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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat

Christmas is over and every one can start making their New Years Revolutions! I guess lots of people make them and lots of people break them. I made one last year and broke it the 2nd day of January. 

Sounds like most of the US is having winter weather. It has snowed here for several days but just a bit on the ground now and supposed to warm up and probably start raining soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I feel so lucky and almost guilty about it at times. Christmas eve day was very busy. Our oldest grandson and family came with Christmas cookies and a gift for us. I have always wanted to have the DNA tests done at Ancestry but just didn't feel like we should put the money out. But they gave us each one and we are sending them off today. Am very anxious to get the results. I have worked for years on our family trees and gotten way back to the 1600's so will find out if everything is accurate.

In the afternoon our daughter came out with a bunch of food to munch on while we watched the Seahawks game. We were so afraid they would lose because we have lost so many of the players with injuries. The game the week before was just horrible. Worst game we have ever watched! But this was a totally different team! Anyway it seemed like. Our daughter and I have very loud voices and my poor husband's ears were burning! I think he will get his shooters muffs for Sunday's game! 

Not long after the game was over another grandson and family showed up and we got to visit with them for awhile. They had to leave so the boys would get home and to bed before Santa came.

Christmas day all of our kids came and we had tons of munchies. Everyone brings snack type stuff and then I let Papa Murphy do all the prep work for our dinner and I bake it! We started doing that several years ago and that makes the holiday a lot more fun (for me anyway) than preparing a huge Christmas dinner. We had such a nice time and I know I am lucky to be able to spend time with our family. Now we are eating left overs! 

How are you liking the new Firefox Quantum? I am very happy with it now. I did have to get used to a few things though. I am using an extension called Tab Close Button that I really like. It put a big X on the address bar and will close the tab that you have open. I usually have lots of tabs open and would sometimes close the wrong tab with the new Firefox so I got this extension and works like a charm. 

I am finally using the Pocket also. With the older FF I used the new page to have the sites I used most saved but it isn't as easy to put them and keep them on the New Page now. So I broke down and started using the Pocket. I can't say I am thrilled with it and I could adds a few "ticks" to it if it was my extension but had to break down and learn how to use it. I used to have my tabs on the bottom and liked them that way but the extension that trick was on doesn't work with the new FF. I am hoping someone will figure out an extension so we can do that again. 

We got the pictures back of our surprise 60th wedding anniversary and am going to post a picture of our cake. I think I wrote about it a couple blogs ago so now you can see it. I am sure it is one of a kind. They asked for mountains, flowers and Seahawks! And we got it all.

 I want to thank all of you that have become fans and use my wallpapers and themes. So many of you have posted such nice reviews and I really appreciate those. I try very hard to reply to each one. I want to wish you all a wonderful 2018! Don't know how prosperous we will be with the new Trump tax. I know the corporations and businesses will do very well. I just hope they pass it on to their employees but am not so sure about that. I would love to have a more tranquil 2018 than 2017 has been. I am very tired of the drama and hate that has ramped up this past year. 

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  1. Happy New Year to you as well. I love your blog posts!

  2. I am very pleased you enjoy them. I am afraid they aren't very exciting!

  3. I have also gone through your other posts too and they are also very much appreciate able and I'm just waiting for your next update to come as I like all your posts.
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    1. Thanks so much. I need to take more time and blog and not so much designing!