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Monday, December 3, 2018

Last month of 2018

Santa's Minions

Well, December is here and everyone is working on getting ready for Christmas. We don't buy gifts for anyone anymore. Everybody has more "stuff" than what they need already. I would have to purchase everything on line because my knee has gotten so much worse I can't do much shopping. I was so hoping my knee would hold out on me for another year or so but it has gotten so much worse so fast, I doubt if I can. The Dr. has put in a request for an orthopedic surgeon and I am hoping I can get the one I want but I have heard rumors he has retired so will find out soon, I guess.

A cold, clear sunshiny day in the Pacific Northwest today and should be this way most of the week. Just beautiful. 

I have been very busy working on themes and trying to get the hang of testing them with Firefox Color. You can only add so many custom backgrounds before it locks you out so I have had to figured out a work around but it isn't very convenient. 

Thanksgiving at our house was really nice. Our daughter doesn't join us anymore as she goes out of town to visit her son and daughter for Thanksgiving. We missed her but they will all be here for Christmas day. 

I hope everyone is happy and well and looking forward to the holidays.

 Warming Santa

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