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Thursday, November 17, 2011


 Frost on the Roses

Hi, all. I wanted to take the time to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and hope you get to spend it with family. As many as can make it to our house will be here so have started my shopping. We just got a call from our oldest grandson that we will have a new family member for next Thanksgiving. So that is exciting. Our family is very heavy on the boy side so it would be nice to have at least one more girl! But as long as it is healthy we will be satisfied.

More good news, anyway for me. But it involves more work which I really don't need. But as I posted earlier this month I was invited to make designs for a site called Brand Thunder. They are in the early stages but it sounds like a good deal for people that don't use Firefox or even if they do. The Personas from Brand Thunder can be used on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. So today I spent some time submitting some. The way they have you submit is much easier and faster than Mozilla. So I may try to match wallpapers and Personas for both Mozilla and Brand Thunder. Their home page is:  http://brandthunder.com/homepage/ so you  might want to check it out.

I just finished reading an email from them and they want to feature me on their site so I have to put something together tomorrow! So that is exciting for this old lady. 

The design I featured today is a nice winter design. The wallpaper to match is available, too and the link to the wallpaper is under details at the Persona site. The wallpaper got a lot of hits very quickly and I got tons of comments on it so hope the Persona becomes popular, too. It makes all the time and work involved worth while.

So I am going to sign off for the day. You all have a great holiday and I will get back soon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Glow Lilies

Glow Lilies

Just a quick post to let you know I am putting some of my Persona designs on Brand Thunder and they can be used for either Firefox or Internet Explorer!  The link for this one, Glow Lilies is: https://bt-engage.com/themes/i4i4p/Glow-Lilies/download. Just in case you use Internet Explorer rather than Firefox you should be able to click that link and download it. I may try it...probably should have before I posted here.

Have a great day....♥♥

Thursday, November 3, 2011


 Raindrops Keep Falling

Wow, I can't believe I didn't take the time to post since the beginning of last month! I am sorry, but if you follow my work at all you know I have been very busy. I keep saying I am done with fall designs and then I get an idea or some graphic that I have to work on. But I have to start concentrating on winter and Christmas, which I am working on.

I have to say I like making wallpapers much more than Personas. I have so much more area to work on and can get an entire picture or theme made. But with Personas the space is so small it is hard to get an idea displayed so you can really see it. So some of the Personas aren't as good as the wallpapers that match.

I am beginning to think about the holidays and trying to figure out where everyone will be and who can make it here for Thanksgiving. This will be the 53rd year in a row I have fixed Thanksgiving dinner.  The first year we had a 1 year old baby boy and expecting our 2nd child in 3 weeks and I was 19 years old! We couldn't afford to buy a turkey and since my husband is/was a hunter and deer season was over we had deer. My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all came for dinner. Our family always have each family bring something so it wasn't all on my shoulders. But I still remember it very well. I got very tired but it is a tradition I am very proud to have kept. My grandmother used to always bring candied sweet potatoes and after she passed on, my mother made them for years. But at a certain point I knew I would have to learn how to make them so I had gotten the "recipe" from my Grandma. I have to start working on my menu soon. It won't be hard because we have pretty much the same thing every year. But it is always so much fun to get together and with having little ones in the family again it will be so great.

But before we get to Thanksgiving we have our County Council voting next week on the Japanese developer that wants to build a luxury type hotel around his golf course with some commercial properties to go along with it. (This is all to be built on the 500+ acre farm that is next to us.) Of course the big, fancy homes will be clustered around his golf course, too. So far it has gotten approved going through 2 local government entities and this will be the last hoop they have to jump through. And I know the very conservative council we have now will OK anything that the development/real estate community brings to them.  So I am not looking forward to that. I know it will be appealed to the state and hopefully get tossed out then....but we shall see!

And of course the elections are next week! So don't forget to vote. Our state has mail only voting and that is great. You can sit down on a Sat. or Sun. morning and really take your time voting. I think you get more people to vote that way, too. This may not be a national election period but if you stop to think about it the local elections are actually more important and have more effect on you than the national elections, so VOTE!

Oh, I have to write about the unexpected surprise we had one morning last week! I went to go on the deck to hang out some laundry and there was a pygmy goat on the deck looking in the sliding glass door! It was the cutest thing ever and it was shivering because it was a chilly morning. I called neighbors to see if anyone had bought one but no one knew anything about it. We tried to catch it but that is impossible and it disappeared and we couldn't find it. A little later I looked out the window and it was sound asleep on the deck in the sunshine in front of the door. It wanted to come in the house! Well, we had to find out who owned this little guy so I called Animal Control and they said someone had reported it missing so it's owners came and he got to go home with them to be with his sister goat! They had just purchased them and when they were unloading them, he got away. They were afraid a coyote had gotten him since it had been 3 days. I wonder where he was all that time before he found our home. I am so glad he is home now and hopefully warm and well fed. But I have to say I fell in love with the little critter!

I hope you all have a great holiday season and thanks for using my designs. 

Love to all ♥