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Friday, December 28, 2018


Difference in Time

Well, I feel like a total dummy! I have been trying to figure out why my blog wasn't showing any of the images. So I have spent hours on blogger help trying to fix it. So I checked my blog on my cell phone and the images were there, then I checked it using edge and the images showed...so I figured it was something on Firefox. I noticed there were 27 ads blocked on my adblocker extension so I updated it...and "WaLa" my images were there. Sometimes I can be so dumb! 

I also noticed this morning that the Newest Theme page on Firefox had an internal error also. Some of that is up now but not all. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a fun, easy family Christmas. We just had our kids here so it was an adult Christmas. No fancy food and just fun and laughter. Everyone brought snacks and we had let Papa Murphy prepare our dinner! We sat around the dining room table playing Uno for hours. 

Got to see some of the grand-kids and great grand-kids, too. I wish I was up to a huge Christmas like I used to have but now that the families have extended you have to share with other families. 

We were given an Alexa Echo for Chrsitmas! I had always said I didn't want one of those in the house to listen to everything you say...But as usual...I changed my mind after I got it set up. I may get one for the kitchen even! Our house is pretty big so it is hard to hear it in some rooms.

Well, my knee replacement surgery is scheduled for the middle of March. I really liked the Dr. that will be doing it. I am dreading it a lot but also looking forward to not limping and not having pain. I know it is going to be very painful for awhile but I am feeling very positive and know that will help. The part I am dreading (beside more pain) is not being able to do something when I want. That has already been impeded some but not all. It takes me longer to get from room to room and shopping is a "bitch". Sorry about that but I couldn't think of another word that worked as well! 

We went to a Nativity dance recital our great grand-daughter danced in and it was so special. I loved seeing the kids of all ages dancing to the story of the nativity.

First Mountain Snow

Are you ready for spring? 

Abundance of Spring

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