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Monday, August 26, 2019

Problem with theme and Android?

Autumn River Ranch

Are you having a problem with some of the latest versions of a theme on an Android cell or tablet? Well, you are lucky if you aren't. No one can seem to figure out why but I have asked the tech experts to try to figure it out! My Running Foxes has been very popular and worked just fine. But a user asked me to change the far left part to be darker because on larger screen the dark gray didn't show up as well. So I did just that and resubmitted it. Then a user sent me a note saying that had been their favorite theme and used it for several years BUT all of a sudden it was plain white and when they tried to install it again, it was still white. So I asked a "higher up" about it and they didn't know...so I have posted a question on the forum and hopefully someone will figure out why the new themes don't work well/if at all on Android. I have figured out a workaround though. If the theme you like quit working, scroll down to See Older Versions and install Version 3. I have posted the instructions on the theme itself and don't be afraid to use it. It won't hurt anything. I had to do that on my cell. When/If I get an answer I will post it here. 

I will write more later this week. My husband's surgery is scheduled for Fri. so will be pretty busy after that. Have a good week. 

Summer Falling


  1. Hey, I am the 'Maven' who has reviewed two of your themes (Cocktail Time and Pink Blue Black Diamonds*) and am an on/off visitor here as someone who absolutely digs your work. And I am glad to see someone else notice and talk about some themes not working on Android. I have had a theory since the problem began for me with certain themes about a month or two ago...is it possible that themes made with Firefox Color versus the online/website application are somehow corrupted by Firefox Android? Whatever is going on, I sure hope the problem gets fixed soon myself. I recall that last year, when Mozilla started making the big switch from old Firefox themes to the new ones, Android had issues with new/updated themes then too, but that did eventually get fixed, albeit temporarily.

    Sending good thoughts, vibes, prayers, and best wishes you and your husband's way for a successful surgery and fast recovery.

    * - Both Cocktail Time and Pink Blue Black Diamonds are not working properly on Android as of my typing this. With both being my absolute favorites, all the more reason I hope this mess with certain themes somehow being corrupt on Android gets straightened out ASAP.

  2. Hi.
    Did you save anything for the old Firefox (52)?
    I've always used your beautiful themes and after the last browser' re-installation I have found that all your themes are no longer support WinXP.