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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Firefox 57 Updated!

Light Your Firefox

Well, I had to update to Firefox 57 and I am liking it real well. It is faster for sure. The reason I finally broke down and update was because the Personas Plus extension quit working so I couldn't test my designs. It takes me a bit longer to test but I guess I have the time! One thing I did find that may help you find a theme you recently had installed is to go to the 3 small lines on the far right, click on Customize. Go to the bottom of the page and you will find Themes. There should be a short list of a few of the recently used themes. That is faster for me to go back to my theme than going through the Persona Plus icon. 

I have mentioned before about my extremely dry eye syndrome so I am going to  mention an extension for FF57 that I am very happy with. It is called Owl. You can find it at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/owl/ You can set webpages to be dark rather than the bright white. It doesn't seem to work on some pages but it is just a tiny icon on your task bar that you can turn off and on. Another thing you may notice is the way the new Themes site looks. If you like the old way, which I do, just go to the bottom of the page and click on View Classic Desktop. Someone had to tell me about that because I didn't  know it and didn't like the new site. You really can't see the latest or most popular on it. I also just had the latest big Windows 10 update and you can set your screen for night. So the screen automatically goes into night mode at a set time. It makes it a much more pleasant color than the bright white. 

Still working on the Comcast telephone thing. Getting our phone number switched was even a head ache. They gave me the wrong number to contact Frontier to get a freeze off our number so it could be switched to Comcast. After re-setting the router it seems to be working. Hopefully!

A beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. Cold and sunshine. It means we have some fog in the mornings but it is beautiful out.

Got our tiny tree up and some of the decorations this week. Hubby got outside lights up. I went through a huge box of Christmas things that we had collected over the 60 years of our married life and let two of the great grand kids that were here pick out some things they wanted. I don't know how happy their mom was but it was a few less in our box!

Going to get back to work. Have a great week and don't spend too much money on shopping.

 Sparkle Snowflake Blue

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