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Saturday, December 2, 2017


Moonlight Rising

December is here and 2017 is almost gone. It has been a very interesting year, hasn't it? The United States has lost a lot of its respect in the minds of the world. And I feel very bad about that. I am sure 2018 will be a very interesting year and hopefully better. Sounds like our income taxes will be going up for us that don't make a lot of money. Everything else is going up so I guess our taxes should too. NOT!!!

This week has been a very hectic one for me. I decided to save some money and cut the land telephone line. Since we have Comcast triple play but I didn't have a modem that you could connect the phone to, we weren't taking advantage of the telephone part. And I didn't want to pay rent on a modem so I called Comcast to find out which modems were acceptable by them. I ordered the one they said was best and acceptable to them. So, Thursday morning I disconnected my old modem and hooked up the new one. Got on line and had wi fi BUT when I called Comcast to get the telephone part hooked up....well, I will just say I was on the phone for 2 days, had to have a tech come out and then lost wifi. So I spent 2 1/2 days on the phone trying to save some money. It is all working now EXCEPT our old phone number hasn't been changed to the Xfinity phone yet. I have to work with Frontier to get that taken care of and apparently they have no one there until Monday. I have had a headache for 3 days. And have Monday to look forward to. Just trying to save some $$.

I didn't realize I had so many Christmas themes and wallpapers made so I started submitting them. I didn't have much time to work on any this week so am looking forward to having some fun making more next week.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend time with family. I fixed the 59th Thanksgiving dinner in a row and enjoyed it. It was just 4 for dinner so tried to downsize my recipes. We used to have over 30 family members, but as time goes by and everyone gets older and families get larger things change. Everything was really good and our daughter in law made the best pumpkin pie ever. From a real pumpkin, not a can! One of the family traditions is making my Grandma's candied sweet potatoes. I know most people make them with marshmallow's, etc. Not my family. Grandma made the best sweet potatoes, not yams...sweet potatoes! (Some people don't realize they are different) You have to cook the butter and sugar to a certain point and then pour over the sweet potatoes and bake...and hope they turn out just right. And this year they did!

Have you downloaded the Firefox 57 update yet? I still haven't put it in my desktop and don't know when or if I will for sure. I can't test my themes on it very easy because Personas Plus is so different. Sometimes I have to test a theme 10 or more times and I am not a very patient person so don't like the extra time it takes to test. I try to get it so it looks good on all sizes of screens but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

It is a yukky rainy day here today so think I am gonna go read for awhile.

Have a good week and don't spend too much $$ Christmas shopping.

Best Bright Christmas


  1. How wonderful of you to share your experience of Christmas and thanksgiving with us. It sounded like you really had a great time with your family. I was hoping to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my family in one of the New York Event Venues. Having your family by your side on these occasions make you feel so special.

  2. Thanks, zerry. Yes, I enjoy our family very much. We are celebrating my husbands 82nd birthday with family this Sunday.

    Merry Christmas and I hope you get to be with your family to celebrate 2018.

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