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Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year 2021!


 Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you all had a safe New Years eve. Us old folk stayed home and watched Netflix! We could hear fireworks going off after we went to bed so ended up and put earplugs in! 

What a year we have had. So many people suffering, dead and out of work. We can only hope for a better year. We have a a vaccine now and hopefully most will take it. I honestly can't understand the hesitancy in taking it. We will be glad when we can get ours but it probably wont' be until after the new president is in office and the states gets some guidance. Right now the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

I am trying something new that seems to be helping me keep my energy and mood up. It is Happy Coffee. Have you ever heard of it? I hadn't but it sounds pretty good, right? Well I got a sample of it and I honestly felt better afterwards. I had more energy and my body didn't seem to ache as much. I will be 82 next month and ride an exercise bike for 25 minutes and walk 2 miles a day. I bundle up in ski pants, wind and rain coats and my headphones and off I go. Now I am just waiting patiently (NOT) for my order to arrive. In case anyone is interested I will post a link! https://elevacity.com/lbwilliams Get a free sample and try it. 

I am so thankful my husband's health issues, 3 major surgeries and 1 heart attack are behind us.  He has done so well it is amazing. He had his 85th birthday last month and works in his shop every week day. He did give up working on week ends which I had been trying to get him to do for years. 

I am thankful for our 3 kids, that they have been able to keep working safely and so far have been able to keep the virus away. I can only hope they continue to be safe. 

I am thankful my brother and his wife got through the virus without any major problems. 

All in all I am hoping for a wonderful 2021 for everyone. I am thankful for all the users that use and like my themes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It gives me joy to read the wonderful reviews. 

Happy New Year to all you Firefox users that help support a safe and healthy internet! 

Country Home Winter


  1. thank you for your beautiful post and beautiful wallpaper. :)

    1. Thanks, Unknown! I really appreciate the comment. Stay well and have a great 2021!