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Sunday, September 1, 2019


 Mountain Cabin Collage 3

I am so disappointed...first thing Friday morning the hospital called and wanted us there an hour early so we hurried around and got there. They took him up to Pre-op and wouldn't let me go with him so they got him all prepped and ready...then left him alone in the room so he could start worrying and get stressed out. So he started having chest pains so that stopped everything in the tracks.....No surgery until he was checked out in Cardiology. He spent the night being monitored all night and tests. Saturday morning they did a stress test and he passed with flying colors so now...we are back to square 1 on a wait for a surgery date. We waited 6 weeks for this one. Let us hope it won't be another 6 weeks. The only good thing is that his blood count is coming up every day. It was 10.3 on Tues. and by Fri. it was 11.7. so that is good and he is not bleeding anymore so we sit and wait.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

Till next time!


  1. OH, NO!!All that waiting and now you have even more ahead of you. Am so sorry to hear this news. It's a darn shame. Here I was thinking about your two all day Friday thinking the surgery would be ending and your husband could start to heal. At least you got the good news are his blood levels. Guess he gets to spend more time outside with nature. Hugs to both of you. Will check back in for further updates.


  2. Thanks, Lorene. Yep...wait, wait, wait! Have a great Labor Day.

  3. Sorry for the delay. At least your husband responds well while waiting. Patience. A big hug...