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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Are You Ready?

Penguins Snowman

Well, are you ready for Christmas? We certainly had Christmas type weather here for a week. Really cold, Northeast winds and snow. Just the areas where the snow drifted are left. So that is much better. One area school was out for a whole week because the roads were so bad. Winter doesn't start until tomorrow so they may not get out of school until the 4th of July! 

We got to to watch three great grandkids  in their church program and one great grandson in his kindergarten school program. And our oldest great grandson at his Box Lacrosse game last week. So was a much busier week for us. Thankfully we rode with our son and daughter in law to the farther away ones. Otherwise we wouldn't have gone since the weather was so bad.

My hubby had his 81st birthday Saturday. I feel so thankful that we have got to be together for so many years. I must say if I stop to think about it, I really worry about not having him around. I honestly don't think I could handle life without him. He is my rock. I have always depended on him for everything. If something breaks I tell him, he fixes it. If I am upset, he lets me vent. If I am depressed he will cheer me up. He is always there for me. So I make myself stop thinking! Period.

My little portable radio got so you couldn't see what station it was on because it had been dropped so many times. So at coffee break today I gave it to him to fix, he took it apart, found the problem and it is working again! I had been trying to take it apart with a knife. He figured out to take the batteries out, and there was screws to take it apart! 

Well I guess we will have a new president next year. I am not handling that very well, either. I worry about what our country will become. I think if you have a lot of money, you may be fine, but if you are old and not wealthy you better start filling the pantry with cans of beans! It is too bad that the person that gets the most votes doesn't win an election but maybe we can get that changed. I believe in getting involved. I know it works. If we hadn't gotten involved in local politics years ago, we would be surrounded by a housing development! Built on good farm land! That I couldn't stand for so we got involved. Started out writing a letter to the local paper in 1991 and are still fighting it. BUT we still live in the country so it pays to stand up for what you believe. Every few years we have to get involved again though. That was the main thing my Dad taught me. "If you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will" . And that is definitely true. 

I think I am finished submitting Christmas themes for this year. I still have a lot made and ready to submit. But I am ready to start working on summer!

We are staying home Christmas eve. Letting the families spend time with their kids, etc. We will watch the Hawks that afternoon and hopefully they will give me a gift of a win! And Christmas day the kids will all be here. I let Papa Murphy fix Christmas dinner. We will snack and then I will bake the pizzas. As I have gotten older I am making my life easier. No big Christmas dinners. Everyone has been going to parties and having dinners, etc. And who doesn't like pizza? 

I would like to take this time to thank all of you that actually read my gobbledy gook, venting and griping! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and get to spend some time with your loved ones and families. I feel very fortunate that we get to.

Love to all!

Horses in Winter Birch

Friday, December 9, 2016

Keeping warm?

Winter Mountain Retreat

I hope everyone is keeping warm. We have had a really cold week in the Pacific Northwest. What with Global Warming we haven't had much cold weather in the past few years. Woke up to a skiff of snow this morning and has snowed off and on all day, but still not much. I must say winter is beautiful BUT I don't like it. 

Busy time of year, too. We don't buy gifts for anyone anymore so that really cuts back on time spent, but getting cards, etc. out, a few decorations up, church and school programs to go to, etc. Our oldest great grandson plays lacrosse and they have inside lacrosse which they call box lacrosse. I guess because it is in a "box". I really don't know if that is the case or not! Just a guess. But we haven't gotten to any of them so we are riding to Everett with our son and wife on my husband's 81st birthday. Really looking forward to watching him play. 

My Hawks are really doing well. So many injuries, though. We finally got most of them back and then one of the best defensive players got hurt last week and is out. Darn!

I have been quite depressed a lot of the time since the election results and am afraid it has gotten worse with most of these appointments that are being made. I am afraid we are going to be the laughing stock of the entire world. Plus I fear for our country itself. I should totally quit listening to the radio and television but that is the only way you know what is going on. 

I hope you all have a super weekend and stay warm.

Three Busy Snowmen