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Monday, August 24, 2015

Flag at Half Staff

My husband put our flag at half mast this past week for the firefighters we lost in the forest fires in WA. The fires are so bad and so dangerous for all the men and women that are trying their best to save the forests and homes of people that live in those communities. It has brought back a lot of memories for me and my husband. And I can tell he wishes he could be there. He even said to me that he could volunteer to sharpen tools, etc. And he could do it, but at his age, I doubt they would let him. Over the past few days he has talked about a lot of the fires he was on. The kids can remember how he smelled when he got back from a fire. He smelled like a camp fire but a hundred times more. Back then, there weren't support people to wash their clothes, showers or food stations. They wore the clothes they took with them and ate K rations a lot of the time. Or food that could be dropped in by planes. My brother and his wife worked for the past 10 years pulling a portable shower trailer, maintaining it and keeping it up for the fire fighters. They decided to retire this summer, but I got an email that they are on a fire right now. I don't know if they got called of if they made the call because there is no cell service or internet where they are. I hope and pray they are safe. 

The smoke is so bad in WA you an see it from space. It makes your eyes burn. It makes for beautiful sunsets, though. But that is about the only good thing about the fires.

I haven't been working real hard on designs this past week. I got the order finished for Brand Thunder but they aren't ready for publication yet, I guess. I heard they liked the Mickey Mouse ones but haven't heard about the Jeep designs yet. I worked a lot harder on the Jeep ones. They were just harder to find backgrounds, etc. for them. I finally used some of my mountain photo's that I had taken. I wasn't as happy with some of the end results and since I haven't heard back, they may not have been either. We shall see.

There is a new designer on Firefox right now that has been emailing me constantly about reviews. His profile got taken down a week or so ago and I think it was because he was writing 5 star reviews for himself! You just don't do that! But he is back on now and keeps asking me to write reviews for him. I told him that wasn't the way the system worked. It takes a lot of hard work and learning. I can still work on a design for hours and end up and delete it because it just wasn't right. I wish him luck.

It is time for me to start working on lunch, so will sign off for now.  I think I will sign off with one of my favorite autumn themes. 

Autumn Morning Serenity


  1. I just stumbled upon your themes & blog. I wanted to thank you & also commend you on all the creative work you do-- while at the same time teaching yourself!

    I too am a photographer, jewelry maker, designer, over-achiever so I completely appreciate & understand why you do what you do.

    Great job. I wish you all the best!

    Also- best wishes for safety & good health to your brother, his wife, the firefighters, as well as the communities who have suffered as a result of the fires.

  2. Thank you so much for your comments. I am so glad you found me. Us over achievers must stick together. I wish I could just sit in a chair and relkax at times, but just can't do it. Have to keep myself busy. Supposed to get rain this week end so should help our fire fighters.

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