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Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Waiting Game

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Looks like we are back on the waiting game for my husband's robotic surgery. October 24th is the earliest we can get in. So far he is doing all right.He has quit bleeding so that is wonderful news and he can begin to get his blood count back up. 

 A friend gave us a Vitamix blender and I have been having fun making all kinds of healthy protein filled smoothies. I have watched several videos and learned a lot. He needs to eat a lot of spinach and he was getting so tired of it! But with the Vitamix I can make 3# of spinach and a bit of water, put it in ice cube trays and throw it into the smoothie. So he gets a lot more spinach that way and you don't have to worry about it going bad in the refrigerator. We still have to get his blood count up but he is doing more and really wanting to to get back into his work routine. The sad part is he missed out on most of the summer weather. It is cloudy and rainy now and supposed to be a pretty wet winter. Not fun!

The technical people have apparently found the problem of some of the themes not working on Android phones and tablets. "It looks like this has been fixed and is set to go out to users on October 22. (If users are using a pre-release channel, this should be fixed for them on Beta68.2b1, Firefox Nightly 71.0a1, and Nightly 70.0a1)." So you guys can do a little waiting along with me and my husband!

Another Windows 10 update this morning, but I happened to find something in this one, I did not know and think I will love it. I am a silly old lady and just love emoji's. And have wondered how to put them in some things...Well you can right click the taskbar and  up pops a number of things you can do. I clicked on Show touch keyboard button and there it is.
I think I am so smart to check that out! I am sorry but I am such a "geek".

Thanks to all of you that are praying for my dear, sweet husband. Without him I don't think I could live. We have been together for 63 1/2 years and that is a very long time. Mostly all good, too. We have struggled with not having enough money most of our lives but most people do that. We have always been very self reliant and done most everything that needed doing ourselves and not called professional in (they cost $$). The night before his first scheduled surgery I turned the ceiling fan on and it wouldn't come on, so I got the step stool and got up to change the up/down of the fan and smoke started coming out of it! So we got everything shut down but couldn't get to trying to fix it until much later. As we figured it was old and broken, just like us! So we had to order a new one and instead of us working as a team and getting the old one down and the new on put together and installed, our son had to do it for us. We know he doesn't mind doing it but it is really hard for my husband to have someone else do something for us. When our son's and one grandson came to start cutting and splitting our winter wood (our trees that blew down last winter), he had tears in his eyes. I felt so badly for him...but I guess at 84 he is going to have to ask for help once in awhile. Although we are hoping after his surgery, healing and getting stronger he can get back to doing most of the things he wants to do.

Well, it is time for me to start thinking about what healthy foods I can fix for dinner. 

Thanks for reading my silly little blog and have a good week end.

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  1. Thanks to you for telling us ... and you do very well. Also for the rest of the information. Sixty years (and a half) ... What a wonderful thing! Soon you will return the routine you deserve. A big hug

  2. Don't understand why you must wait so long for the surgery. Your surgeon's schedule must be extremely full. Sorry it's such a long wait for the two of you. Glad hubby is enjoying drinking his spinach. Sound like you've been having fun coming up with new creations.

    For the record, you do not have a "silly little blog". There are a number of us who both love your themes and care about what's going on in your life. I have so many of your themes on Firefox, it is always hard to decide which one to choose when ready for a change. Also, I am 77 years young and create my own Windows 7 themes. Have been making themes since the days of Windows 95 when they were first introduced. At one time made them available to others to download when had my own website. So I totally understand and appreciate how much the creative process helps to keep your mind young and engaged.

    As always, sending you both my best wishes. Please keep us updated as you have been.


  3. Lorene, thanks so much for reading my blog and thinking of us. The problem with the wait for surgery is, it has to be done robotically and our hospital only has one room dedicated for that...we could have gone to Seattle but would have had to have kids take us down, etc. and just didn't want to go that far. They all offered to do so, but he kind of wanted to be local so we wait. It may be a good thing because he is getting stronger every day and that will help him get through the long 5 hour surgery.

    I am pleased you line my work. It keeps me sane. Have a wonderful fall and take care.


  4. cool themes,I wish I had your know how,I want to creat a special add on for firefox but I am not as computer savy as I need to be. I want to creat an B-17 add on in honor of the B-17G that crashed.I wanted to show her in her glory flying and not as she looks now.😢😢😢