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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Thoughts

Autumn Winter Wolves
This year has gone way too fast for this old lady. Summer was great and now we are into fall. I think we had one of the nicest summers we have had in a long time. I know we broke both heat records and rainfall in one day records! But for some reason this summer the weather was usually nice on the week ends and that usually doesn't happen in WA state. When we were riding our bikes it seemed like we were always waiting for good weather. Now that we don't ride anymore...the weather was great. Sad to get old and not do the things you want to do. The only time I felt free and really good was when I was riding. I really miss it. I found the graphic of an old lady on a motorycycle and had to use it for my avatar on both Desktop Nexus and Firefox Themes. She makes me feel happy every time I see it!
She even has a white puppy dog behind her and the last dog we had was a white fluffy one. We lost him in 1991 and I haven't been able to open my heart up to get another one. I know my husband would love a dog, but I get too attached to them and it just hurts too much to lose them. I am not very good at losing things or people, so the easiest way to prevent loss for me, is to just not replace. 

I am really dreading winter. I have Raynaud's Phenomenon so when I get chilly my fingers turn white and lose their feeling. It used to happen when I was riding and sometimes was hard to even pull the clutch in on my bike. The Dr. told me you have to keep your core warm so I wear hooded sweatsirts and vests in the winter. When I start working with food they will turn white. We have always had wood heat but can't get out to get wood anymore so we haved to use the furnace and you just don't get the same kind of heat out of that as you do wood.

I have been working on fall and Halloween themes and really have enough made but I still keep working. I really like the autumn winter wolves I highlighted in todays blog. It is a mixture of the wolves that I love to work with and the fall leaves blowing in the snow. 

My husband and I read quite a bit and it can get expensive if you aren't careful. I wrote about FreeBook Sifter a couple blogs ago but I found another place called BookBub that emails you every day with free or low cost books from
 Amazon's Kindle store, Barnes & Noble's Nook store, Apple's iBookstore. You can even specify what genre and format you want and that is what they send you information on. My problem is I find too many I want so have lots of books in the "cloud". I signed up for the Amazon Unlimited for a free 30 days but the problem with that is, you choose the 10 books from a list and if you don't get them all read during the "free" period they take them back, so you end up and have to pay for at least one month, which I did, so we can finish reading the series we were reading. BUT when this month is up, I am closing that account. 

I am going to get back to work. Have a great week and hope everyone is doing well. 

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