie and blonde, Bob.

That winter my folks decided to sell the farm and move back to WA.  After living in WA for several months I ended up and wrote a letter to Bob saying pretty much the same thing Jim had written to me a year before!

Then I met the guy that would be my husband. 

To make a long story short, after I was married and had 3 sweet little babies, I was visiting my folk's for the day.  My grandmother called and said a man had called her and his name was Jim, he wanted to see me. So he came to see me at my folk's that day. I guess he had second thoughts about breaking up with me all those years ago. But he was married and I think he said he had 5 kids! He wanted to know if I was happy! I was and told him so. And that was the last time I heard from or saw him. I hope he is well and happy. It is funny how you read something and the past will pop into your head. 

Well, I better get back to work. I may be back tomorrow because I am going to take Saint Patricks Day down and put Easter up. 

Have a super day.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chrome and Firefox Themes on Brand Thunder

MaDonna Spring Fever

MaDonna Katy Perry

MaDonna Kim Kardashian
Brand Thunder just notified me that three of my designs are now on line. They asked me to make Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian designs. The first Kim Kardashian one I sent them didn't show enough skin so this one seemed to please their users!

I know some of you actually use Chrome so I have made and submitted several more designs so when they go live, I will post their links.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Planets Blue by MaDonna

I have been working on the blog's appearance as you have probably noticed trying to get it back. There was a problem with the host of the blog codes. I had been messing with the codes trying to get it back and had made up my mind it wasn't going to happen, but thanks to Magda, one of my very first and best followers commented and I was able to get some of them back.  Not all, but some. I had saved the codes in case they were removed from the site, so some of the prettier codes won't work anymore. Darn! But at least it is better than transparent like it has been for awhile.

I hate this Daylight Savings Time!
I have a hard enough time sleeping (one of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia) and then the time changes but my body doesn't know it!  Our state legislators have talked about doing away with DST but doubt very much if they get around to doing it. 25% more working people have heart attacks on the first Monday after DST. So, it isn't only me. Guess I should be happy I didn't have a heart attack!

I think I have mentioned that my husband I like to read. Thanks to Brand Thunder I had almost enough Amazon gift cards from them in 2012 to purchase a Kindle FireHD. And then I won the Nexus 7 from a Brand Thunder contest, so I gave my husband the Kindle. I know I told you about Freebook Sifter last year and I had gotten a bunch of free books from their site. But now I get most of our free books using BookBub. They send you an email every day with a few free or lower priced books from Amazon and some from Google. You set the genre of the books you like so you aren't getting a list with books you aren't interested in. If you like to read and have a devise you can read on, check it out. 

I have had more problems with one theme designer. I won't mention her name but I am beginning to think she is a bully. If I remember right I posted an email I had gotten from her last year, but I may have removed it because it was pretty foul language. 

We have had the most wonderful spring weather but it is changing for the week end. There is a 5K this Sat. and my oldest grandson and his wife are running in it and it looks like they will be running in the rain! Not fun!

Gonna get back to work now. Have a great week end.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thank You, Magda!

This is just a short thank you to my good friend, Magda in Australia. She posted a comment and I was able to get my blog back to "pretty". I had messed around so much with the codes I didn't think I would ever be able to get it back but thanks to her I did.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Marching into Spring!

Spring Fresh by MaDonna

Can you believe it is March 2015? I can't. I remember when I was a kid time didn't go very fast. Remember how long it took your birthday or Christmas to get here? The older you get the quicker the time goes. Which shouldn't be the way it is, but...

Our weather has been so great. We are going after another load of wood this afternoon so thought I would update the blog for March. Put a little bit of green in it!

We went to our oldest great grandson's basketball game yesterday. Took our daughter in law with us since their was no reason for us both to drive down. It is so much fun to watch these kids play. They put all their heart and soul into the games. He also plays lacrosse so he had a lacrosse game in the morning and the basketball in the afternoon. That seems a little bit too much. Most kids don't get enough exercise so it is great for them to get some, but it seems our kids, grandkids and great grandkids certainly get their share. 

Same goes for work. Our 3 kids are workaholics! Both boys are blue collar workers, except their blue collars get way too much work. Both are working 6 or 7 10 hour days. Our daughter works over time a lot and some Saturday's. I wish they didn't have to work so hard so much. Wish we were rich so they wouldn't have to, but that train passed the station a long time ago. Both sons work in industries where welding is involved, a lot of welding. They can't get good workers. They need welders so badly and I wish highschools would push this kind of work a little bit more. They seem to think everyone is going to college. They aren't. Plus half the kids that go to college can't get a job. Maybe they should take some welding classes and become a certified welder and they could get a good paying job. They may have to get their hands dirty but dirty hands is what built this country and our boys wouldn't have to work so many hours.

I am so glad that we live close enough to our family that we can be a part of their lives. My husband worked for the U.S. Forest Service and to really get ahead you have to move a lot. As I have mentioned before, my family moved a lot when I was a child and I hated it. When we got married we lived close to a ranger station in the mountains for the first 10 years. And we all loved it. It was a great place to raise kids. Our water came from a creek and the kids grew up in the woods. When my husband had his first chance for a higher paying job, it was in Alaska but with 3 little ones we didn't want to be too far from a Doctor, so we didn't take it. I had said I would move once because I didn't want our kids having to change schools all the time like I did. So when the chance came for him to get an "upgrade" and it wasn't too far from our families and we found a home in the country we liked, we took it. And now we can be part of our kids, their kid's and their kids lives. We never made the money we could have if we had moved around the country. But money isn't everything as far as we ae concerned. We have learned to be pretty self reliant and that helps. So we are just one big happy family. The little one's get mixed up with so many grandpa and grandma's I am sure. But they will learn!

I had better get my work gear on and so some logging!
Have a great week and be back soon.