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Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Eagle of Freedom

Almost the 4th of July and hopefully that is when our summer will start. I wanted to put a graphic on that depicted the 4th of July for me. It isn't just a day off from work, hot dogs and fireworks. It is the holiday that represents our freedom and the fight for freedom. I hope my friends from the USA have a happy and safe 4th.

I just discovered something that most people already know! Sometimes I get very depressed and have no reason to be so, but it happens and I think it happens more with age. Anyway it has for me. A couple weeks ago I was downloading a song from Amazon and it had been a downer day. But after playing the new song several times I really got to feeling better. So, I have been trying to play "my music" while I work and find at times I am singing at the top of my lungs. And let me tell you that is not a pretty sound! I can not sing! I can't carry a tune and half the time I can't remember all the words, but I feel better. But something I discovered and it wasn't a happy discovery, is if you update your computer you lose a lot of the licenses for your music. Luckily I copy most of my music onto CD's, so I can get it back and that is what I have been doing, trying to find some songs I had lost.

I received the nicest email from a fan in Germany and enjoyed reading it, plus she sent me a photo to use as a design so have been working on it. It sounds like she lives in a beautiful place and if the photo she sent me represents what she sees out her window, it is. She looks out on the Lothlorien Forest, so I will be submitting the design soon. It was kind of hard to work on, though and get as much of the beautiful photo into such a small space. There really isn't a lot of space to use to get a design into and sometimes I work for hours on one. 

I should mention the new header graphic I put on also. I called it Peaceful and is on Desktop Nexus as a wallpaper and I have a Persona to match. It makes me feel very peaceful when I look at it, so hope you all like it. the Persona doesn't show a lot of it because of space, though.

Last week was really nice. An old friend gave us her car because she is moving to Mexico and since my husband had maintained it for her and her husband ever since they bought it she wanted us to have it. What a generous gesture from an old friend. And our daughter needed a new car very badly. She works two jobs to be able to keep her house so can't afford to buy a different car. She has been driving a Jeep Wrangler with a rag top and this Subaru is like a Cadillac for her. So, she got it on Saturday and was shaking she was so excited. Thank you, Gloria. You are a very special person.

We also got to visit with some old friends we hadn't seen for a long time. And that was great, so thanks for popping in.

I better get back to work, but wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th and if you don't live in the USA, have a great week.

Till next time!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Updated my Blog!!!

We the People

Well, I think I updated my blog so it has a different look. Hopefully it will! I had a difficult time changing from the old...but perseverance  usually wins out.

I am posting this design called "We the People" and thought I would use it on todays blog because tomorrow is Flag Day. We have our flag on a big flag pole and it waves in the winds of the Pacific Northwest almost every day. We do take it down in the winter because of the high winds we have here and it destroys a flag very quickly.

I have put a few patriotic Personas and wallpapers on line in the last week for the 4th of July celebration coming up. If you are an American, I hope you will look them up. This one means a lot to me since the first graphic on the far right is of an American soldier or Marine with his head down in front of the flag. I can't imagine what he is thinking about. Probably buddies that have been killed or maimed while they protect our rights and liberties. I wish the world was different so these young boys and men didn't have to leave their families to protect our freedoms. But it seems like people can't get along. Even in the US people disagree and always think the other side is wrong. I know I do most of the time!

Flag Day has another meaning to me, too. Our last and favorite pet was born on Flag Day many years ago. Isn't it silly to remember something like that, but I dearly loved him and losing him hurt me very badly. I can not, nor will not have another pet because I can't take the loss. 

I don't like losing things and people I love. They can't be replaced. I often wonder how a woman that loses her husband could ever love another man and re-marry. I don't think I could or would. My gosh, if I can't replace a dog, how on earth could I replace a husband? To be honest, I don't think I would want to live if I lost my husband. I get very sad even thinking of the possibility. Luckily he is very healthy and hopefully stays that way.

I can not believe what happens when I start writing in this blog! I end up and instead of writing about what I think I will when I begin, I end up being too personal. I didn't want my blog to be that way, but I guess since it is my blog, I can blog what I want. That is one of our freedoms! Right?

I got a message from an artist the other day, Sue Miller. I had used a graphic of hers that I had had for years so had no idea where it came from. We ended up emailing back and forth several times. I added her name and website to the specific design because I didn't want to take the credit for something she had done. She has granted me permission to use any of her art work and so I have used a couple. Her web site is www.suemillerart.com, so check it out some time. The two designs of hers I have worked on to make them into Personas are called, Snow Queen and Flo Sparkles. 

Putting a design on is so funny. Sometimes I make one that I am so pleased with and just know it will become popular, doesn't. And another one that I wouldn't personally use is well received. It is hard to know what people like, actually.

Butterfly Lights
Butterfly Lights is absolutely gorgeous and I am using it. I made a wallpaper to match it and it is on line also. The link to the wallpaper can be found under details at the Persona site. But the Persona isn't catching on! So I do wonder if I really know people. Not so much, I guess. But maybe Butterfly Lights will catch on in the future. I submitted an iGoogle theme to match but it isn't on line yet, but they take awhile so think it will be added at some point.

I am going to close for now. I hope you like the new design for the blog. And hopefully I won't have such a hard time re-doing it next time.

Have a great week and enjoy summer.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hummingbirds and Deer

Well, I have been trying to update my blog and remove the "fancy" design but so far haven't been able to figure it out so you will have to excuse me until I get an answer from the place I got it.

The wild life has been rampant in our yard lately. I got a great shot of one of our many hummingbirds at the feeder the other evening. The sun was shining through the kitchen window Sunday evening, so I grabbed my camera and took the picture through the window.   And yesterday morning this young buck was eating leaves off the cherry tree so took this picture through the dining room window. Guess it was good I got the windows cleaned a couple weeks ago. With all the rain we have had, the windows really get dirty.

I have been really working away at wallpapers and Personas lately. Making too many, as usual. I have wallpapers and Personas on line that match the hummingbird and deer. I won't leave links for them as I am sure you can find them. If not, let me know.

Please excuse my messy blog until I get it figured out.
Am looking forward to some sunshine this week end, unless the weather people change their mind.
Have a good one!