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Friday, August 30, 2013


Wheat 2 Harvest

We actually got rain in the past few days. In some places too much rain!

The big news is that we have a new little boy in our family. So now, we have 4 great grandsons and 1 great granddaughter. Boys run in  my husband family so we weren't too surprised. But he is healthy beautiful addition to our family and we are very proud. Can't wait to meet him.

I have never been afraid of bees and we have had a lot of them this year. But I think I will be a bit leery of them from now on. We were at our daughter's house last Sunday and sitting at the picnic table in the lawn. All of a sudden I got stung on my big toe and it really hurt. I have gotten stung this summer by yellow jackets and they hurt a bit but not much. Well, this one hurt a lot and by Monday my foot was swollen and red and it started getting 2 little blisters on the top of my big toe and foot. By Tues. morning it was 1 huge blister that was bigger than my thumb. So the Dr. said not to drain it myself, he thought he better check it out. So we went in and the nurses all had to come in and look at my ugly foot! He drained it and dressed it. It has filled back some, but doesn't hurt anymore and I can get a shoe on. I guess the moral to this is "keep your toenails painted". Luckily I had just done mine 2 days before the bee got me.
Well I got sidetracked. Had to help my husband work on a car he is working on for a high school boy, so now I have to get back to cleaning house and doing a few more designs.

P.S. I was just notified that a new designer actually thinks I am copying her designs or ideas!  I find this amusing since I have been making the same type of nature, forest, animal and flower designs since I first began making Persona's in 2009. So in fact she is actually copying my ideas and work! You would not believe the politics that goes on in the Persona family! Very petty...very petty!

Have a super Labor Day week end and see ya in September.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Feeling of Fall!

 The morning and evenings are sure feeling like fall. I am enjoying working on fall designs as you can probably tell by what I submit. But I am getting tired. I am actually thinking about not making designs anymore. I have felt like this before and gotten over it, but I get frustrated at times. I find out from others that one specific designer is actually commenting or reviewing her own designs giving them 5 stars, etc. Personally I think this is wrong but if she has to do that to make herself feel fulfilled, I guess that is her right, but making up a new "name" to do so is just not right. 

Mozilla finally got the "lost" designs back on line, but I just went to edit one of my latest designs: 
Shadow of the Moon

because I made a typo and it says shadow of thr Moon! And it won't let me edit it. So I won't put the link for it on till I can actually spell it right. I love this type of design. I have said before how much I like Native American images with wolves, etc. so really enjoyed making this one!

(Link is up now)

Our family's newest addition is due very soon and I am getting excited to meet him/her. They don't find out the baby's sex so it is always a surprise. They will have their hands full for awhile. Three babies in 3 years! I know because that is what we had. Two isn't bad because you have 2 hands but that 3rd one makes a big difference. But the nice thing about that is they play together and grow up together. The problem is they all usually leave home about the same time and I went through the "empty nest syndrome". It is hard when that has been your whole life, taking care of kids and all of a sudden, there are no kids to take care of. You cook too much, etc. 

The summer weather has been much appreciated. I really love it. It would have been a great year to ride motorcycles and I envy everyone who has gotten to do that. I still miss it very much and almost feel jealous of riders when I see them riding. We are re-watching my favorite TV series, Sons of Anarchy and can't wait till Aug. 27th when season 5 comes out. Every summer we watch if from Season 1 through whatever season was the last DVD to get ready for the newest one to come out.

When I started this post I thought I would write about something else and I got off on another frame of mind and must quit and get back to work. Will do that another day, I guess.

You all have a great week end and enjoy the last of our summer. It will be gone before we know it. 
Sun Shines on Poppy

Last of all, I want to thank my followers and the theme users that post such good reviews on my designs. They are very much appreciated.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Updated for Autumn

When Leaves Fall

Thought I would take the time and update the blog. It took me quite awhile to make the new deer bunny graphic for fall. Then had a hard time getting the frame just right. But I like it, so hope you all do, too.

Mozilla is having problems again! A lot of our designs just disappeared! Even my Sunset Over Water is gone. They are working on it and the missing designs are supposed to show up soon so hope they do. 

Our tomatoes and strawberries are doing really well. My husband planted some ever bearing strawberries and we have fresh berries all summer. And they vine themselves out and make more plants so it is really great. We had fresh strawberries and whip cream last night and it was soooo good.

I don't have much time to write now, because I have to send a note to my high school girlfriend that lost her husband. Apparently she is having a really bad time since I haven't heard from her. 

I want to take time to write about the conversation with out oldest great grandson and that will take some time. We were taking him to visit the flight museum in town and he asked a question about when we were his age, so it was interesting for him and we enjoyed telling him about it. So will do that soon. Promise!


Friday, August 9, 2013


Wolf in Fall

Wow, what summer weather we are having this year. I know we need rain, but once it does that will be it. It already feels like fall in the mornings. I love this warm weather because I don't hurt as much! Selfish, I know. Last winter is one I would just as soon forget. 

I am showing the above design because I love the artist work. Peter Williams has such great art with animals and I asked him if I could use his work and he was nice enough to let me. I added the fall leaves and shading but it is his wolf! I wish people that submit copies of someones work on Desktop Nexus would be so nice. I have had to file 4 or 5 reports on people that use my designs, and submit them as their own. If I use someones work I try to add their name to the design.

I am working on the fall update for my blog but it isn't finished yet, so will work on that more and change the interface. 

We have had two birthday parties in our family in the last 6 weeks. They are growing up too fast. One great grandson and his cousins got into a bee's nest the day of their party. I guess it was very traumatic for everyone that was getting ready for the big party in the woods. One of the little boys got stung, something like 27 times. Luckily our little one only got 7 but 7 is no fun. Hopefully they will all forget it. I am sure the parents won't though. Bees are really bad this year, though. My husband has sprayed and sprayed and there are still bees! It seems like they can make a nest in the tiniest hole!

Our fifth great grandchild is due the first part of September so we are all anxiously awaiting. We don't know if it will be a boy or girl so it is even more exciting. 

I am working on fall designs right now. I love the fall colors and leaves to work with. At one point in time we actually had an orange shag carpet! And orange, gold and brown accents everywhere. At our ages, we stick with pretty much basic colors as far as decorating goes. And I don't change things like I used to. Money being one factor. You can't afford to change colors just because that seems to be the popular color at that time.

I seem to be babbling so I will sign off for now and get back to work. I will try to update the blog soon. Hope you all have a great August and enjoy!

Bright Floral Abstraction