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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Tomorrow is the day!

Pansies and Lavender

Well, tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for. In June when they said end of August or September, we thought it would never get here. And it has been a good thing to wait because in the last two weeks since the bleeding stopped he has been able to get some energy back and bring his blood level up some. They will probably give him a transfusion either before or during surgery...but we shall see. They are doing his surgery robotically so he will have less blood loss and quicker recovery and we had to wait over a month for the room with the equipment in to become available. We were originally scheduled for Sept. 3rd but since he was on a cancellation list, it got moved up to Aug. 30th. They have said at least a 5 hour surgery so it is going to be a long wait...

Now to Firefox....no one has been able to figure out why some of the themes work with Android and some don't. I am wondering if it could be that the Android software is different in different phones, tablets, etc. so the themes may work in some and not others. I have no way of checking that out, but they don't work with my Android 8.0.0. 

Going to finish getting our "Go Bag" packed up and ready for tomorrow.

Thought I would post a pic of the pickles, myself, daughter and grand daughter put up this year. It is a yearly thing for us to do.  We have so much fun, laughs and wine while we work.

Well, got to get to work. Wish us luck!

Autumn Morning Serenity


  1. You have great work. But tell me, where can I download theme files for old versions of firefox?

    1. All of my themes are on Firefox now and should work on all editions of FF. I would advise getting the updated FF for safety reasons. What version are you using? I am using 68.02.

    2. I am using version 49. Of course you can upgrade. But I like old programs.

    3. Won't any of the themes work with 49?

    4. Unfortunately not. The Policy Of Firefox. They left only Addons available for versions after 56.

  2. Was thinking about you and your hubby yesterday. Hope the surgery went well and his recovery will be swift. Sending you hugs and my best wishes.


  3. Hi, Lorene. If you read my post from yesterday you can see the surgery didn't happen. Now we have to wait again...