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Thursday, December 20, 2018


Christmas Carolers

Wow, the holiday is coming up fast, isn't it? I have still been making Christmas themes are realize it is time to STOP! So I am. 

If you remember me posting I was going to try to just use pain management on my osteoarthritic knee> Well, I changed my mind! I don't want to limp around the rest of my life, so I made an appt. with one of the best knee replacement surgeons in our area. He is booked till March so they are setting up an appt. for the surgery. They gave me a 3 ring notebook to read and I can't believe all the info and work I have to do before the surgery. I know it is going to be a long, painful recovery but if it is successful it will all be worth it!

Things on Firefox have been changing quickly it seems. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Personas Plus was supposed to be gone in November, but you can still use it. That is what I use to test my themes while I am making them. Sometimes I have to test a theme 7 or 8 times before I get it so it satisfies me in the placement on the header. Of course everyone has a different amount of toolbars so that makes it a little touchy. A lot of people are using Firefox Color so if you just want a plain theme with colors that works great but adding custom backgrounds is a problem...

We have been busy with the great grand-kids stuff. Went to the Church Christmas program on Sunday morning and enjoyed it. Monday night we went to a great grandsons's school program. It was cute but the school never has enough chairs set up for the size of the audience. Sunday night our only great granddaughter is in a dance recital for Christmas. Am anxious to see her dance but worry about walking to the theater and sitting for 3 hours! We are going with our son and his wife and they will let me off at the theater and then hunt for a parking spot! 

I got a notice on my laptop this morning saying my Firefox was running slow...panic time...as I knew it was. But I had done a refresh once before and had to completely reset everything, so I wasn't pleased. I have some settings on mine that I have to put in manually, like not closing FF if I close the last tab, etc. So I used my MozBack up. They say it isn't up to date and they are not going to be updating it, but it still works. I used it on my desktop and then put the USB into the laptop and it still works! So I didn't have to re-set anything, lose my extensions or themes! So if you download it now it should still work. 

The wind has been really bad this week. Even one tornado in our state and that is rare. I just got a text from my daughter and it blew her fence over. She lives in an area of town that is high up and has lots and lots of trees. She has had her neighbors trees fall on to her house once and her deck once. Then Friday night her power went out 3 times and blew her washing machine up! So she gets freaked out every time we have a wind warning.

I want to thank all of you that have been following me and using my themes and wallpapers. I appreciate all the wonderful reviews you leave and try to respond to each one. 

Snow Storm Winter Wolf

Gonna sign off for now and wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR...or whatever you celebrate. 

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