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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

 Snowman's Dog Day
I see the blog is back to normal. When the site goes down that carries the codes for the side columns of the blog, it appears plain white. So I was happy to see it is showing what I put in!

It is the rainiest day ever here. Just pouring. A real drencher. So glad we got our bit of shopping done this morning so we aren't out in it this afternoon.

I wonder how many of you are out shopping. I was NEVER a Black Friday shopper. Don't like crowds. When we used to buy gifts for everyone, I usually had my shopping done by Thanksgiving. I would start right after Christmas for the next year. Then it would take me from Thanksgiving till Christmas Eve day to get them all wrapped. We used to spend way too much on Christmas gifts. Now, we just give the great grandkids a check! And hopefully the parents put it in a savings account for them because none of them need anything.

The Persona developer fixed it so I can edit designs now but the final fix isn't in yet. I had to change my settings to not automatically update my extensions. Otherwise every time I opened Firefox the "broken" link for Persona would be installed and it wouldn't work!

Hubby is watching football games on the new TV with the fire going. Can't believe how much better we can see now that we have a new one! And hear, actually. We thought it was our ears because of old age was the reason we had a hard time hearing them talking. The music always was too loud we couldn't hear the voices! Well, it wasn't our ears! So that is nice. 

Well, my Hawks play tomorrow and I am looking forward to that. It seems like so many of them get hurt that half the team is out for some reason or other.

Gonna join my hubby in the nice warm living room.

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday week end. 

Frosty Days


  1. I appreciate your work; I've got five or six of your skins/personas/light themes (whatever FF is calling them today).

  2. Thanks, Crow. Glad you like my work. I think FF is calling them Persona themes at the present time. Who know what it will be or if it will be in the future! Have a great week end.