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Monday, July 22, 2019

Home Now!

Well, the worst is over, I hope, for my husband. He is recuperating, trying to get his strength up. He managed to have a minor heart attack after we got home from the hospital the first time. So I had to call the EMT's again. What great men we have! When you need help and the room is covered with blood it is time to call 911. I have had to call them 4 times in the last 2 to 3 weeks. Three times they took him in to the ER and 1 time I took him. These gentlemen were so caring and helpful to both my husband and myself. I can't really say the ER in our area works very well, though. One time the EMT's took him in and the ER people put him in a wheelchair and set him by the door. When I got there I expected to find him in the back in a bed. Well, he could tell when he was going to start bleeding and he told me he didn't want to scare the little kids in the waiting room, so I pushed the wheelchair out into the receiving area and he bled all over the cement! I put the blanket (covered with blood) back over his legs and wheeled him back in. I told the nurse there was a lot of blood out by the door so I guess they finally decided it was a little more important they took him to the back rather than all of the people that were waiting that had a tiny cut or sniffles! Most of them should have gone to the aftercare or their Dr. during the day. That was the worse experience we had during the entire 2 weeks but that was one we won't forget. They performed emergency surgery on the 4th of July. There were two days when I didn't think he was coming home but he is strong and made it through. The only thing is, he has at least 2 surgeries ahead of him and perhaps 1 more if they decide he needs another stent. Of course, none of the surgeries will be done if he doesn't get a cardiologist to sign off and say his heart is strong enough. He had 3 transfusions while he was in the hospital the 2nd time after the surgery and 1 iron infusion at the first hospital stay. About all I did during that time was check emails before I got to the hospital at 7:00 and home at 8:30 or so. Check emails and quickly submit a theme or two. It helped me so much to get my mind off of things.

I can't say enough about family during something like what we just went through. Our kids practically held me up the day of his surgery. I was bundled up in 2 hooded sweatshirts and still cold and shaking. The entire 2 weeks is all a kind of blur in my mind but our kids were always there...by my side. And so helpful...bringing us food and picking up groceries, mowing lawns, etc. And the grand kids. I just feel so very lucky that I have my husband of 62 1/2 years back home by my side and the kids and grand kids close. 

Thanks to all of you that have given me your thoughts and best wishes. I really appreciate them and appreciate them. Firefox themes have been therapy for me. I get lost in making them and sometimes getting lost is very good.

Will try to be better at posting but time is kind of short.

Have a great week! Keep cool!

Lots of Bright Colors


  1. Hi There,

    Goodness you and your family have been through such a lot lately. So glad that your husband is back home and hopefully on the way to recovery. Can only imagine how stressful this has been for all of you. Glad your children and grandchildren have been able to be there for support and help out as needed. Hopefully that allowed you to get the rest you needed to be able to keep going.

    Will keep you in my thoughts and check back from time to time to see how things are progressing.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Thanks, Lorene....I really appreciate the good wishes. Looks like we are going to need them.

  2. You have been very brave. I'm glad you have the company and the love of your family in these hard times. I wish with all my heart that soon more calm days will return.

  3. Thank you, Carnacki...Our family keeps me hopeful and I appreciate the kindess of our neighbors and all of you out there that read my silly little blog.

  4. Praying for you and your Hubby MaDonna. I love your Firefox themes and am currently using one. I love the horses so much. You always place the main subject of the theme in the best place. If you get a chance could you make a Zorse one?

  5. Thanks for your prayers. I have no idea what a Zorse is but I will google it and work on it!

    1. https://a-z-animals.com/animals/zorse/

      There you are! Info and pictures of Zorses. Had never heard that term before although I was pretty sure what it was.

    2. I have made a few zorse themes and will submit asap. Thanks.

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  7. Hello Mrs. Madonna,
    This is my first visit and I'm glad I came. I was brought here from a need to thank you for creating some of my favorite Firefox themes. I can't STAND having a "naked browser. They are so bland without your creative touch.
    I'm so sorry for your husbands struggles. I JUST NOW prayed will be praying for you and your families strength and that all have a redeeming faith in Jesus Christ.

  8. Thank you so much for your prayers. I do so appreciate them and happy you like my work.

  9. Hi Madonna, I just found your blog and signed up to follow it. Sending good thoughts to you and your husband and family during this tough time.

    I had many of your themes saved in a list of collections, but I guess Mozilla no longer allows us to access those collections, or the "classic desktop site" since Firefox was rebuilt. I keep getting a "server error" message when I try to access them.