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Monday, April 20, 2015

Beautiful Monday Morning!

Once in a Blue Moon

What a beautiful day we are having! The weekend was really nice, too. We were very busy but that is good.  My husband helped our oldest son work on his truck. So there was 3 generations working on the truck all afternoon.  Then on Sunday we went to their house to have their "Easter" dinner. Too many places to go on the real Easter so they decided to have it later. That way the little ones got several Easter egg hunts! Which they enjoyed so much. It is fun to see them get so exicted. And our son and daughter in law did a great job of hiding them. I wonder if some are still out there!

I have been listening to my music and that always cheers me up. I usually listen to my favorite radio station which is kind of political and sometimes that gets a bit heavy! We are going to be inundated with politics for the next year and a half. I hope it doesn't get down low and dirty, but it will. You can see it happening already. I just wish money didn't have any influence in politics but it does. And dirty tricks seem to work, but it wouldn't work if people would stay tuned to what the actual facts are. I don't want to get political so will stop on that note!

The theme I featured today is one that didn't get featured on Mozilla but apparently people really liked it as it is getting used a lot. I have made quite a few "moon" designs and am using my purple one right now. "Night of the Purple Moon"

If you have read my blog at all you know how much I love Sons of Anarchy. Well, we finished watching the final season over the week end. Wow, what an ending? I had to get on Amazon this morning and download the music they played for the last scene. It was totally perfect for the scene.

I had the nicest, longest email from a woman on the east coast this morning and it made me feel like my work on themes is actually making people feel good! If she reads this blog, I thank her for the wonderful email. It made me proud. 

Desktop Nexus is still down. I think this is going on 3 weeks now I haven't been able to submit any wallpapers.  So I am just submitting themes that I didn't make wallpapers for.

I have been working on my blog picture for Mother's Day and am using my beautiful mother as the theme. 

Time to go fix some lunch for my hard working husband. I wish he didn't work so hard because his blood pressure is up again and he gets frustrated that the pills aren't helping. I just worry!  And worry some more!



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